Sunday, March 20, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: The HEAT is On. #golden.

 It's. So. Hot. Yan lang. (That's all). 

When we were on our way to go email this morning, I passed by this old, old, like REALLY old Filipino man that was wearing a snap back that said "I LOVE MY HATERS".

Wish I took a picture, but it made me laugh...GO PHILIPPINES!!>.<


It's been a pretty hectic schedule (as usual) these past few weeks, but still keeping on! 

We were able to have an AMAZING Zone Conference this past week! It was fun to join together with half the mission and receive some great counsel form the Mission Couples, our AP's, and of course Pres Tye and Sis Tye! 

It was a great reminder of our purpose here in the mission. Why we even came out here and who we really are doing this for. It made me especially reflect back on why I wanted to serve a mission. I mean, I've always wanted to serve a mission, but I didn't realize how blessed I am to be a missionary now at this time (tamang panohon-right time). They say "Many are called, but few are chosen"--HOW GREAT IS OUR CALLING. A mission is the only time in our entire lifetime that we can dedicate our full selves to our Heavenly Father. To give our all to Him because He gave His all to us. And I know that's what we're trying to remind people here in our mission.  

Everyday, we encounter all different types of people. We meet nice people, busy people, curious people, prepared people--AND MORE! I've notice that here in the mission, we missionaries see with different eyes, view people differently and even treat them differently. We meet people that will change our lives forever and know that the message that we have for them will change their life forever. 

To be honest, it hasn't been the easiest being here in this new area. I'm surrounded by different types of people that live different types of lifestyles than who I served before, but what I realized is that they are all still children of God, they are my brothers and sisters and they need to listen to this message whether they like it or not! Haha, joklang--but foreals too. Hehe. 

We were having a bit of set backs in our companionship--not that we were fighting or anything--we just noticed that we struggled to teach in unity and if you don't teach in unity, there is no spirit, and if there is no spirit--no one is getting converted. So After Zone Conference, we were able to meet with the STL's (Sister Training Leaders) to discuss how we can fix this problem. It was really helpful because we were able to open up and discuss our weaknesses and strengths as a companionship to know how we can better help this area progress. We were willing to take the counsel and had a determination to better help on another out. 

The next day, we were able to teach some of the BEST lessons I have ever taught in the mission--hands down! The spirit was so strong in each lesson as we supported each other in the teaching and FINALLY for the first time, taught with UNITY. 

We have this new investigator named Alex. He's about 50 plus and is actually a Chinese/Filipino man. We always talk to him because he's always hanging around our recent converts house because they are neighbors. We finally were able to sit down and teach him with two other new investigators, but he was our "Golden" one. 

He discussed his desires to know what is true gospel. He explained to us he had grown up Catholic, but he was never truly convinced ever that Catholic was the right church for him. He questioned the way they did things and that began his search for truth. I could tell we were all itching to answer and scream to him "WE HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS TO ALL YOUR QUESTIONS!! THIS IS THE TRUE CHURCH..." and so on, but of course, if we did that, he could probably be scared away. So we did it the best way any missionary could say it, through our testimonies. 

I started it off, with my broken Tagalog, but felt the spirit so much I started to cry. Then companions started to cry...but even the investigators were tearing up too. It was such a powerful experience and we are so excited to answer this "prepared man of God" and introduce him to the truth. He accepted a baptismal date right away! So excited for him and pray for him to continue to grow in desire for truth.

Man, I love the gospel!

Well, if it's okay, I have another funny story. 

Our areas are pretty dangerous for sisters at night time, but "we walk by faith". Anyways, we're serving in an area where the "drug addicts" roam. It's sort of scary, but no worries--I'm like bigger than most of them. #I'mthetalloneinthePhilippines. Anyways, we were leaving on of our areas after teaching some of our investigators there and of course, people have seen us many times there. So when I was walking out, this man comes up to me and has his hand out for me to shake, so I reach out my hand to his and shake it too. Quickly I was able to realize he was higher than LIFE! He gripped my hand tightly and told me how we were teaching one of his daughters. I kept nodding my head and tried to release my hand from his but than he started pulling me closer and closer to him. I started to get scared and I looked for my companions, but one of them was already almost out and the other one that was behind me got scared too and started to walk quickly away from us. I shouted out to her, "Sister! Sister, dito ka! (come here!)" and she looked and walked back to us. She then told the man thank you and I pulled my hand away from him and walked quickly out. 

All is well, all is well. My companions told me to not shake the men's hands in that area. 

There was another time too we were on exchanges with the STL and we start talking to this one man and he looked at me and said, "Do you want to become famous? Your hair is so beautiful. You should become famous..." and he just kept saying that over and over was a bit weird, but the weirdest thing was he started snuffing drugs right in front of us. We quickly walked away from him. 

Well, I wish I can tell you ALL the experiences we were able to have this week, but sadly-- there is no time.

Love this mission. Love this Gospel. LOVE YOU ALL!!

Mahal kita at ingat po kayo palagi!!<3

Love, Sis Alapa

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