Sunday, November 13, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: My Motivation

Whoah. It's been a pretty great two weeks....

--except the dead rat in front of our house*barf here* -__-

I was so desperate because I had to wash my clothes and I had THAT right next to me. The smell was insane GROSS, worse smell ever. My comp and kabahays couldn't believe I actually endured the smell there. It was so bad. I think I started loosing some of my sense of smelling like half way through...NBD(; Haha.

I've noticed my encounter with rats have just INCREASED this week. Patay tayo jan...): haha.

Hey everyone!

Sorry, I didn't really get to email last week. We had an emergency to attend to, so we just had to log off and go. So sad...ANYWAYS! It's okay. It's been a great two weeks!

I think the best thing about these two weeks was being able to watch the growth and change of three of our Progressing Investigators: Omar, Orlando, and Nanay Gloria. It's been such a huge testimony for me as I watch them build their testimony and love of this gospel.

Nanay Gloria:

To make a long story short, Nanay Gloria is getting baptized this upcoming Saturday!!! Yaaaaay for baptisms!!>.< So pumped. She is just as pumped. It's such a joy watching these people, who in the beginning weren't so interested in our message, turn into strong/faithful souls prepared for us by the Lord. It's AWESOME! She has just grown soooo much and cannot wait to be baptized! This should be fun.

Bro. Omar:

I just have too much to say about this man. He's incredible. He's a young father that just wants the best for his family. He just LOVES the lessons and is just so interested in the church. We challenged him to stop smoking a couple of weeks ago and he was really struggling with stopping. He was also struggling with praying. It came to a point it was so bad, we were almost thinking of dropping him because he just was not improving as much as we wanted him to. We retaught him the WOW lesson and my comp told a really cool story of how she was so grateful that her dad, so many years ago, was able to stop his smoking habit to be able to be baptized. It wasn't easy, but he did it because he knew this was the right path for not only him, but his family. The spirit was so strong as we testified of the blessings that will be given as we follow God's commandments and ask him through prayer to guide us, if we feel we can't do it alone. We challenged him that day to figure a plan for himself to stop smoking and to pray, and REALLY pray to our Heavenly Father for guidance in his endeavor to stop smoking. After we extended this to him, his face turned to us with a more determined look in his eye saying he will just stop smoking all together, he knows he needs to stop. He told us if he continues to smoke, he will stop taking the lessons from us. And if you know Bro Omar, he LOVES having in LOOOOVES learning about the gospel. So this was his motivation.

To make a long story short, it's almost been a whole week without him smoking! *HALLELUJAH!!!* We were absolutely shocked and his wife even testified to us that he hasn't been smoking and that she sees him praying a LOT more then he did before. This man is changing and his family is noticing it. We are praying for his wife to also realize this change even more so that she may also join him as he coming unto Christ.

He came to General Conference and LOVED IT and also church yesterday. We went to visit him later on that night and he just basically bore testimony that he KNOWS this church is true, without a doubt. He told me how he's been searching for the truth for so long, but always felt that there was something missing. Every time. And now for the first time, he's getting answer to his questions and is feeling something he's never felt before...*cough cough* #TheSpirit. He kept telling me how he loves this feeling, even craves it! He bore testimony of prayer, true and heartfelt prayer, and how it really makes a huge difference to ones day.

Yah, I think I can go on and on about this man, but I just love him. He's amazing and he's helped me to realize sooo much more than I thought I knew. Love being a Missionary.


And siempre, last but not least, Bro Orlando the pilay--or man with one leg.

I think I can go even longer about this guy!

This man is probably one of my most GOLDEN-est-est Investigators ever! Serious. He's just---*enter really amazing word here cause he's indescribable*. Yah! That's him.

Okay, first off--it's only been about three weeks I think since we've been teaching him and he's already in Alma...okay, yah! And we were thinking okay cool he's reading, but he probably doesn't understand a thing--NO! Wrong. He understands EVERYTHING he's reading and MORE. It amazing! I love watching him explain doctrines to us missionaries without us even teaching him. He's already searched it our for himself. Yah, right?! I know.

We were on our way to his house one night to remind him of General Conference, and actually the night before we left him an assignment to read the Word of Wisdom we hadn't taught it to him yet. Anyways, we get to him and the first thing he says is, "Sisters, I guess it's not allowed to drink coffee or tea, so I'm already giving it all away and I went and bought Energen (it's kind of like hot choco) instead!". Pause....WHAAA!? We were speech less looking down at him in his little broken wheelchair with him gazing up at us with a huge smile on his face and holding his little packet of Energen to show us what he bought! Ladies and gentleman, this is the first time in my mission that an investigator has decided to follow the Word of Wisdom WITHOUT US EVEN TEACHING HIM THE LESSON!!! Never. Ever. This man stopped it all on his own. Man, we just were so full of joy for him and he's amazing so yah.

Oh yah, he also came to General Conference, the Sunday Session. He wanted to come Saturday, but I guess no one was available to take him. The Ward has been super supportive of this man in helping him come to church. Love the members here and their dedication to serving the Lord. Man, Orlando LOVED conference. He just cried and kept telling me how much he loves this church and loves the feeling he always feels when he's at the chapel. He said he was spiritually FULL after that day and loved being able to see the prophet. I remember whenever we teach him, he always puts in his prayer how he's thankful for Joseph Smith in restoring this gospel back on earth today. He is just SO grateful for Joseph Smith and what he did for all of us.

Yah, I just can also go forever about this man and these people and it just makes being a missionary SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WORTH IT!! My comp and I have been coming home just full of joy and happiness for these people and, it's literally hard to explain, but I love it here. I love these people and they are the reason I'm not trunky(; Haha. Great motivation right? Doesn't even feel like I'm going home. When Pday comes, that's a big reminder for me...a sad reminder...but I know I have them there at the end of the day, so it's okay.

Can't believe Lawrence is home already. So fast talaga. Grabee, parang kahapon lang dumarating ako dito sa Pinas...pero ngayon, malapit na ako umuwi. Ayaw ko talago uuwi. Ughhh..):

Great week. Love it all! The XRay went great. I think I'm still healthy, we didn't hear any results. Haha.

Love you all..that's never changed(:

Muah! Til next time...

Love, Sis Alapa

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