Sunday, March 27, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: Back to Carissa!!

I remember this one time we were eating at a Less Active's house with the AP's for her birthday.

There was this white man at the little gathering from Britain or something...and he was really old, but really nice too. He expressed to us how he LOVES the Philippines and how he even married a Filipina.

I told him I was actually from America and not Filipina. He kept complimenting me and my comps on how beautiful we are (it was really creepy to be honest) and finally when we had to leave he took each one of our hands and KISSED IT!

Yah, that was strange. My two comps were shocked and quickly walked away.

Heh. Mission Life.

Magandang umaga (o gabi) sa inyo lahat!!(:

So, here in the Philippines it is HOLY WEEK where everyone reflects on Christ and how after three days, He was resurrected again.

The respect they have for this holiday is pretty amazing. It's so quiet through the whole day because everyone is at church for about 4 days and EVERYTHING IS CLOSED. Like, it sort of looks like Provo on a Sunday.

Kind of wished it was like that everyday.

But, unfortunately, the work was pretty difficult because there was NO ONE HOME!! We walk everyday for three straight hours banging on empty doors. It was pretty sad. I also feel the weather is being relentless!

It's. So. Hot.

Literally feel like I'm burning. It's so funny cause we'd be walking and when we feel like we're burning, we run to a shade of trees and cool off for a second there, and then continue until we burn again. Haha! It's pretty funny.

Oh! A couple weeks ago after District Meeting in Molino, we went over to the Mission Office because it's just across the street to get some material we needed. I had been in Molino for about three weeks by then. I walked into the office and guess who I saw--THE SIMONS! It was so awesome! I just wanted to scream for joy!!>.<

I first went up to Eld Simon who was talking to a bunch of Elders and then he saw me! We started shaking hands and he was so ecstatic to see me. He gave me a firm hand shake for a long time and said "Awww, we can't hug right??" Then he just said, "Come here.." and he gave me a hug! Haha! It's fine, it was a fatherly hug because he really cares for me. Then I saw Sis Simon and she started to cry and gave me a huge long hug<3 I cried too. I really did miss them. They had become my parents in the Mission Field and it was such a sweet meet up. We chatted for a bit and then said "Good bye". I love the Simons!

So, on Friday..we had just finished our Weekly Planning for the upcoming week and then all of a sudden we get a phone call from Pres. Tye. My one comp, Sis Gabalfin came running down the stairs to give me the phone freaking out because she didn't want to answer it. "I'm not that good at English.." she said, so I took the phone.

Pres Tye actually called for me. He said, "Sis Alapa, I was wondering if you'd be willing to go back to Carissa..." I paused and then said, "Uhh, Pres...that's my first area..." He then said, "Oh! No, you'd be in the Punta Branch instead. Sis Sleight (the one who is on crutches because she hurt her foot) needs to rest and we need someone to work with Sis Brown (a Poly)". I was quick to answer "Yes!" but tried to not sound too excited to be going back to my first area!

He told me I would only be there for 5 days because transfer week is this week. I was so excited cause this past week I was really missing my old area!

I had to pack that night to get ready to go the next morning.

So! I'm back! Just in the other branch. Which is okay, cause I basically know that whole branch too!

Sister Sleight updated me on everything that is going on over there. Things have changed, but I was still excited.

When we got to my old apartment, I walked in and out runs my anak (child) Sis Barrameda! We ran to each other and gave the hugest hug to one another. She immediately started to cry. It was so good to see her. We missed each other so much! She wouldn't let me go!

Feels good to be back.

I was able to go out and work with Sis Brown and it's been pretty great. She's from Atlanta Georgia and is Samoan. She's so sweet and fun!

On Sunday, I could barely wait to get to church to see everyone. The previous day I was able to see some of my palengke (I don't know what this means in English/:) friends who were so excited and shocked!

I came to church and every single person from Carissa Branch started to freak out and run to me to give me a hug. they thought I was back to stay, but I explained to them how I was only there temporarily.

I really miss these people. They all expressed how they miss me so much. Especially Tatay Gerraga. He's the father of our Branch Pres and is so old. He was so cute, he came up to me and said, "Sis Alapa...I miss you bery, bery muts!" Haha. He's so cute. I took some pics with those I could. Love these people so much! I was with them for about 6 months! Haha!

Well, amazing things are happening! Loving every moment here.

Happy Easter too! We had an FHE with the Simon's last night and it was so spiritual as we reflected back on the sacrifice of the Savior. What Jesus Christ did for us was purely out of love, a love we must pass on! I am forever grateful for my Savior. I know He LIVES! Many people think of him as just a spirit or a figment of an imagination--but we know He LIVES! He is real. He has a body of flesh and bone and he is resurrected! May we all take that sacred time to put the cellphone down, turn the TV off, and gather as a family to remember Christ, our Savior and Redeemer.

I know this church is true. I have the best calling in the world!

I love you all. Thanks for all the support!

Keep on keeping on(;

Love, Sis Alapa

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