Tuesday, October 4, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: Progressing Investigators

This week was AWESOME!!!!!!

We were able to explore more in our new area again (and this time i prayed even harder that the rain will ease up and that the rats will stay hidden this time) and we were able to find a lot of success!! We were able to find some families we feel have really been prepared of the Lord for us! So excited for them!!!

Nanay Gloria:

Nanay Gloria is soooo close to getting baptized! She's come to church every Sunday and has stopped her smoking totally! It's been amazing watching her progress!!! Can't wait(:

She was worried at first about going to church because she had no dress or skirt. Luckily I remember a skirt that Mama Young sent me when I was still in the MTC. She told me she sent me this skirt to give to someone in my mission that doesn't have one and I've always saved it and finally was able to give it to someone in need--Nanay Gloria! She looked beautiful yesterday as she was dressed in the correct attire for church and just BLOOMING! So THANK YOU MAMA YOUNG--you're skirt has blessed someone's life for the better<3


Omar is doing so well too!! Man, I love teaching this man. He's been having a bit of a hard time trying to stop smoking, but he's determined that he can. We know he can too. He was so determined to bring his family to church yesterday, but they sort of had a problem with Nanay Venus's father. He's Muslim and is not happy at all that his children are finding interest in the Mormon Church. He yelled at them when they were about to leave and told them that they are crazy people for wanting to even consider going to our church. Ouch. Yah, that hurt. We're pretty close to this man and to hear that from him was pretty sad. So they weren't able to go to church. But Omar was so excited to see us come over and teach him again after church. He doesn't care what Tatay says or thinks, he knows this church is true and can't wait to be baptized! He's so amazing. I hope he can stop smoking soon.


This man is AMAZING! Whenever we visit him the spirit is just so present and so strong, I love it! We were able to work with a member the other day and Orlando just was tearing up during the lesson and I asked him, "Brother, why are you crying?" and he told me that he just loves the feeling that he gets every time we're there. We testified to him that that was the spirit testifying to him that this church is true. And he knows that too. He's also been SOOOO good at reading the BOM. He's already in the middle of 2 Nephi and he really understands it. HE LOVES THE BOM!!! Man, this guy is great right? I wish every person was diligent in reading the BOM like that. I can't even read that fast! He's great.

ORLANDO CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY FOR THE FIRST TIME!! Oh it was so wonderful! He was so excited and was ready to go to church! A member came with us to help him, because it's really hard traveling far with one leg. Anyways, church was AMAZING! He did so well and really loved it. WE asked him later on that day how he felt and he said that he felt that church was too short! He wished it was longer! WHAAAT?! I think he's the only one that's ever said that ever. We usually get people complaining about how long church is and this man who is not even a member wants more ??? REallY? Yah, he can't wait to be baptized and we can't either(:


I'm great. Life's great.

I'M SOOOOO EXCITED FOR BROOOKIEEEE!! AHHHHHH! INDIANAPOLIS!! HOW AWESOME!! Girl, just get ready. You're about to go on the BEST ADVENTURE OF YOUR LIFE. I'm so proud of you. You should have seen me in the computer shop today, I was going crazy knowing that you got your call. Soooo excited for you!!!>.< Love you Sis Alapa!!! (#2)

Anyways, love you all and all that good stuff(:

Til next time.


Love, Sis Alapa

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