Wednesday, June 15, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: Zone Conference

Hello everyone!

This week had been long awaited and now it's done):

I have been so excited for Zone Conference because it was going to be the whole Cavite Mission together! I couldn't wait to see my batch from the MTC!!!

This Zone Conference was going to be a special because it was the last one with Pres and Sis Tye before the head home. They are done with their mission and we are now awaiting for our new Mission Preside (Pres and Sis Speirs).

It was such a beautiful Conference. I was a bit nervous because I was singing a solo right before Pres and Sis Tye spoke (pressure)--but I could really feel the spirit when I was up there. I miss singing. Felt weird standing their by myself than with my family at my side.

There's not much to say really...Zone Conference was the best!! A lot of tears and hugs...

Went and visited Emenia and Allan the other day. They are just blooming every time I see them. I can really see Allan being something great. He is just super changed and just is so happy being in this church and a part of this gospel. His testimony is so strong. He received the Priesthood as well yesterday. So beautiful. This family is a miracle and they are just too excited to be sealed in the temple. Mom, I'm coming back to the Philippines when they get sealed so...yah, I already told them (#savingmyPesos) Haha! I love this family soooo much. They seriously are like my family.

Oh, I'm sick. Again. There's a virus going around and now it's my turn. I hate being sick. But the work must keep going.
Sorry this is short. Not much to say really.
I love you all! Thank you so much for all the support!!!!
Oh, and I am almost at my one year mark!! Crazy right??

Mahal na mahal ko kayo!!
Love, Sis Alapa

Ps. Sister Alapa s mission president s wife asked her to sing at their farewell fireside this past Thursday so Kaau recorded him playing "Be still my soul" and we emailed it to Aitana to sing.
We asked her how it went and this is her answer:
"Man Mom, it was soooo good! I was so nervous though, but still was awesome! When I got up there, everyone had their camera's up. I thought President was going to tell everyone to put it away but he didn't. So funny.
I made a lot of friends afterwards and so many people wanted to take pics. Haha, so funny.

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