Wednesday, July 20, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: Nanay Susan


So last night we went to have an FHE at one of our Less Active members home. One of the family members teaches a martial art called Wushu (so cool!) and we have been able to see some of his students in action. Super talented. Anyways, we were able to meet his mom (Nanay!) who is 70 plus years old. She was walking to the kitchen when we were watching the practice and eating and I asked her, "Nanay, can you do the martial arts too?" She stopped right in her tracks and said, " I can't..." and as she's saying this to me, she literally is walking over to the practice mat the guys are practicing on and bends down and stretches her legs and touches both he feet! FLIP! We were freaking out how her body can move and bend and twist like that! It was pretty insane! My comp and I were DYING...literally DYING LAUGHING at this. Man! I have pics and vids mom, no worries. Haha! Too funny!


Well, started out the week with eating at Wendy's with the District! Yah, never thought I'd be able to do that here...but TOTES DID(: Haha. It was so fun. It was with a ton of Americans so, it was fun.

Anyways, the best part of that Pday was that we were able to go and visit one of our GOLDEN INVESTIGATORS, Nanay Susan.

Okay, background about this woman. This little, tiny, cute woman has been coming to church RELIGIOUSLY every week and always attends our Gospel Essential class as well. But lots of members attend to fellowship our investigators, so we thought she was just a regular member because she literally comes to church ALWAYS! Anyways, we find out that she is actually NOT A MEMBER and lives in our area! YESSS!!

Anyways, to make a long story short (ish)--we were teaching her about the BOM and she asked a really great question about how the BOM is suppose to answer questions of life! We testified to her that YES, it totally works--if we have faith first! Right then and there, Sis Tamotu was sitting quietly as I'm explaining this to Nanay and then sort of flips out in happiness. Nanay then asked her what happened and Sis Tamotu said, "I took your question early and asked how can we know if what we're feeling is from God? If this is the true church? And this is what I got..." She then showed her 3 Nephi 27:33. Read it. SOOO GOOD! Nanay was tearing up as she read for us and said that that was EXACTLY what she was feeling. She just didn't know how to put it into words. Sis Tamotu cried as she testified of the truthfulness of this book. Man, I love the BOM--it NEVER FAILS US. Ever. This woman is so amazing! She's getting baptized on July 30(: Yess.

Sis Tamotu and I taught at Zone Meeting which was all about--LOVE! Yah, we're experts now I guess. It was pretty nerve racking because our New Mission Pres was there (nbd) and it was his first Zone Meeting and then two of the Senior Couples..yes it was super terrifying, but we did a great lesson! Thank goodness for Poly personalities! We made if fun nd funny. Haha. I used the big heart glasses Mai sent me for my Bday! It was perfect. Thanks Mai!<3

Ughh. I have to go. I wish I can tell ya'll EVERYTHING! But time is too quick. I'm trying to send pics though!

Miracles are happening. I love this mission! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!
Best. Thing. EVER.

Umm. Someone told me that I have 6 months left and we're already talking to my Mission Pres about making it back for school...crazy.

Um. Chad's back?! What!? Literally was freaking out seeing all THOSE pics! Welcome back mate(;

Congrats Brooke on WSS! You look so beautiful! Ughh. Gorge girl(;

Love you all! So much! Gotta head now(:

Mahal kita.

Love, Sis Alapa

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