Tuesday, April 12, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: Switch Shifts.

Just by the way, I was almost done writing my email....then the whole thing erased...so this is my attempt in trying to write it again...my long email. 
This past week I was SUPER SICK. I wasn't sure what was wrong with me, but I had the worst body pains, head aches, and stomach aches. It was horrible. The Mission nurse thought I may have Dengue Fever so I had to go to the hospital for a blood test. Spoiler: I don't have Dengue(; It was the flu or something like that. 
Anyways, I have a funny story though.
So we were driving on our way to the hospital when Elder Laws (one of the couple missionaries here) tells my comp and I to put our seat belts on (something we're not used to because there is no such thing as seat belts here in the Philippines). So we put on our seat belts, but my poor companion didn't really know how to. So I buckled her in and we laughed. She's from the Province so...yah...
When we got to the hospital, Elder Laws dropped us off in the front so that he could go park the car. Sister Laws and I got out real quick, but as we were about to go I hear my comp say, "WAIT! SISTER! WAIT!" I turned back to the car to find her struggling with all her might to get out of the seat belt!
Man, I laughed so hard...then I watched her struggle  for a little while..then finally went to help her. I taught her how to click the release button and she sighed with relief. 
It's was the funniest thing ever. I love my comp. She's so cute! Haha(:
This week was a great one, even though I had to sit out a couple days because of my sickness, it was still filled with Miracles, Love, and the Spirit. #GeneralConferenceWeekend2016. 
It was a far drive to get to the hospital.  When we finally arrived, it was as if we were entering into a different world! There were so many buildings, and it was clean and beautiful.  It was like a city--in short, it basically looked like America! Yah, I had major deja vu. I remember leaning over to my companion and saying, "Are we still in the Philippines?" and we both continued to look out the window with our jaws dropped. Even the hospital we went to was super High Tech. We had fun. It was cool to kind of enter something different for a short period of time, but we quickly came back to reality as soon as we return...Home Sweet Home(;
It's been pretty crazy here in the Philippines because it's Election Time! There s music blasting different theme songs from people wanting to be President, Mayor, or whatever else the Politics are doing! It's nuts! Very different than how they do things in America, haha! Go Philippines!! Lol.
Of course the whole week I was super excited for General Conference! I truly believe that GC in the Mission is just SOOO MUCH BETTER as a Missionary. It's like we thirst and hunger for the words of our Prophet and Apostles! And DUHH, it was AMAZING! All those that watched or listened to it know!! Loved it all!! #ChoosetheHarderRight #Sustain!
This week I also wanted to fast for many different reasons: the language, our area, my companionship. It hasn't been the easiest these past weeks in our area, but we have not given up hope! Especially being back in a twosome, Sis Gabalfin and I are really setting out to do our best to help this area, instead of always feeling discouraged. 
This weekend the AP's were having a baptism and we made it a goal to have at least one of our investigators come to witness this beautiful ordinance. We visited and invited all our investigators in hopes that they may come. In particular, we invited this young couple that we have been teaching who are actually our "Golden Investigators" here in the Area. Their names are Allan and Emenia (I think I may have mentioned them before) they're young and have just been super receptive to the message. When we extended a baptismal date to both of them a while back, Brother Allan said he basically is Mormon, so why not! They're only problem right now is getting married, which is so expensive right now for them and it's just hard in general to get married here in the Philippines. But they're trying!

 All week I had their faces in my mind and we went to their home to ask them to please come to the baptism later on that week. Brother has work at that time though, but he promised us he will try to switch shifts with someone else for that day cause he really wanted to come and see it. 
We both testified to them of the importance of coming to witness this beautiful thing and that they should definitely see and feel what they are preparing for before they get baptized. 
After the Saturday Session of GC, we rushed over to their home to check if they still remembered the baptism. I was praying so hard in my heart (my comp too) that brother will be there and remember his promise....and guess what?...HE DID! I wanted to cry seeing him there! When we walked in there we cheered with joy to see him sitting waiting and ready to go with his family as well! He told us how he was able to switch shifts with someone else and was ready to go to the baptism! They were so anxious to leave, we went an hour and a half early to the chapel--which of course was locked--but we just hung out in the front of the Mission Office that is just across the street. 
We had so much fun over there with Sister Emenia and their daughter Andy. Brother was really quiet and just in such deep thought. We let him be and just let the spirit do it's thing!(; The AP's came and introduced themselves and had fun with them too! It was great. Finally the baptism was ready to start and I have to say it was simply beautiful. The spirit was definitely present and I KNOW that Emenia and Allan both felt something being there. I hope everything falls through for their wedding. Their excited to go to church again because Emenia has been sick, but Brother told her that they will be going next week! 
Well, miracles do happen. They truly do. 
That's basically the high lights of my week! 
Hope all is well and that everyone's lives are just FILLED WITH THE LIGHT OF CHRIST! This church is true. I know it. 
Mahal ko kayo!!
Love, Sis Alapa

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