Monday, August 8, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: DASMA &(2)

I'm not in Molino anymore...):

...and it's raining like crazy over here...#patay. Lol.


Gosh, it's been such a crazy week (no difference) Haha.

I GOT MY TRUNKY LETTER. This is a letter that signals you're almost going home...WHAA?! Doesn't even feel like it. We got it the same time as the December batch (cause we're kind of batch now) and all turned it in the same time we got it. Felt weird. Toooo faaaast.

On Monday we had to rush to one of my favorite families to say Goodbye because, well actually we had said goodbye to each other the night before, but one of the Brothers asked me if we could make a "cover" of different songs for us to record. He said he always wanted to do a cover with an "American", haha. It was so funny. He was really begging me because we weren't sure if we were going to make it because I hadn't finished packing even. Then, of course, we said yes. Long story short, we made three different covers of songs he requested for me to sing. It was so funny because he was so nervous (as if it was a serious thing) and kept saying we needed to start over every time he messed up. Too cute. I'll try to send the vids(:

It was so sad saying goodbye to everyone. It was a pretty rough cycle here, but also a very rewarding one as well. These family....i'm going to miss SOOO MUCH. Ughh. It was hard not to cry. I was also going to miss my companion(: We've been through a lot together, but we were able to make it through...together<3


Wow, we just hit it hard to work right when I came here. I am in a pretty dead area again. BUT my new comp and I are being hopeful. I love my new cute comp! She's Filipina and Bicolana (Lawrence will understand this..haha) She is so fun and great! Great missionary(:

I've met some really wonderful people with wonderful stories and backgrounds.

They have an RC that one of my best friend's in the mission (Sis Thomas) had found way back and finally got baptized a couple months ago. She is SO AMAZING. She was diagnosed with Leukemia Cancer and had it for 18 months until she met Sis Thomas and her comp. This woman is amazing. Even when they taught her, she still had cancer. But as she started going through that "change of heart..." her cancer is now GONE!!!! That's just a little bit of her story, but man, I feel so blessed to be able to hear about all the miracles that happened in this woman's life. We love visiting her, she just has that spirit that makes you want to do better. She is also working with us too, so that's gonna be GREAT.

This area has people that are waiting to be healed with this gospel. So many are broken and searching, and ohh how strong the adversary is....but we all know who is stronger.

So many things are happening, but I'm running out of time. I'll try to write a bit longer next week!

I CAN'T BELIEVE JORDAN IS BAACK!!!! AHHHHH!! I was literally tearing up looking at the computer screen. Wow, his voice is go TWIN! Haha. Looks good(; Love all the pics! Can't wait to get back to BYU and party with that kid! Loved seeing the pics of Mama and Papa Mack!

Man, so many people are getting married...that's cool. Hehe.

CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU GUYS TO MEET ELDER FLITTON. He's awesome. Can't wait for you guys to get my letters too. I was suppose to send them A LONG time ago...You'll see on the date. But I'm excited! Yay!

So happy for Abby too! She's just AMAZING. That girl is already doing great things. Love. Her.

Well, that's all I think I got for this week. Sorry, it's pretty short. It's okay.

Love you all.

Love, Sis Alapa

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