Thursday, September 1, 2016

SaPilipinasBound: Worth Waiting For

SaPilipinasBound: Worth Waiting For(:

Sorry, spent to much time chatting...but here's a bit of my update(:

I can't wait to come home to tell you guys all the "revelations" or "readings" or whatever you want to call if with our RC, Nanay Venus--but the woman is, *insert word here* Idk how to explain it. Kinda weird. But cool too. We know our futures and everything now so..yah. I'll tell you guys when I get back(:

This week was pretty hard. You can only take rejection so much. I'm in a pretty small area and the people here are...they're kind, but they just are not interested to listen to the Mormon Missionaries. We're popular, they know us. They know us so well that when they see us walking down the street, they grab their kids (Hide yo kids hide yo wife! Lol) and literally RUN INTO THEIR HOUSE TO HIDE FROM US. This was pretty sad. He didn't even get to say Hello before they were up and inside the homes. I guess they're scared of us. 

So that took up basically my whole week. 

BUT--the Lord is merciful and kind and mindful of each of us, especially of those that have a desire to achieve something. 

For the first time ever in my mission, we found a family that willingly let us in. We were just walking down the street, almost giving up hope, until my comp whispered to me, "One more..." and went up to a woman with her niece sitting outside. SHE LET US TALK TO HER and immediately told us to come in her house. We got to meet her family and teach them all. I was overwhelmed with happiness and joy to know that the Lord had heard our prayers. This is a miracle. I'll tell you more about the fam next week. 

Had our Progressing Investigator even work with us this week looking for new investigators...I'll tell you more about him too next week. 

Man, I just love this work. It's the hardest and most tiring thing EVER, but it's the best. Hands down. I'm so lucky to be here. 

Love you all. 

Everyone's emails were the BEST! 

Love, Sis Alapa

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