Thursday, September 22, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: Bulag at Pilay

#SaPilipinasBound: Bulag at Pilay

Sorry I didn't get to email last week, we had an activity and sort of got cut short on email time...sorry):


Man, this week was full of great spiritual experiences. I'm running out of time though so I"ll try to be quick.

We were just getting super punted this week and the heat was not helping either.

My comp and I just prayed and basically begged Heavenly Father to please just help us find someone that wants to listen to us.

We went to visit Nanay Venus this week cause she was just going through so many things and while we were there her brother in law was just resting in her house. Actually, he was hiding from his wife because they were fighting about money. Anyways, he was listening into our conversation and we always just share with her about the gospel and how we need to stay strong through our trials because there's always a big blessing in return if we are faithful, stuff like that. He was listening the whole time and started asking us questions about the gospel and was interested in taking the lessons! *cue angels singing here*

We taught him the next day and the spirit was so strong there! This man was literally desperate to come closer to God. He even expressed that to us as well. It was such a wonderful lesson with him and we are excited to continue on with his lessons.

We actually planned to just teach him everyday (since he didn't have much to do) and all the lessons were sooo great! Actually, on our third lesson with him, HIS WIFE CAME TOO! So his wife is the sister of Nanay Venus. She's a pretty hard headed person and says she doesn't feel her normal self without being drunk. She's nice to us though. Nanay Venus told us that she never was interested in listening to the Missionaries and always runs the other way whenever they came. So that night, Brother Omar told her to just stay with him and listen to our message and that he believed that we could really help them and their relationship. Nanay Venus was even SHOCKED when she sat down and joined us. It was an INCREDIBLE lesson with her and she was very active during the lesson. She said she's starting to notice a little change in her husband since he's started the lessons and is looking forward to the changes to come.

We are so excited for them and hope they will be able to better understand one another<3

OH! I had the coolest experience ever too....

So a couple of weeks ago, we were proselyting on our way to visit one of our investigators and across the street I saw a man with one leg on crutches. I looked at him and had an impression to go talk to him, but based on my experiences in this area sort of freaked out and didn't want to get rejected or make him feel like I'm looking down at I didn't go talk to him. But in my heart and mind, I felt like I made the wrong decision and prayed for another opportunity to see this man again.

This week we were on our way home from our last appointment and were about to leave the neighborhood until we hear someone say "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints...Hmmm, Mormons ba kayo? (Are you guys Mormon?)" My companion and I looked to the side and saw a man in a wheel chair looking up at us. My companion said, "Yes, we are..." and was about to keep walking, but I stopped immediately and walked up to the man because I recognized him as the man I had saw just a couple weeks earlier! THIS WAS AN ANSWER TO MY PRAYER!! I asked him how he knew who we were and he explained to us how he had been taught once by some Elders, but they never came back. He told us how he was taught when he still had a leg though. He just got his leg amputated in January and is still adjusting. It's been a pretty painful and hard process having this happen to him. He told us he still had the BOM and that he's read it before too, but it's been a while. He wants us to start teaching him too! AHHHHHH!!! YAAAAAYYY! We are so excited to start teaching this man.

A couple days later we went to teach him, but as we were talking to him, a man that is blind came up behind him and started talking to him. The man in the wheel chair, whose name is Orlando by the way, had to explain to his friend that was totally blind that he doesn't have a leg anymore. But as they were talking back and forth it became comical. The blind man was so funny! He started cracking jokes and as they are going off about how one is blind and the other has no leg, a crowd started to gather around these two and people just watched them. We were there too just waiting for them to stop, but people kept coming and watching them converse. The blind man was talking about how they need to help one another because he's blind but has legs and Orlando is lame, but can see. The blind man was going off about how to cure the man's leg and Orlando kept saying, "I can't grow it back! It's off!" and told the man you can't help me because your sick too and the blind man said, "I'm not sick! I have no sickness..." Umm, Hello. He's blind. Lol. Just keep in mind this whole conversation is just comical. They talked about how they need to team up together because they can become famous for trying to help one another out. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen. If anyone's read that story about the blind man and the lame man that wanted to help each other cross a pretty sketch path, these are the characters in real life! Amazing.

Oh, before I forget--in Molino--NANAY SUSAN WAS BAPTIZED! Actually, she got baptized the week after I left): I was so sad I wasn't there to see her, but SOOO happy she finally was able to get baptized!!! Whoohoo!!

Updates on our other Investigators:

Sister Diana is doing sooo well! Her lessons are just the best and she came to church by her own! We were so happy and shocked to see her at church! Whoohoo! We're praying for her and her family to come through.

We also have this older woman we are teaching, Nanay Gloria and she's doing so well too. Her son and daughter in law are members and her grandaughter too. She's finally gained a strong testimony of the gospel and even asked to work with us missionaries and she's not even a member! She came to church for the very first time ever yesterday and it was such a spiritual experience for her! She teared up and told me how she just felt so welcomed (cause she's been feeling so alone and stressed until she started having us visit her) and she knows this is the path she needs to take for herself. She also hasn't been smoking for one whole week! Which is a big step for her. Yay! Miracles do happen people! Missionary work is the best, I'm so lucky(:(:

Other Updates:

-Went bowling with the District! Whoohoo(: Yay. So much fun!

-Got my card eaten by the ATM maching....not cool.

- Got sick a lot this week. WHyyyy???

-Got to sing for a Stake Activity with another Sister, Sis Calica! She has such a beautiful voice and it was fun to sing with her. It was for a Family History Activity.

We were talking with Orlando again one day and he told us that the blind man talked to him earlier that day and asked him to come with him to Manila-but it's so far. Orlando explained to his friend, "How can I go all the way to Manila, I am lame and you can't see." The response of the blind man was beautiful. He said, "Don't you worry my friend, I will be your legs to walk and I your eyes to see..."

May we be like these two close friends in helping one another in combining forces to become greater. This was something that truly inspired me and made me realize that we are not alone. If we are willing to stop dwelling on our weaknesses and focusing on how we can help one another, that's when we truly can find success and feel that great happiness our Father in Heaven wants for us. Amazing.

I love you all! Sobrang masaya ako talaga. Malapit na sa uuwi ko. Nakakaiyak yan! Ayaw ko. Dito na lang ako sa Pinas(:

Mahal na mahal ko kayong lahat! Salamat sa lahat rin!!!>.<


Love, Sis Alapa

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