Sunday, May 15, 2016

SaPilipinasBound: Foreigners

First off, last week was Transfer Day and my companion Sis Gabalfin (my other anak) was transferred. It was really sad because we had been through so much together and this is her first transfer here in the mission. She fasted and prayed to stay here, but we both know there's a reason why she's been called to transfer. The Lord knows there are people waiting for her in Golden City.

But, that means I have a New Companion--who is...SIS TAMOTU!!

Yes, she is Polynesian!!! My first foreigner companion. Actually, I'm also her first foreigner companion too! I actually expected to be with a Poly, but now I am and we're Batch (as in we came in the same time here in Cavite). It's been a pretty fun few days together and we're both looking forward to learning a lot from one another!

To be honest, we were both pretty nervous cause all of our comps so far have been Filipinas who know the language, culture and people--but we've decided to turn this opportunity into an advantage to help this area progress! We're so excited.


Man, it was the best being able to Skype my family. Miss you guys so much!! But, still loving the mission here too!

Here's some updates:

Emenia and Allan-

They had a huge fight after their seminar together which literally broke mine and Sis Gabalfin's hearts! They basically punched each other out. Yah, it was a sad sight to see--but it goes to show how strong Satan is right before these people are on their way to baptism. We were just with them that morning to take them to the seminar and we decided to leave them to do their marriage requirements by themselves, so we left them happy. Before we went out to work, my comp and I got the hugest impression to go visit Sis Emenia, even though they weren't on our plans for that day. We went to their home and we find Sis Emenia and little Andy sleeping. Emenia woke up and we could tell she was crying and that something bad happened. Sis Emenia opened up to us about the whole thing. She was crying so hard because they hadn't fought like that for about 4 years until that day. With Mother's Day coming up soon, Sis Gabs and I decided to do something special for Emenia. She was feeling so low that day, we went and bought her a new dress (cause she always wears the same one every Sunday), some jewelry, flowers and some little cakes and ice cream. We told her we wanted to celebrate Mother's Day for her right then and there. We all had a great time together and hopefully it made her feel a little bit more loved than she was feeling then.

We planned to come and teach them the next day. Sis Gabs and I prayed and planned something to help them grow in love for one another because they're suppose to be getting married in a couple weeks. To be honest, we were both so nervous to play "marriage counselor", but we asked for the Holy Ghost to be with us as we prepared to help this people have become like our family.We went to their home and the door was LOCKED! For the first time! But we could see them inside. We "Tao po'd" (it's like knocking here) and we could hear Bro Allan asking Sis Emenia for the keys. She threw the keys at him and he opened the door. Right when he opened the door, we could tell he was ashamed to even look at us. He looked down and shook his head. We came in and Sis Emenia told us that Bro Allan tried to leave to work early so she locked the door and hid the keys so he wouldn't try to leave. It was actually pretty funny, we both were like "GO SISTER!" (in our heads of course). But she was desperate for us to help them and their marriage. In short, the lesson was powerful with them telling each other what bothered them and what they loved about each other. We challenged them to get used to saying these three beautiful phrases to one another everyday: "Salamat (thank you), Pasensya (Sorry), and Mahal kita (I love you)". We left them in love again(; Haha, it was fun playing "Marriage Counselor". Haha!

Bro Alex-

I just love Bro Alex. He's seriously the best investigator EVER! Every member that comes with us to visit him can just feel his spirit. He's so ready and anxious to join our church and has come to church every week since he started. He expresses to us how he is just so eager and excited every week to come to church and always looking forward to having lessons with us. Seeing his progression as an investigator has been over rewarding for us as missionaries and just goes to show that there is a time and place for everything. He always talks about how he, a long time ago, was offered a BOM and he gave it away. He talks about how everything he's ever asked our Heavenly Father, he's been given, but he feels guilty cause he feels that at those times he was given these blessings, he forgot his Heavenly Father. But this was his chance to commit his whole self to the Lord and he is so excited that he has finally found the truth. He has changed so much in such a short amount of time. We were talking to our really less active family one day, and Sister opened up to us and told us that Alex was talking to them about coming back to church. OUR INVESTIGATOR WAS FELLOWSHIPPING OUR LESS ACTIVE FAMILY!! Whaat?! Yah, they came to church this past Sunday. The miracles I am seeing with this man is endless. There was another time he came to church a little later than he usually does (cause he's always there early) and sweating bullets. He told us there was no jeepney to take him to the church, so because he was scared he was going to be late, he just rushed on foot to the chapel (which is pretty far away) because he thought the chapel doors would be locked and he didn't want to miss out. This man is AMAZING! Just waiting for him to stop his WOW problem and he's ready to enter the waters of baptism!!

So that's the update on our Golden Investigators. We should be having a baptism for Emenia and Allan this Saturday! Hopefully everything runs smoothly with their marriage!!!!

A couple days ago, Sis Tamotu and I were walking and after we contacted a referral, she stopped because she saw a man watering his plants but had a tatoo that looking like a Maori Tattoo. She stopped to ask and the tattoo was not Maori, but the man was ENGLISH SPEAKING! We both started freaking out so bad! That's the first Filipino I've met here that actually has an American accent! It was so nice talking to him and then his wife came out and we all talked outside for a very long time! We were so excited and the man even invited us to come over sometime with their family to chat and have a cup of coffee with them...(Haha, that was pretty funny--but we'll break him the news when we're a little more comfortable with each other). It was pretty great.

So many things are happening. I probably left out a ton, but that's basically it!!

I love it here! The mission is great. Exact Obedience brings blessings talaga!

Mahal na mahal ko kayo!!

Love, Sis Alapa

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