Sunday, July 3, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: Fast&Quick

Hey Fam!

Sorry, don't have too much time to write. Nothing too big happened this week.

Our area is going dead again (which means we're being punted a lot and we haven't really found that much people to teach). But we know it's just another trial we must face. No worries though. We're striving to be optimistic though.

Yesterday we were invited to TWO birthday parties--which was insane.

The first was with our family that has Less Actives, our Recent Convert, and a Part Member. So we celebrated the girl (who's the only one in her family that is not a member) birthday and had an amazing time with them. We love this family and hope for them to one day enter into the temple as a family.

We then went to one of our newer investigators and forgot that NONE of them were members--which is not a good thing for us missionaries. We were walking to their house and we already heard the Videoke--we stopped to retreat, but it was too late. They heard us and already started beckoning us in. We came in nervously and saw the alcohol, the cigarettes, and the shots! They were trying to get us to drink, but we told them that we would never drink...even if we weren't missionaries. They could not believe we didn't want to drink, but no worries. If was an easy NO WAY. They're really nice people though. I can't wait to teach them Word of Wisdom...Haha!

MY NANAY CAME! It was so good to see Sis Picar (My very first companion here in the Mission). She works here in Manila and she came to visit the ward yesterday because she served in Molino before. I could barely contain myself, it was so awesome to see her! She's so great. Love her.

Sorry I don't have that much to report on.

The new president is here! We get to meet him on Wednesday. So excited. But we do miss Pres and Sis Tye.

Lots of changes will be happening.


Love you all.

Love, Sis Alapa

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