Wednesday, June 8, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: Masarap ang Pakiramdam! Good Feeling! BAPTISM!!!

Brookie aND Lindsey...YOU both MADE IT!(: So proud of you girls. Love all the pics, grad looked BOMB!!!>.< CONGRATS. Welcome to the real world\,,/,
Morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone!!(:
Ughh. Sorry I had to cut the email short last week, here's the continuation and more...(:
Okay, so yah, I was pretty sad that we weren't able to witness the wedding (even though we were the WITNESSES for the wedding) but it looked beautiful from the glimpses we were able to see. This little girl is just...I can't even explain it...
Oh, and I forgot to mention that right before they were about to walk into get married, one of the heels on Sis Emenia's shoes broke off. I just sat there looking at her with my jaw dropped and thought, "OH MY GOSH, WHAT ELSE?!". But she is so sweet and just said she will tear the other heel off and it won't look too obvious since her dress is long. So we tore her other heel off and she ran into the room to get married.
It was so cute when we were all done and they came out with their rings on and just smiling from ear to ear! THEY FINALLY TIED THE KNOT!!!<3
We just went back to their home and ate. I really appreciate the missionaries in our district for coming to support us. It was a pretty big deal and something many have been waiting to see because we just love Emenia and Allan. It was a great day! Even the it took a long time and so many things were trying to prevent this moment from happening, they finally did it. *Exhale*
Next step: BAPTISM!
We had their baptism on Saturday, May 28th. It was a morning baptism since Brother has work in the afternoon. The weather was nice and just a perfect day for a Baptism. We had been stressing that whole week trying to call on the Bishopric the Ward Mission Leader and Members to help us set up this really last minute baptism.
I'm happy to say, it all worked out PERFECTLY. We had our whole District there to support us, even the AP's were able to come. Probably cause one of them was baptizing our couple. I couldn't have asked for anything better. The speakers were on point. The Spirit was strong. And we were FINALLY able to see these two prepared souls of God enter the waters of Baptism. Yes, Andy was pretty horrible again...but, the show must go on. We retained her outside again, but another pair of Sister Missionaries were able to hold her while we went into witness their baptism and the best part, their testimonies! Ughh. It was just so amazingly beautiful. Love it love it love it!
I remember talking to Brother Allan and he explained his experience as when he went into the water and came back up, he felt like he left his old self in the water and came out a new man. They both could really feel the spirit and the change they had just went through and were just happy and at peace. Their confirmation was just as beautiful too!
Their story was so beautiful, the mission office wanted me to send pics of it and a little something about their story. It really is so inspiring.
Yesterday was Fast and Testimony meeting and we challenged Allan and Emenia to go up and bare their beautiful testimonies. They are both so shy though and was really trying to fight us about it. The next day came and Allan came to church by himself because Andy was just out of control. He told us he was hoping to feel better afterwards. We all sat together (with Bro Alex too) and the time came to bare testimonies. We gave him that nudge that everyone does to get people to speak, but he just kept saying no and shaking his head. Then him and Sis Tamotu make a bet that if she went first, he'll go after. Right when they hit that pinky swear she went straight up. He was so nervous now. He was sitting next to me and said, "Sister..." and he pointed to his chest and I could literally see his heart pumping out of his chest. This dude was nervous and scared. He started to shake just looking at Sis Tamotu. She finally ended and it was his turn. I looked at him and wanted to cry. Then he stood up. I was so proud now. He got up there and I could totally tell that he was so nervous. All in all, he did a very beautiful testimony! We were just smiling at him. This man is seriously out of this world AMAZING!!!! When he sat back down next to me, we all shook his hand in congratulations. He just exhaled and was just praying and shaking so hard. He then explained to me his feeling when he got up there. He told me how nervous he was. Then he paused because he felt something or someone behind his back, rubbing his back and almost a whisper say, "Anak...(child)" and he started to cry. He told me, "Masarap ang pakiramdam!" Which means he really loves the feeling he was having.
The Lord is there for us every step of the way. When we struggle, he lifts us higher and makes us do things we never thought we could!
The mission is amazing. If you're thinking about going on a mission--GO! You'll never have a single regret and you'll be able to experience things nothing else can bring to your life. These past few weeks have been nothing but AMAZING.
The church is true. Always has been, always will be.
Mahal na mahal po kayo!!!<3
Love, Sis Alapa

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