Sunday, November 27, 2016

#Dasma.Bound: A Long Awaited Day..

"Nobody said it was easy..." -The Scientist (This song is legit playing in this computer shop right now and I thought it just basically sums up what happened to us this week, haha.)

Here's the UPDATE(;

Bro. Orlando was able to come out of the hospital on Tuesday and got the thumbs up from the nurse that he could get baptized by immersion. He was so cute when he was telling the nurse about his baptism situation and how he was going to be a Mormon now. Haha. He's so proud to be Mormon and the nurse told him he just needed to put a plastic over it and he should be good. He told us how he's excited to share his experience with the Nurse again when he is officially a member now. He's the best.

We visited Brother a couple times this week just to keep checking up on him and getting him pumped for Saturday--which he already was! He was practicing his testimony and inviting his family to come and just soooo excited and couldn't wait any longer. Us too...(:

The day finally came: BAPTISM DAY. We had so much to do that day in trying to invite everyone and get things set up. We had already done the program and everything and made sure to continuously check on everyone else that had assignments so that it wouldn't be chaotic like our last baptism for Nanay Gloria. We were positive and sure that NOTHING could ruin this day. What could possibly happen right?...WRONG.

We stopped by to teach Bro Orlando one last time before he becomes a member and also tried to invite his family to come too. We talked to his wife and asked her to attend because we would need someone to help change Brother after he was baptized and it can't be us. She told us she really didn't want to come and support her husband and we were in RAGE. We told her we needed her, that he needed her and that this was a big time in his life. She kept telling us to ask her daughters, which we did, but they all had their own excuses. Ughh, that moment when the family doesn't even want to support you....mahirap yan! Ughh. But we just sort of TOLD her instead that she was going to come and that she wasn't going to die from coming to a baptism. Then we left. Sometimes, you just gotta tell a person how it is and how it's gotta be done...#BEBOLD.

But to be honest, after we left her, I turned to my comp and said, "She's not coming". Satan was already eating at my thoughts and my hopes for a perfect baptism day, I started to doubt...

Then THIS happens.

We get to the chapel early to check if the chapel is cleaned and the baptismal font if filled. We get there and yes, the chapel was clean BUT THE FONT WAS EMPTY!!!>.< We watched with jaws dropped and eyes wide with horror and shock as the water dripped dripped so slowly, barely a trickly of water coming out. THIS WOULD TAKE FOREVER AND THE BAPTISM WAS GOING TO START IN LIKE HALF AND HOUR. I could NOT believe this was happening and was sooo upset nobody told us that there was no water. My comp and I were fuming.

We tried contacting EVERYONE and when I say everyone, EVERYONE! We felt so helpless though. We tried to fill up these huge basins of water and dump it in, but it didn't even fill the font half way. Patay.

Then all the water in the CR's were so slow as well and barely gave any water out. THIS WAS MADNESS. Tried so hard to keep calm, but literally want to burst...ughhh....Philippines....

People also started to arrive and added into the madness trying to figure out what to do with this dumb water situation. Ay naku....NakakaSTRESS talaga...sobraaaa....

Our Zone Leaders were also having a baptism too and we told them what was happening and they made the quick decision to go to the other chapel instead (which is a bit far by the way...ughhh) to check if we can probably perform the baptism over there.

We stayed at our chapel waiting or Bro Orlando and some of the people we had invited.

It was so chaotic and hectic and can't even describe all that was happening. It's a more "tell-it-face-to-face" kind of thing. But yah, I think ya'll can kind of catch on to my drift.

We made the decision to move the baptism to the other chapel, we had no choice.

No we were left to think how we were to get all these people to the other chapel in one peace. If there's a will, there's a way I guess. Haha.

Anyways, amongst all the chaos and comes Bro Orlando in a trike with his WIFE and two of his grand children. I was shocked as I saw her with him helping him. My eyes lit and hope was there again. I was a bit nervous to tell Brother about the unexpected change of location for his baptism. We greeted him happily and his family and told him that we were going to have to move the baptism to Summerwind (the other chapel)--and we might have just left out the part that there was no water in the font.

I love his response to us and it was just what I needed to calm my troubled nerves.

He just looked to us smiling and said, "Wow, I get to be baptized and the bigger church?! I'm so lucky!" Haha, never have I met a more positive man in my life! He was calm and happy and just so excited to be there with everyone. He restored my hope.

Two members own a service: one a whole jeepney and another a sort-of jeepney thing (I don't know what to call it, it's a car though, kind of) Anyways, these two vehicles were able to fit basically everyone that was already at the chapel and take us to the other chapel. It was such an intense moment, but it all worked out.

So, we all rushed to the chapel--got everything situated and set up--and had the baptism program.

It was such a powerful and spirit-filled baptism with many there in attendance. LOVED IT! So amazing. The speakers were amazing and the solemnity that was present as Bro Orlando came into the font with one Elder and one of our RM's holding him as he entered the font and another Brother waiting to baptize him was such a beautiful sight to see. I wouldn't help but smile the whole time as we watched this man finally enter into the waters of baptism!

His countdown was over, but he had just started his journey of a brand new life!

I had the opportunity to be the chorister for the baptism and while we waited for them to change, we sang different hymns. We sang for what seemed like forever because of course it wouldn't be the easiest trying to change Brother into his church, but we continued to sing. It was all Christmas songs until someone requested "I Am a Child of God". As we sang that, we waited still and as we sang the last verse of the song, in rolls in Brother Orlando, without missing a beat, singing joyfully..."Lead me, guide me, walk beside me, help me find the way...teach me all that I must do to live with him someday!"

I stared at him teary eyed as he smiled up at me, looking so clean and fresh (bagong binyag) and singing with all his might. Loved that moment.

Me, Sis Priest, and Eld Tedrow were also able to do a special musical number as well. We sang "Abide With Me Tis Eventide" mixed with "I Need the Every Hour". Super powerful.

Brother was also able to give his testimony and cried a bit as he bore testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel and his journey. It was so beautiful and bold. He told everyone of his desire for his family to one day join him as well and I looked to his wife and saw her crying as well. I was so happy I could barely sit still! I was so happy she was able to make it and know that she felt something she didn't expect she would feel. Hopefully this will be the thing that will open her up to the truth.

All in all, it was a beautiful day that many will never forget. I know I won't.

Sometimes we just want perfection to happen that instance, but forget that the trial before the blessing is the very thing that will help us better appreciate what God has in store for us if we endure it well; if we hold on to our faith, hold on to our hope, and hold on to our Savior, He will make sure that we will never falter. I testify that to be true.

He is always there...He never has left us. No matter how hectic or chaotic life gets, just HOLD ON. Never give up.

During these sort of moments, Sis Priest always likes to turn to me and says, "Don't you just LOVE being a Mormon?!"

YES. I really do. It's so true. How could it not be? Man, I love being a Mormon.

Bro. Orlando: "Wow! I look like a Mormon!"

Yes, you now ARE one. And oh how proud he is of that(;

Love you all my wonderful families and friends.

Hope my little story will install hope in your lives like this man has in mine.

Ingat kayo palagi!!

-Sis Alapa

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