Tuesday, January 5, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM && KUMUSTA 2016

Yesterday was my first-hand encounter with a drunk man. 

We were teaching one of our investigators the other day, and it was pretty late, about 7 Pm and it gets really dark  around 6...so it was late. 

Anyways, we were teaching her and her daughter was feeling the spirit until all of a sudden this drunk-out-of-his-mind man comes walking up the stairs saying a bunch of things that were pretty inaudible. 

Sis Corazon (our investigator) then looks to us nervously and said, "This is my husband. He's drunk right now!". He then wobbled over to us and sort of leaned on his daughter and stared at us. 

I was a little nervous and scared by now. 

Sis Corazon then told him how I'm from America. He then started to speak English to me (well, broken English...yah.)

His words were slurred, but I was able to pick up what he was trying to say. 

He kept talking about how drunk he was, and how handsome he was, and how beautiful I am. I don't know what he was talking about because I was looking pretty haggard, but then again #drunk. 

It was one of the most hilarious encounters on my mission thus far. Thank you. 


Can you believe it? It's 2016 already. Wow,  time does fly by so fast(:

So, on Tuesday we got to go and carol as a Zone to a nearby hospital...even though Christmas was over, everyone still says, "Merry Christmas!" and sings/plays Christmas music. It's crazy. 

We also went with the Simon's and we jeepney'd over to the hospital.

Before we even got to perform, a bunch of little kids and teens all came to perform first. They had all kinds of instruments and were dressed in many colors. They introduced themselves and began their performance. 


They had choreo, transitions, instruments, and MORE! 

We stood around  with our mouths wide open!

These guys were INCREDIBLE  and did a medley of Christmas songs that are played everyday here! It was awesome!!!!

After they were done, I looked at everyone and said, "How are we suppose to beat that with "Away in a Manger!?'". I wanted to leave. BUT, we sang anyways. 

We didn't really have as big of a crowd (no one really), but at least we got it done (:

Afterwards a sister treated all of us to some yummy burgers which made me feel a whole lot better (:

ON Wednesday we had Follow Up Training for us Trainers and our Trainees. It was fun, very insightful and gave my anak and I a boost and desire to do better! 

For us Missionaries, we are not allowed to go proselyting past 6 pm, so we had to hurry on New Years Eve and visit all the families that we needed to visit. We had a lot of dinner appointments (we literally have eaten so much these past few days, but no worries I'm being diligent in my exercise every morning) then we started heading home to get ready for our New Years Eve party as a District at the Simons! We were able to have an activity because we all got 100% in our apartment inspection (it's when the couple missionary come and check our apartment to make sure it's clean and in order...i have never scrub toilet so hard in my life, So hats off to my sister Brookie for always cleaning our bathroom). So you can see, we were so pumped for our activity which we have been planning and looking forward to.

We were able to watch BIGHERO6 (I have never seen that movie before) AND we ate MORE FOOD!! Sis Simon made a lot of Pizza and we had so much snacks! If she only knew we had about 2 dinner appointments previously. I was STUFFED!!

We did a District count down around 9 pm because our curfew was at 10:30 pm. I think you guys may have seen it on Sis Simon's FB?? She said you commented on it. 

We had more dinner appointments the next day.

And the day after that...

Gotta love the Holidays<3

Anyways, there's a little update for ya!(;

I'm having the time of my life here. It's been great!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Love you and miss you everyday! Thanks for always being my #1 supporter (alongside dad). You are my inspiration and what keeps me going daily! LOVE YOU, hope dad made some breakfast and the girls and Fotu made it special. Or go eat some Leatherby's that's fun too. 

MAHAL KITA. Til next time(:

-Sis Alapa

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