Monday, January 11, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: Balik siya dito!! (He's back!)

#SaPilipinasBound: Balik siya dito!! (He's back!)

I've had the worst stomach ache all that's fun. 


I have to be super quick for this one. 

This week started out pretty rough. I got sick. I have never felt so tired in my life--BUT we were able to have some FANTASTIC lessons as well(:

So this week a member asked to come work with us. 

I was sort of shocked that she asked us because...I thought she didn't really like me. Or any of us missionaries. Well, I guess not that she doesn't like us, she just never smiles and talks to harshly. 

I have to be honest, but I was pretty worried to work with her. I thought it'd be awkward, which it was at times, but it turned out to be okay.

We started teaching her younger boy who is SOBRANG MAKULIT (Soooo NAUGHTY!!) Ughh, it's so hard to teach him, but it's fine. We'll get through it. 

They actually as a family miss the Missionaries over, so it was nice we got to teach them. One of her sons came to us at church and asked when we will come back. So cute!

My comp and I found 13 new investigators this week. It was a great week for us!


Gosh, it was so good to see him!! 

It's been so long. We actually visited him with the sister there too. He updated us on all that's been going on and now he's back!

We asked him how was Christmas and New Years. He said it was pretty hard because a lot of his friends and family were drinking, but he told us he did not join that even though they kept egging him to join them. He stood strong. Until on New Years his uncle made him drink just a little bit of Red Wine. But that's it he said. 

He even said he went to church with his family too! He loved it! 

He then told us about his New Years Resolution and how this years he really wants to be different than the person he was last year. For himself and his family. I love this man's change of heart from a drunkard/bad boy to man with a goal in mind! We extended his Baptismal Date! Hopefully he'll be able to follow through this time (It's our third time extending):) He has a surgery for his injuries coming up, so hopefully he can still come to church. He came to church yesterday! So happy to see him there with his mother and two little girls<3 #walkingmiracle. 

Also when we visited him, he told the sister that was working with us how us missionaries saved him when no one wanted to help him. He's forever grateful for that miracle. 

Gosh, life is great. Missions are great and I am so happy!

Let go and let God! -Sis Simons

Til next time(:

Mahal kita talega. 

-Sis Alapa

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