Monday, February 15, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: Member Present

That awkward moment when you find out that investigator you are teaching is actually 8 years old...not 9....#ChildOfRecord=NoBaptismforUs.

We just found out that that little naughty "9 year old" we've been teaching for about a month now is actually 8 years old and his mom just didn't know how old he was. Which means, since his family is all members, he's a child of record and didn't need to be taught by the missionaries.

Patay (dangit).

My kasama and I were laughing because we feel like we have exerted so much energy with this little...child of God...but we didn't need to, and aren't suppose to. Oh well, the kid is getting baptized on Sunday and he's basically done with all the lessons #NoEffortIsWaisted. Lol. Pray for us...


May all your days continue to be filled with CHARITY, the PURE LOVE OF CHRIST.

This week was the best, I gotta say!

Started with something called "Super Scrub", in which we deep clean the sister's in our Zone's apartment. Service: It's what we Missionaries do! Haha.

We also had Zone Meeting at the Simon's apartment which was way fun! Zone meetings are the BEST!

And basically this whole week my kasama and I had the wonderful opportunity to work with a Member, Sis Mae Anne Borja! She is so wonderful! She just got her mission call to...*drum roll please*...PHILIPPINES LEGASPI MISSION!! I was so excited to hear that and told her ALL ABOUT ELDER BROWN. I'll write him a letter before she sets out to the MTC. So excited for her.

It was the first time for me to go on Splits with a member and I LOVED IT!!

Work with the Missionaries if you have a chance. I didn't understand how important it is to do this. It's so great and really we are all missionaries, nametag or not...WE SERVE!

Now, I have to just go on about some of our "Golden Investigators". Literally, these people that I meet are who make the mission the GREATEST.

We received a referral from our Branch President's wife for a family, the Marcial Family. They actually had been taught only a couple times in a different place and then moved here. The wife, Joy Marcial, had actually been looking for the Mormon Church ever since they got here. They're a young family, two kids and them. SISTER JOY IS SO GOLDEN. Her husband is a bit shy, but he's just as Golden too. Teaching her has been the BEST and we can all see how prepared she is to receive the gospel! She only wants what's best for her family and has told us time and again, she knows that as she centers her life on the Lord, all her struggles and burdens will be made light. So that's something she really admires and loves about our church, that we have answers to her many questions and ways for the hopeless to find hope once more. It's been such a beautiful process seeing this family grow together in unity. We extended a baptismal date to sister and she said "Yes" without even allowing us finish the invitation! She's so prepared and so ready. They all came as a family on Sunday. Wow, miracles do happen.

Next, we have this couple Arnel and Edisa Hapin that we actually found when we were with Sis Talataiga through OYM (Finding time--Open Your Mouth). They are the SWEETEST PEOPLE EVERR and we just really hit it off with them right from the start. They sell this dessert thing called Halo Halo which is so delicious and these pancake things, so we ate there one day and now we're all the bestest of friends! We were able to teach them and they came to church after just one lesson! They LOVED coming to church and came again this past Sunday. They're stories are so sad, but to make a long story short--they are prepared people of the Lord. Sis Edisa will be going abroad to Saudi Arabia tomorrow and yesterday we had our last lesson with her to introduce her to the BOM. We gave her one, after she expressed interest in reading it, even though it's not allowed there. She said she is going to hide it in her check in bag because Sis Simon had promised her that through reading that book, truths will be made known to her. We all seconded that testimony by promising her MORE. That through reading this book, questions can be answered for any problem she may be going through. They both were captured at that thought and are both so anxious and willing to read it. We invited her to give the closing prayer (and she always says no), but this time she said Yes. She gave such a powerful prayer, that came from her heart. She cried and her husband cried too. And can't imagine these two being separated, but Brother Arnel is still willing to take the lessons from us even though his wife is leaving to go abroad for two years. This will be hard for them, but they have GREAT faith.

I am overwhelmed by how great this week was!

My companion and I discussed our efforts in STRIVING to do our best in all things. Being exact obedience, working on not being shy, all of that stuff...but STRIVING. She said something I liked a lot though: STRIVING is better than TRYING, but DOING is what get's His work DONE. Beautiful right? And so true. We put our ALL this past week because of the reoccurring heart breaks, and we will continue to DO our best! Transfer Day is drawing near, so I don't think I'll be staying in this area for any longer...which saddens me because I've just met these amazing people! But like they say, leave your area better than you found it.

May we all DO something great today!

Happy Valentines Day!

Ofa atu. Mahal ko kayo. LAHAT!

Love, Sis Alapa

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