Sunday, February 21, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: Transfer Week (:

#SaPilipinasBound: Transfer Week(: 


Super nervous. But ready for change. Ahhh!

I will be in a threesome we'll see how that goes/: Wish me luck!


This week was alright. With Transfer Day drawing near, it's been pretty hectic. 

I had a vibe I would be transferring too, so I am not ashamed to say, that I am fully packed already. Haha. 

So, the theme for my companion as a companionship is "Don't Be Shy". We both are sort of shy types in different ways: she's super quiet and shy around people and I kind of am shy to OYM (OPEN YOUR MOUTH--talk to anyone). This past week we were both able to do our fears. I noticed miracles happen when we open our mouths and are not afraid to share the message that is so precious. So I did! I was really able to speak and teach for the first time by myself! Yay! And for my kasama, her big fear that she wanted to get over is singing in front of people. Of course she was going to have to do a duet with me, all my kasama's do. We worked really hard on "My Hands are the Lords Hands" for the FHE we had at the beginning of the week. She kept telling me how she really didn't want to do it and she literally felt sick to her stomach. But I knew she could. I gave the handy dandy theatre tips I have received, told her personal stories, and made her PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!! She finally was able to just agree to do it, but she was still scared. I then told her to really think about the message she was singing about. Our theme for the mission is: Our hands are the Lord's hands here upon the earth, with a mandate to serve and to lift His children, He is dependent upon each of us. I knew she took that to heart as we got ready to sing at the FHE and she did wonderfully! I was so proud of her and told her to keep singing in front of people until it's not scary any more.

Luckily this week we were able to have two more experiences to sing for people here. Man, I love music(;

The sisters asked us to accompany them in a song for their baptism. So we made up a little medley for the baptism (I Feel My Savior's Love & When I Am Baptized). We worked on it really hard and came up with a cute arrangement. 

We were at the baptism and it was our turn to sing and it was going pretty well. Until the end...I'm not quite sure all that happened cause I was on Performance Mode, but all of a sudden Sis Barrameda and Sis Talataiga started laughing hysterically! Sis Sleight and I were able to keep it together and finish the song. Oh well): They tried. Still not sure what was funny, but it doesn't just end right there.

The next day we had to sing for the little boy that we have been teaching's baptism too...the one who is super naughty and didn't need the missionaries to teach him--yah, HIM. So I invited the other sisters to have another shot at redemption at our Baptism. It was a pretty stressful day to begin with (like every Sunday here because everybody needs something from the Missionaries) but anyway, we were able to get the Baptism part settled. Finally it was our turn to sing. It started off well...normal...and then the part at the end came again--and AGAIN the laughing started! But this time it was Sis Sleight! She had the giggles when she was singing her little line and then was embarrassed so she just looked down and giggled the whole time. She then pinched her kasama's muli (butt) so hard because of how embarrassed she was of the incident which made Sis Talataiga laugh too...and of course my little kasama can't help it, so she started laughing as well. The people's faces were the winner though as they watched all three of these sisters giggling hysterically during our Musical Number as I carried it out as a solo....never fourth walled so hard IN MY LIFE! #theatreskills #fired #Fail.

Oh well, that's Mission Life! Haha. 

Other than that, it's been a pretty great week with our investigators and with finding more to teach! It's always an awesome experience to find those that the Lord has prepared for us(:

Can't believe I'm finally leaving Carissa. Bitter sweet though really. I'm in a really nice apartment with really nice people and it's going to be a big change for me. Gotta get prepped!

Well, mahal kita and all that stuff(:

Love, Sis Alapa

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