Monday, June 27, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: Infection, small miracles...MacDo Delievery!!!

Oh my goodness...

We were at one of our Part Members home one night. It's pretty far to go to so we were a bit tired. We were outside the door saying "Tau po" which is their way of "knocking" here in the Philippines. Anyways, we literally stood out there for a good 20 minutes screaming for the old woman to come to the door and she didn't! All the while, there is a dog (her dog) that is barking its lungs out at us and we are basically competing with this IRRITATING dog. Finally my sweet companion lost her sweetness, reached for the hose that was next to us--turned it to FULL BLAST--and walked straight to the dog and hosed it until it hushed up. All the while she is just yelling at the dog to HUSH UP. Bahaha. It was so hilarious to watch. It went quiet real quick surprisingly and we told the woman later that night when she finally opened the door. She's cool with it(; Haha, MALIE SAMOA!(; Lol.

Anyways, MABUHAY!!

We started this week off with a BANG--ZONE ACTIVITY!!!(:

We went to this cool place where we were able to go bowling which was so fun. Loved being able to be with all the other missionaries and to actually wear regular clothes. It was a blast! STRIKE!!

On Wednesday, the Missionary Nurse came to visit me and saw that my infection was getting worse, but it was also Transfer Day, so they had to go help out in the office. She told us to just stay in for the day (probably cause I couldn't stand anyways).

My comp and I were just at home, being bored since we hadn't been able to really go out for the past three days. We then remembered that the last week we wrote down the number to the McDo Delivery and thought we'd better try it out since we had NO FOOD and we were starving. So my comp texted it in (yah, you text it in...weird) and we were praying that it really works. Ladies and gentleman--IT TOTALLY DOES! Philippines is outdoing America. Our order got delivered right to our door! It was a moment to celebrate. Yay! Haha.

While we were stuffing our faces, the nurse called and said she would be coming to our house in half an hour to pick us up to take us to the hospital. We finished eating and got ready to go to the hospital.

We went to the same hospital as the first one. Long story short, they gave me antibiotics and now the affection is NO MORE! YAY MEDS!! So happy, now I can actually walk. #prayersanswered. We were happy cause we have been so bored at home.

Oh! I forgot to tell you guys my comp and I have met a Filipino Couple that speaks ENGLISH! Actually, the man speaks more English than Tagalog really...but he kind of can. Anyways, we met them through just talking to people and they have become really close to us. We went to visit them one day and they just LOVED it. Brother wants to take me and Sis Tamotu out exploring and to a really expensive site seeing place. We had to explain to him that it's not allowed. But he took us eating that night, which we were to shy to say no too. It was so fun getting to know them. They actually live in North Carolina. But they switch back and forth from the states to here. They expressed to us that they only have one daughter and two sons, so being with us is like being with their daughter cause all their kids live in the US. We love them so much. They're not members and we haven't been able to teach them, but we're still hoping.

Emenia and Allan are just the best. Still going strong ( I think I say that every week). I had been walking around with all these bandages on my legs from the infections and brother just looked at me and said "You guys NEVER GIVE UP! You go through anything to share the word of God to people. Keep going Sisters, you can do it!" He was so sweet to say that. I love this guy, he's going to be something great one day.

Well, miracles happen everyday. Too bad we can't record them all.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NANA! Dang, still beautiful even with out hair. Love the wig though(; You get it strong girl!! Love all the pics!!!!!!

Thanks for the emails! Love it all!

Til next time.

Love, Sis Alapa

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