Monday, February 1, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: CAST OUT DOUBT

What. A. Week. #PagotAko.


Well, started off the week with a BANG! Sis Sleight (American, lives in the same apartment as me) slipped from exiting a Jeepney and hurt her ankle real bad from the landing. She now has a cast and was told she cannot go out to work this whole week. Bummer right?

So, unfortunately this is not only a challenge for her, but for us as well. All week we had to schedule who will be staying home with her and who would be going out with Sis Talataiga (her companion). It took a bit of planning and rearranging, but we were able to get work done! Kinda funny because we switched off taking turns "Missionary-sitting". Haha. We are working half the day in our area and the other half in theirs. Though it was tiring, it was really enjoyable too! We were able to meet some really neat people and also had fun working with Sis T!

Other than that, here's some updates!

I wish I remember to knock on wood every time I write about something good happening.

This week we visited Anne and Corazon. Both these Golden people that we found are starting to not do so well anymore. Which is so hard to see, but it's true. Pretty rough week with them.

We went to visit Anne this week to check how she's doing with her sickness and everything. We could tell she was in so much pain and looked so helpless. We tried to talk to her and help her, but we could still tell she wasn't all there. We asked her to say the opening prayer and she just balled the whole time. We thanked her for her beautiful pleading prayer to our Heavenly Father. She started telling us how everything has just been super hard for her lately with the pain of her sickness increasing. She continued to cry as we let her vent to us. Our lesson for her that day was going to be about the 10 Commandments, but we quickly changed it to the Priesthood with extra emphasis on Blessings for the Sick. We shared with her a scripture how through faith if we ask Heavenly Father for help, truly believing He will help us through out trials, we will help us. We promised that to her and asked her if she would like a Priesthood Blessing. This is actually not allowed to do. But my kasama and I felt strongly that it was appropriate to ask her if she would be willing. We explained to her that it only works through faith though. She was very reluctant and told us she doesn't have that faith we told her about. She then said she's still not sure if what we have told her is true yet. All of these doubts she just started spurting out at us when she has been doing so well. You should have seen the look on our face. We both testified to her how we know that all that we've testified to her is true, and that is wasn't just wasted time. I've never felt so eager for someone to just get it! It was a bit frustrating, but we left her with an invitation to pray...again...and to really listen to what the spirit will testify to her. We told her she needs to do so with faith. She took the invitation and we left. We walked out of that lesson pretty bummed, but we are still keeping the faith and praying for a miracle.

We also visited Sis Corazon and Catherine this week. We only got to visit them once and they both were freaking out, wondering why it's been so long. We apologized and explained the "sleight" situation we were having that week. They understood, they just said they missed us a ton! That night we talked about the Law of Chastity because Sis is not married to her husband (and they've been with each other for about 28 years now) and is a bit into gossip. It was a bit of an awkward lesson, but Sis looked like she understood and was willing to make those changes. We told her how she won't be able to get baptized if she doesn't marry her husband. But unfortunately it's not easy to get married in the Philippines. It's a long story, but it would take a while for them. Hopefully we can at least get Cat. We invited them to church too and they promised us, even pinky promised us, they would be there.

The next day was Sunday and we waited, and waited, and WAITED for them to come. They never did. My heart breaks every time that happens. #MissionaryHeartBreak.

I thought of a very fitting quote to name this week: "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.". So true huh? Unfortunately these individual souls that the Lord has prepared for us are so precious, we know that Satan is working a hundred times harder on them to get them not baptized. It's been a week full of doubts and worries, but one thing is for sure, my kasama and I are striving to keep the FAITH. That's something that is just so important for us all to have. Faith is precious and sometimes isn't the easiest thing to get a hold of...but once we have it HOLD IT TIGHT and NEVER LET IT GO.

Yes, this week was one of "those" weeks...but also it was a week full of miracles.

I know as we continue to KEEP THE FAITH and CAST OUT DOUBT--impossible things can become POSSIBLE. I know it, because I've seen it. Countless times. And I love it.

#dramatic. Still can't control the drama kid inside of me(;

Anyways, literally dying over here from listening to Chalyse's video!! OMG, I'm glad I wasn't like that when I was high. LOL.

GOOD LUCK TO WOODS CROSS DRAMA PUTTING ON "THE WIZ". Oh how I wish I could be there watching you ALL! Get it Brookie, I know you can do it. Believe in yourself and you will make MAGIC on that stage. Kaya ninyo!!!

Mahal kita.

-Sis Alapa

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