Tuesday, August 2, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: ByeBye Molino, HELLO DASMA!(2)


I know that this next area I'm going to...I'm going to die(: Which isn't bad, if just means I'll be probably ending my Mission there.

I'm with Sis San Pascual, a Filipina! I'm excited cause we have always wanted to be companions..AND NOW WE ARE! Whoo. #Excited.

Lots of changes....>.<


Not much really happened this week to be honest.

Started out the week with SO MANY SISTERS at our apartment.

Here in Molino, we live the closest to the Mission Office, so for those going home soon they had a Temple Trip (the only one we get to have here in the Mission) in which they had to meet at the Office super early in the morning and all of them live far away in different areas...so they just all slept at our home which was super fun.

On Wednesday we went and taught our Less Active, Nanay Suyo (the one who can lift her legs above her head) and I just love her. She's one of those old women that need to just be on TV...SO FUNNY. She wants to go to America sooo bad. She was trying to get me and my companion (one of us) to marry her son, who is about 40+ years old and pretty creepy. So we just told her that there are other ways to get to America than...like that. Yah, really weird.

It was also so funny because Nanay was telling us all about his "REBEL" days. It was pretty interesting. She talked about how she shanked a man once for accidentally bumping into her and how she even shot a man...I forgot why. But this woman is just TOO FUNNY. Love her. Gonna miss her too.


We also went to a funeral (all 6 of us Missionaries in Molino) of one of the members in our ward. So many people were there. It's so sad. It's an older woman that was definitely loved. She was so beautiful. She had Stage 2 cancer, kidney failure, lung failure, and a lot of other complications that her body just couldn't handle. It was so sad to watch the family and them speak. They have such great FAITH though. All of them came to church yesterday with such vibrant spirits it's just so amazing to see. I know the father took the biggest hit because he had such strong faith that his wife was going to live. He always came to us missionaries asking for a Miracle and for us to just pray for his wife, that he needed her. But he gave a very beautiful testimony that he has felt peace from this loss, because he knows they will be together forever. He can't wait to be with her again. #RelationshipGoals<3 Haha. Beautiful funeral.

Oh, I even saw my friend (Milan Perez) from Utah again! It was so funny! We didn't think we'd ever get the chance to see each other again, but we totally did. It's weird being able to see people from my past here in the Philippines...but I love that girl(:

We also had a Mission Heartbreak. We were preparing Nanay Susan for her baptism on Saturday and trying to get her ready until one day she texted us that she just isn't ready. She would like to move her baptism to August instead. I was so down. But I know there's a place and timing for everything. This woman WILL be baptized. Which is all that matters(:

My comp and I both ate a WHOLE LARGE PIZZA by ourselves. Like one large for each of us. Man, sometimes Missionary wares you out so much, you just gotta eat a whole pizza by yourself and not care(; Lol. The workers were so shocked when we ordered another Large Pizza and fries...too funny(: #MissionDiet.

We had the BEST last lesson with Emenia and Allan on Saturday. Super emotional, but I was able to get through it. This family is MY FAMILY here. I'm going to miss them sooo much...can't even explain it. I bore my last testimony to them and they gave me advice. Bro Allan told me, "I'm going to give the advice you have given me time and time again: NEVER. GIVE. UP. Always keep going and believing in God, that there is something much more better in life...something worth fighting for.." His testimony was so powerful. Ughh, the waterways was real that day. I love this family.

Well, bye bye Molino and HELLO DASMA(:

I knew I was going to go there...Knew IT.

Gonna miss it here too though....

MOM! I almost forgot, there is an Elder that is going home in like two days. His name is Elder Flitton and he's from Ogden Utah. He's going to be coming to our house either this week or the next...not sure. But he's going to bring you guys letters and a stuff from me. He told me to tell you guys so you're not freaked out when this palangi kid walks up to your door. He LOVES poly's though. You'll like him. His real name is actually Austin. Which is so weird to say...but he was one of my friends here in the mission and was our AP too. He's excited to come though! So look out for him!

Anyways, hope life is treating all of you well. I still love it here and I'm excited for this next adventure the Lord has in store for me.

Mahal na mahal ko kayong lahat! Sana, masaya lang po kayo doon. Wag gagalit, wag magkulit--HAPPY LANG NA DAPAT(: Salamat talaga sa lahat ung mga prayers at support sa akin. Sobrang papasalamat ako sa mga pamilya ko po at ung mga baliw na kaibigan. Alam ko kung malapit po tayo sa Dios, mas maganda ang buhay natin dito sa mundo! Kaya nating LAHAT! NEVER GIVE UP. MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT TALAGA!!

Ingat kayo palagi.


Sis Alapa

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