Sunday, May 22, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: Let it Pour

When it rains here in the Philippines, IT POURS!!

This month is a rainy season in the Philippines. And to be honest, I do like it more than the blazing heat, but man it is hard to work when you're basically SOAKED from head to toe.'s been fun.

I remembered my companion and I were on our way to an investigator's home and it started to rain a bit. My comp, Sis Tamotu, doesn't have an umbrella cause she's so white and trying to get tan (I know, a Poly that is white--she's fair) so she doesn't use an umbrella for the heat (only me cause I'm black...). Then all of a sudden, it started to rain so hard and the wind was strong too! I had my umbrella, but my poor companion had none. I looked at this situation as tragic.

There's two BIG Poly TINY umbrella. We tried our best to squish under this little umbrella, but that did absolutely NOTHING for us. It wasn't long before I just took down the umbrella and we ran into the nearest tindahan (it's like a little shop that's a home too). Hoii, no luck there too cause the tindahan is so small too--we could barely fit! #PolySize. It's okay though, we ended up getting the hint that we probably had to return home cause the weather was RIDICULOUS and there was no way anyone was going to accept us with our wet selves into their home. At least we tried.


This week was pretty awesome. I have been able to learn so much from my new companion Sis Tamotu! We are each other's first foreigner companion. She's from Australia and is Samoan (mostly), Tongan (like half), and Niuean. It's been so much fun working together and the members LOVE our big poly personality. We are so determined to really help the area and I'm already noticing progress.

Miracles are happening with Bro Alex. He's been attending church faithfully and he told us that he's always looking forward to hear the lessons and especially to come to church. Last Thursday we challenged him to STOP his WOW problem (with smoking) all together. Because he is so ready and willing to get baptize, he told us that he would stop smoking. On Sunday during the Investigators Class, the lesson was about Free Agency--our ability to choose right from wrong and how it's all up to us to choose. After the class he pulled me aside and he said to me, "I have something to give you..." he grabbed my hand, pulled something out of his pocket, and slammed it straight in my hand. I opened my hand and there it was, his cigarette pack and his lighter too. I looked at him in with so much excitement and quickly showed my companion Sis Tamotu. She was so excited that she could barely contain herself that she hugged him! Haha! We expressed how proud we were of him and then he told Bishop too. This man is soooo ready for baptism.
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Many trials are coming to Allan and Emenia for their marriage...but we are still trying out best to get them married. They are also so ready for baptism.

A lot of miracles this week, so little time. I'll try to write a bit more next time(:

Love you all. Man, I loved seeing the pics and vids of the Muti Family! Miss and love them so much!!!

Salamat po!!

Love, Sis Alapa

Ps. I met a new sister from Tonga. Her name is Sister Tau. She is Laufolau's daughter. She said she knew Papa and my family. I guess papa baptized her dad who had polio. but papa was able to heal him and he was able to walk. wow. small world... My box finally arrived and all the missionaries loved all the treats.. thank you family and friends for all your love and support...

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