Wednesday, May 4, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: GOLDEN



MAAYONG BUNTAG!!(; (that's some Bisaya for ya)

Yah, I know it was pretty shocking about the whole balut thing, but it really wasn't all that looks bad...but the taste actually isn't bad. They said I can call myself a real Filipina(:

So I'll sort of be updating for last week and this week. 

The other week was pretty awesome because Emenia and Allan both bore such powerful testimonies to us about the gospel and how it has really just helped their relationship as a couple and their family. They were so excited to be getting married. These past two weeks were just review-review time for their interview! 

On Wednesday, we went early to help them with their requirements for marriage. It was such a crazy day, or as my companion and I call it, ADVENTURE DAY!! First off, when we got to their home at  7 am...THEY WERE STILL SLEEPING!! We "Tao po"d (form of knocking here..I'll explain when I get home) until Emenia finally came to the door. My comp and I were freaking out because we knew they had to go to a seminar for their marriage at 8! They thought it was on Thursday, even though we basically told them everyday we visited them that the seminar is on Wednesday! Ughh, sometimes you literally feel like a parent here in the mission for these people, luckily we're there to get them up and going! So we helped them get ready and we were off to City Hall. It's a HUGE building and we were so lost because all four of us did not know where to go. Then we figured out they did not have all the requirements and we had to take so many trikes and jeepneys to run all around finishing off their requirements for that day. It took hours and all of us were so hungry and drained by the end, but we did finish it. They missed the seminar though, so they'll be going this week. They had their interview this past Saturday and they're so cute. They told us that they had been practicing and quizzing each other to get ready for the interview. I remember one time we were reviewing the questions with them and we asked Brother Allan, "Do you believe that Joseph Smith is a true Prophet of God??" and he responded so loudly and boldly, "YES! 100%". Love these reactions. They're so excited and anxious. Of course they passed, we're just waiting to process their marriage. 

Brother Alex is just #Golden. He's really been reading the BOM and LOVES IT! Everytime we teach him, we always feel the spirit so strong. We love using the BOM in our lessons cause that's what he really likes. What time we answered his question about loving your enemies and war through scriptures and he looked up to us and said, "Wow...this book really does have the answers to everything." We love him so much. He told us one day he will be so sad when Sister Gabalfin and I won't be teaching him anymore. We have all grown so close, he's kind of like our father here. He's 57 and has a really cool story. Right now he's trying to stop smoking because he is anxious to get baptized and also enter inside the temple. He wants to fully dedicate his life to the Lord.  What he's struggling with right now is forgiving himself. But we know that slowly he will be able to let go of the past and press forward to the future. 

I was able to sing for our ward a couple weeks ago. It was so nerve wracking, but it also was fun to sing in front of people again. I feel like I haven't really sang in a while. Weird singing by myself though. It was nice to look out into the crowd and especially see my investigators that are preparing for baptism. Love these people so much. 

Oh, when of our Less Actives is a Master of Mushu. I don't know if that's the right spelling, but we get to see him teach his class next Saturday. We're so excited, he is so AWESOME!! He gave us a bunch of tips to get fit body wise. My comp and I are now determined. Yay!

Well, that's basically it(: Good week. It's almost Transfer Day which is crazy! One of us might transfer, which is sad because we have so many baptisms this month. We'll see. 

Love you all! Still freaking out about little Titi's dancing at WXH talent show! She's so gangster! Really shocked. GO TITI!

Can't wait to skype all of you too!! YAAAYYY!!!


Mom, loved your talk. Made me cry listening to it over here.

Til next time on Skype<3

Love, Sis Alapa

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