Monday, February 8, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: SELFIES, SUCCESS, & Self-Pity(;

Sooo....had a water balloon fight at one of the Sisters apartments this morning.

It was pretty fun(:

And MacDo here (McDonalds) is THE SELFIE KINGDOM here. People have NO shame, it's hilarious. #modelstatus.

Hola! (Idk.) Haha!

Nothing too crazy or hectic happened this week.

This week was "Flirt Week" here in our area. I don't know if it has to do with Valentines Day right around the corner, but there have been some really creepy incidents with the guys here. #SisterMissionaryProbs. It's pretty hilarious though.

We found some really great investigators though! We received a referral for a family that we started teaching last week who were former investigators a long time ago. So that's great. Then we found some couples who are family and one of the couples even came to church! They are so great, I forgot to take a pic with them when they came to church though.

I was also able to teach the lesson for our District meeting this week. The topic I was given was about being a Successful Missionary. I prayed and worked very hard on the lesson, I actually really love teaching District or Zone Meeting. Anways, I came up with an acronym for the word "SUCCESS". We started with a game, testing their knowledge of PMG which I am proud to say they all did very well in and then I gave each of them a word that I asked them to relate to being a successful missionary. It goes like this:


I didn't tell them that it combines to spell out "success", but each person in my district gave really beautiful answers. We decided that a Successful Missionary isn't based on how many baptisms they had, but about how hard they worked to bring souls unto Christ. When you can go to sleep at night, totally exhausted and say in your prayers to Heavenly Father, "Yes, I did my very best today!". That is success.

OMG, aside from that, there's this 9 year old boy we were asked to teach. His mom asked us because he is SO NAUGHTY and she wants him to be baptized, but he doesn't really understand the gospel. They're active in the church, he just is so makulit (naughty) he hasn't been able to be baptized. I have to be honest, when she asked us, my kasama and I looked at each other in pity. It's been a great stretch of PATIENCE, LONG SUFFERING, AND UNDERSTANDING to teach this little rascal! He's really smart though. He just has the attention span of a peanut. Which means "none". Lol. Pray for us...and him. He should be getting baptized next week.

Anwyays, that's pretty much it!


Ingat palagi(;

Love, Sis Alapa

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