Thursday, September 22, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: Never Give UP!

After emailing last Monday, my companion and I went to a nearby mall to pick up a few things and were walking past this music shop that had this guy in the front just full on JAMMING OUT to the piano--he was so incredible! Super talented. My comp and I stopped to listen to him and he asked if we had any requests. My comp told him, "Ikaw" (the only Tagalog song I know fully) and I didn't want to cause it would be in the middle of this huge mall, but it's so loud no one can hear you anyways. He told me to sing too, so I just came next to them and started singing the song. I SANG MY HEART OUT! Haha, it was so fun and I just said thank you and the two men playing the song for me just stared at me and tried to get me to sing again....but I said I can't cause I'm losing my voice. Haha. It was fun(: I've actually always wanted to do that.


Sorry, I'm emailing so late. My comp had to take an English Test (even though she's fluent).

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALLL! Yes, it's Burr Months here in the Philippines--but it's being the exact OPPOSITE of last's more hot than cold. But we've been getting these crazy harsh rainy days and then all of a sudden these bright HOT days (Ughh, the weather is so bipolar). It really affects the mood of the people.

We had a dinner appointment at one of the members homes and they asked me to sing (man, I haven't sang in a real long time). So of course I sang the only Tagalog song I know. It was so cute cause their little daughter wanted to sing with me too so we both sang a song I don't really know, but I hear it all the time here. I think it's called like "Secret Song" or something like that. It's a good song, but I had no idea what the lyrics were. The little girl is so cute though. Super talented. She's an amazing dancer too.

Legit. This week was hard. I don't know if we're doing something wrong, but basically NO ONE accepted us this week. We tried our best though. Went through a ton of rejection though this week. Yes, some tears were shed of frustration, but we were comforted to know at least we tried and we didn't give up.

But on the flip side, we also had some pretty spiritual lessons too!

We have a progressing mom and son (the one that messaged you guys on FB) and she's doing really well with the lessons. We're still trying to build her testimony, but we can tell she wants to be baptized. She just has a lot of questions and is waiting for that sure answer. She's stopped drinking coffee and alcohol. It was so cute, her son is only 9 years old and saw that his mom was going to accept the coffee given to her by her older son and the little boy said, "Wait Mom, we're Mormons right? We're not allowed to drink coffee remember?" AWWW! I love this little boy and his good example to his mom. Hopefully they stay firm together.

Ughh! We had our phone stolen from us a couple days ago...made me sick to my stomach cause that has ALL of our contacts on there. Ughh. Sooo sad.

The update on Nanay Venus, well--she's not doing too well. She is just having trial after trial thrown at her. Remember how her husband got in that huge fight last week, yah--he got in another one where the man tried to stab him. They both fought with their samurais. It was intense by the sounds of it. Poor thing. They have NO MONEY and she's so worried for her family and the kids not being able to eat. We've been able to get them food though when they don't eat AT ALL. It's literally the saddest thing ever. Her faith is so unwavering though. She knows it's just Satan trying to bring and tear them down. But she always kicks him to the side. She has been such a shining example of someone that will NEVER GIVE UP! She's amazing.

We even went and took her and her husband on a little "date". They really feel like our parents. We took them to this Filipino Restro and had sooo much fun. Love them both soooo much!

Well, that's about it for this week(:

I love it here. That's it. Can't believe it's September already! That's so crazy!

Ingat kayo.

Love, Sis Alapa

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