Tuesday, May 31, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: I Do

#SaPilipinasBound: I Do

Man I have so many funny moments with my companion through out the week I wish I could just video tape our lives.

We were walking into church (me and my companion) and a lady looked at my companion and said, "Wow, very healthy...". We walked in and my Sis Tamotu leaned down to me and said, "Is that just a nice way of saying I'm fat..?" We both started cracking up. Too funny.


This week was the CRAZIEST!

So last PDay, Sis Tamotu and I went with Allan and Emenia to City Hall AGAIN to check if the Mayor was there to set up their Marriage. We waited, and waited, and WAITED--nothing. We were told, for what seemed to be the billionth time, to come back another day when Mayor was available. We all left City Hall super discouraged but knew there was nothing else we could do but keep coming back.

My companion and I went to check our email later on that day and all of a sudden we got a text from Sis Emenia saying that she got a text from City Hall to go over again (after just coming home) because the Mayor was there. So Sis Emenia went with her little daughter Andy to City Hall. She was so cute when she was telling us what happened.

We visited her later on that night so she could tell us what was going on . She told us when she received the text, she looked at her daughter and said, "Andy...we have to go to City Hall again--LET'S GO!". Oh, and by the way...Sister is sooo pregnant. Yah, I really love this woman.

She said when they headed to City Hall, they waited about an hour to see Mayor. Finally she was able to go in and talk to him about the situation and how we have been coming to City Hall numerous times for the past 5 weeks! After telling Mayor her situation, he looked at her and said that he was going to write a note to the Pastor that he was going to perform a wedding for FREE! Oh yah, if you want like a pastor or someone to marry you, it costs about 1000 plus pesos. It's ridiculous, but that's how it is.

Emenia looked at Mayor when he was telling her this and started to cry. She couldn't believe it. Not only was it going to be for free, but the Mayor told her that they could have the wedding that Wednesday--which means it gave us about a day and a half to prepare! She said YES and immediately texted us the news.

Sis Tamotu knew we had to act real fast now to get this wedding to work! We got her a nice white dress for her wedding and during our Finding Time one night, we literally got punted all day and were talking to a lady that works a tindahan and she gave us really nice white sandals because we told her about our situation. The Lord definitely puts people in our paths for a purpose!

Anyways, DRESS--check, SHOES--check, I was on Makeup and Sis Tamotu was on Hair--check and check! We were feeling more hopeful than what we felt in a long time. I finally knew there was nothing that could stop this wedding from happening.

The big day came and guess what?! IT WAS RAINING!!! My kasama and I were looking outside our window (I wanted to cry just looking at the storm that was outside). We had to be at their house to do her makeup and hair, and it was a huge storm outside. It was nuts. But we knew what we had to do. We grabbed our umbrellas, grabbed my makeup and hair straightener and all the things to get this girl ready and headed out into the storm. It was pretty rough and we ended up being soaked from head to toe, but I protected my back with my life! We got to their house and they looked at us with such pity. They kept apologizing to us and felt bad cause they felt like a burden, but we didn't mind at all! We were so excited for them and knew what we had to do.

Long story short, we did her makeup and hair--which took longer than what we thought it was going to take, and had all the missionaries at their house too! Our whole District basically came cause they wanted to come support and witness the wedding. I love my District. We looked at the time and it was close to their scheduled time.

We all rushed out, Emenia looked so beautiful, and all of us entered out into the rain again and rushed to catch a Jeepney. It was a pretty sick sight I have to be honest. We all got on to a Jeepney and headed to City Hall. In short, we got over there and they were still having a wedding which meant EXTRA TIME!! We went to really fix Emenia up--fix her hair and makeup again--but this time, put on her dress. When she was finally done, she look GLORIOUS! So beautiful. Brother Allan couldn't stop smiling. It was a beautiful sight that I will never forget.

Their little daughter though was a huge problem though. She is probably the naughtiest little girl I have ever met! She just screamed her head off and hit and punched her parents. Sis Tamotu and I were determined not to let her ruin their day. We waited for a while, and then FINALLY it was their turn.

Unfortunately, their little daughter started to scream her head off again and we had to excuse her. We didn't get to see them get married because we were to busy trying to calm her down.

I'm literally getting kicked off. I'm so sad I am stopping so abrupt, but my District is calling me. I'll try to finish the rest of the story next time.

Love you all!

Love, Sis Alapa

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