Monday, August 15, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: Miracles(:

Oh My Gulay (vegetable)<--it's just a saying here(;

I saw the funniest/coolest thing ever yesterday.

On our way to church, we were walking out of our neighborhood until all of a sudden we here PYT by Michael Jackson just BLASTING from one home. It was so loud and the beat was pumping. As we walked past this home, we see a little boy with shades and an all-white outfit slide in front of their garage and start FULL ON DANCING! HE WAS SO AMAZING!! I couldn't help but just watch and smile and clap as he started performing towards us. He can really move! I just couldn't believe that was real. This small, little Filipino boy just so happy. He whipped off his glasses as he danced, gave us the "eyebrow" and continued to dance with all his might! I guess he does it every Sunday(: Haha. Best. Thing. Ever. #dead. Hahaha!!


Gosh, it's been such an amazing week.

Started the week off right with an INCREDIBLE Zone Meeting. Literally, probably one of the best I"ve ever had so far here in the Mish. Our Zone Leaders did so good. One of my Zone Leaders is Elder Woodbury, the one from my District in the MTC. It was also so great because our President and his wife was there too (no pressure). But they don't even make you nervous because of how down to earth they are! They made you feel comfortable and loved. The topic was all about, siempre, OBEDIENCE! But it wasn't the kind that makes you uncomfortable. No ones perfect, but they really wanted to emphasize the importance of understanding the WHY of Obedience. My mind was blown and I learned so much. They made a new saying or # which is #ObedienceIsTheNewCool. So true.

From really taking what we learned from this meeting, my companion and I have been blessed to see the Miracles in an area that almost seemed hopeless.

I started here a bit worried because the people were not being that receptive to our message. We would try to OYM a person or say hi, but no one really gave us the time of day. But we didn't let this stop us. We made goal and set plans in ways we can help this area, to find some light somehow.

We were out working on Tuesday night and had made a plan to go to a long time Less Active family, the Miasis family. I have to admit, we were a bit nervous for this visit. Members had told us before that time after time missionaries have been rejected by this family and that they NEVER EVER let a missionary in--EVER. So my companion had a brilliant idea to invite a member, actually, it's they're neighbor who's a really close friend to the family. So! We picked up Brother Llado, the friend, and he came with us to his neighbor's house. We told him to go in front of us so that the family didn't see us behind him. We totally could have qualified to be on Mission Impossible, Mormon style! Joklang. Dry. Anyways! We followed behind brother sort of ducking down as he talked to Sis Miasis and told her, "Hey you have some visitors..." and we came from behind him and she just sort of half-smiled, which was a huge step to be honest! She then let us in with brother by us too and we were able to sit down and talk to her.

She's sooo sweet! She really opened up to us about her past and why she didn't go to church. Unfortunately their family is a bit bitter with the missionaries because of the stupidity of the missionaries before us. It's really bad and we understand why they don't allow missionaries in our home, but we explained to them that not ALL missionaries are like that. And they know. They're just having a hard time letting go of the past. She really likes my comp and I. It was nice getting to know her and already I could feel the love of our Heavenly Father for this troubled soul. But I know there's hope for this family. I feel it. It's just gonna take time, patience, and love.

At the end of our lesson, which was about rebuilding FAITH, we invited Brother to share with his friend his testimony. He told her that she was the reason why they had even converted to the church. Before, brother and his family were not members, but the Miasis family was. The Llado family was a referral to the missionaries. Brother explained to her that she had saved his family and that simple act of referring changed their lives forever. Sister just cried and cried and couldn't even speak. Brother continued to express his thanks and told her to come back. She agreed it was time. AHHHH!! Miracles happen people! Love this family and can't wait to continue to serve them(:

We were also able to go visit a family that had been a former investigator, but just not that interested in the gospel. She's so fun to be with and her kids are so sweet as well. Every time wee visit she makes all her kids come around to listen to us. She's such a good mother and she's so attentive. The lessons with her used to sort of be okay with her, but it was so obvious she didn't have that much of a desire to learn, she just wanted to be nice. I remember we were sitting in a lesson and I received a huge prompting that we needed to reteach lesson 1, about the Restoration of the Gospel even though she had finished all the lessons. My companion agreed and we started teaching her again. But this time, we took it slow and answered her many questions the best way we could, with the guidance of the spirit. The spirit was so strong and she was finally able to open up to us missionaries for the first time ever (so she says) and told us she's starting to feel something that she hadn't before. We testified to her that that's the spirit telling her that what we're telling her is true. To not be scared of it, but to go with it. Loved that lesson even the other lessons. She really gaining a testimony. My comp told me she thought that the woman and her family would never progress, but that she's finally seeing a change and a different light about this family--they are doing so good!

The rain has been unmerciful to us this week. It's been raining so hard, it's a typhoon, but the work must go on! We have been getting SO WET every time we go work and sometimes have to take shelter in our appointments home until it sort of dies down.

We were able to go visit one of our investigators homes who is a young blind guy who is so talented! He can play the guitar and sing. Soo cool! He can't see though, and I'm a new--um, voice? Yah, voice to him. So my comp had an idea that she would tell him to play the guitar and that "she" will sing, but it would be me. So we did that and he was freaking out! But his family was watching too, so they made it obvious that it was me singing. It was so funny and we had fun with the guy. Makulit siya talaga ehh! Haha. Pero mabait rin siya(:

WE also had to take shelter at our next appointment with our Recent Convert, Nanay Venus and her family. WE LOVE THIS FAMILY! They make us feel so loved and accepted everytime we visit them. Nanay Venus is the one that had cancer but was healed when she was on the path of converting. Her family isn't members...yet! We're teaching them. We're hoping to get her husband soon, but he's not ready yet. He's so sweet to us though! Him and Nanay consider us their children! They live in such a humble home with so many people--but they would do anything for us missionaries. Tatay told us one night that he will cook us dinner, he promised. So we went back to their humble home and ate. We could tell they put their best for us. It was cool cause we were able to eat with our hands, actually we do this all the time anyways, food tastes better this way(: Haha! We even bought Balut when were there. They don't have that much money, so we always like to buy their foods and stuff so this lucky day was BALUT!(: Yum. Haha. This one was more...umm, developed then the last one. I tasted the hair/: But it was still delicious and I ate the whole thing(: Haha! Don't freak out mom.

Ughh! So much is happening, but that's all i really wanted to emphasize. Oh yah, after emailing I'll be heading over to the office to process my Visa-__- What?! Does not feel real. I'm almost done? I have three transfers left! Crazy right. I just need to slow down time..haha!

Well, that's all I got for ya'll this week(:

I'm still kicking. Haha.

Maraming salamat sa lahat! Salamat sa mga prayers nyo at sa mga supportahan sa akin(: Mahal na mahal ko kayong lahat!!!!<3

Til next time! PEACE!

Love, Sis Alapa

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