Monday, July 25, 2016

#BirthdaySurprises #SneakyKasama

Last Thursday, we were walking out of MacDo (with Sister Livermore and Sister King..two Americana's by the way) and on our way to get on a Jeepney, until all of a sudden Sis Tamotu notices this little man (he's like a regular man with just really short legs..yah, hard to explain). Anyways! Sis Tamotu freaks out and insists we all have to take a pic with this man. We walk up to him and the man is just looking at us and smiling at us from ear to ear.

He then looks at Sis King and grabs her hand and is just like "KISS ME! KISS ME! PLEASE!" and then starts looking at all of us and just keeps expressing his love for us saying, "I LUB YOU! I LUB YOU!"...Haha, it was probably one of the most funniest things I had ever seen. I was trying to keep away because when we were taking pics, he (somehow) grabbed my kasama in a hug and kissed her on the neck...we're still a bit confused about how he was able to reach it...but...yah. You had to be there--SO FUNNY! I'll send pics(:


I had the best week. Seriously.

I'm just going to skip to my birthday...>.<

Well, first off, I was a bit nervous for this day. 20? Weird. Basta! It happened.

Woke up early to all these cute little signs all over our house and my stuff like, "Morning Sunshine! You're 20!" and "Gettin' a bit old there mate..." and much more! Super cute all these cute signs done by my lovely companion. She's too cute. She then made a HUGE breakfast for the two of us...yah, I was stuffed.

Right before we headed to our District Meeting, we went to stop at Allan and Emenia's house to say Hi to baby Andrew! He's just the cutest baby EVER. Andy is still being a witch though...ugh. We're hoping she'll get better soon. It was so nice to be with them. LOVE THIS COUPLE!

We then had to rush to DM and it was alright. Elder Hiatt (our District Leader...also from Utah...and is my batch) sang a ton of songs for me and gave me a balloon from the Elders. It was really hilarious as well.

We then had to head over to the office because my comp said she needed to drop off some letters she had. So we're walking across the street to the office and when I look up, I see a sign on the door that says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS ALAPA!" It was a Princess sign too...haha! I look inside and I see our zone inside. We walk inside and then BOOM! One of our Zone Leaders pops a confetti blower right in my face! It went EVERYWHERE! Everyone started singing Happy Birthday and I see cake and some cards and a Rubix Cube.

I don't know how they did all this (my comp and the other two sisters) but they did. I was so happy and very appreciative of all they did. But that's not even the best part. Well, Pres Speirs was also there too and he was joining in with singing Happy Birthday and even stayed to talk to all of us and eat cake! He's the BOMB. We love our New President. Soooo sweet and down to earth. Love. Him.

But THAT's not even the best part. My comp calls me over to come around the counter to where the computers are and i was really confused. Then I look up after talking to Pres Speirs and saw my FAMILY ON THE COMPUTER SCREEN SINGING!!! Man, I was so don't even know. I walk towards the screen and immediately start crying! It was just so weird seeing you all. Everyone in my Zone was watching and loved the song you sang. LOVED IT. How my comp even got all of that together...I HAVE NO IDEA!! She's so sneaky. I have the best comp ever. Thanks family for doing that...can't believe you guys kept it a secret for that long. I forced my comp to tell me everything about how she was able to set all that up! She goooood. Really. #Skilled.

To make it short, we also went out to the BOMB pizza place and I got a free pizza cause it was my bday. Yay for free stuff! Then we had to rush over to one of the members house cause they were holding a FHE for my birthday. I love these people, they're SO AMAZING and went all out too. Loved it!

All in all, it was a FABULOUS day. Loved it all.

The next day we were about to head for work until we hear that one of our Less Actives (that had also been one of our Miracles in this area) is in the hospital because he has kidney failure. It was so sad to hear. So we rushed over to visit him and his family. It was so sad. The other night the other sisters and some elders went over to give him a blessing and they told us that he was just balling because he knew he promised us that he would start coming to church but he had missed now he was in the hospital.

When we were there, we sat and chatted with him for a while. But he was definitely sick. So sad. We decided to share with him as well to bring some peace to his mind and to his mother (the really flexible old lady in the pics)--it's not Nanay Susan, it's Nanay Suyo. Oh, btdubss...his mom is HILARIOUS! She is like those crazy old women that you would normally see in TV shows! Too funny. She wants to come to America with me and be our cook...-__-...okay?

Then we went to visit another member who was at the hospital for two months now with Stage 2 cancer, kidney failure, infection in the lungs...and so many other complications, I can't even remember. It's a beautiful woman that everyone just loves and the amount of support that was being given to her and her family was incredible. She wasn't doing so well though. We could only look at her from outside because she was in the ICU--in really serious condition. Her husband walked straight to us and grabbed our hands and said, "Sisters. Pray for my wife. I need her. I need a miracle." and he let go of us to go and buy more medicine for her. It was so sad to watch him and his family who were so down. The odds were pretty slim. The next morning we found out that she had passed away. Sooo sad. We're going to her funeral this Wednesday.

On Thursday we had to prepare ourselves for our first interview with Pres Speirs! But before that, we went with the other sisters to go and visit one of their investigators who's blind, can't walk, and was left by his family alone. He's the cutest man though. It was so good meeting him.

The interviews were so great with Pres Speirs! We just love this man. He is so humble and sweet and caring and just makes you want to be a better person. Literally. And his wife is so BOMB too! She's so cute and way cool. Such a fun power couple and we can't wait to get to know them even more, even though it feels like we've known them forever!

Well, it wasn't as successful work wise this week. People have just gotten so busy all of a sudden and we've been getting more shut down lately. We're gonna push this last week (since next week is transfer week and I'll probably be moving to my next area...hopefully!) I've been here for 6 months now. We shall see though.

Oh yah, Mom...Pres Speirs said me and the other 3 sisters (Sis Thomas, Sis Swanson, and Sis Materrn) are all leaving on Dec 28th to come home since we all have school. I was so shocked when he told me this, but he said it will be best then just having us all leave at different times and Sis Swanson HAS TO leave on that date. So I'll be home by the end of this year. Crazy right?! Yah. I was freaking out.

Anyways. Fun week. Hard week. But still the BEST WEEK.

Love this mission. Everything is going by so fast I just want it to slow down.

I love being a Missionary! It's the best thing in the world. Ughh, I love it.

Hope you all didn't have too fun in Hawaii! You all look so black! Man.

Mahal na mahal ko kayo!! And thanks to all the BDAY shout outs!


Love, Sis Alapa

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