Monday, December 14, 2015

#SaPilipinasBound: OYM (OPEN YOUR MOUTH)

We were helping out this one family in Phase 5 (one of my fave families) who are also our investigators with separating plastic from paper (don't ask, it's sort of complicated).

Anyways, we were just chatting with the mom as we helped and then all of a sudden she told me about how her little baby named Angel hasn't been baptized (they're a religion called "Born Again") and they baptize the babies.

She then asked me to be her daughters God Mother.

I unfortunately have not studied "God Mother" in my Language Study and had no idea this is what she just asked me. Yah, so I just sat there nodding my head like I understood her. But I didn't. I then looked to my comp and said, "What?!" and she translated for me.

I then turned back to the woman and said, "Umm...I don't know if missionaries are allowed to be God Mothers. Sooo..."

And that's about it. Haha.


This week was Sis Barrameda's and I's first official week as a companionship. I asked my anak (child) what she really wanted to try as a Brand New Companion. She's what they call "Shy-Type", as in SUPER SHY. So one thing she's been trying to get over is her shyness. So our challenge as a companionship was to OYM (Open Your Mouth) this whole week.

Now, I'm not the best at this--but I hope that we would BOTH be able to accept this challenge to find new investigators!

After emailing last Monday, we headed to Trece (the city) to go grocery shopping as usual. I've been shopping at this store for quite some time now that I swear the workers just know us missionaries. It's called Waltermart (like a different version of "Walmart"--yah, it's weird.)

Anyways, this lady came up to me (a worker) and asked if I needed any help (in Tagalog at first...they think I'm Filipina here....idk why! Lol). I then turned to her and said, "I'm just looking"--in English, cause I didn't know how to say it in Tagalog. The woman looked up at me so fast and backed away as if she had seen a ghost. She started apologizing to me immediately and asked if I was American. I reluctantly turned to her and said, "Yes, yes I am."

I kind of hate speaking in English outside the apartment cause people always stare or ask questions if I do. It's rare to see a brown-skin person speaking English. They call it "nose bleed" if you speak English at all. It's kind of annoying...but oh well!

Back to the story. The woman started asking me so many questions, and finally I just told her that I'm a Missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or better known as "Mormons" (All in Tagalog this time). My comp and I were able to answer a TON of her questions and she was very sweet to us. She opened up a lot to us just by standing there in the aisle. She told us about her family and how she's a working mother.

It was nice to chat with her and she was so curious about our religion. I felt prompted to give her one of our pass along card that we keep in our bags, but then I got scared and didn't. When we had to walk away from her, I told my comp what I wanted to do and she asked why I didn't.

We were at the check out line and after I was done getting all my things payed for, I looked up and saw the woman from afar staring at me and smiling. I waved at her and she waved back excitingly. I then told my comp to wait for me while I ran to the woman with the pass along card (Which was the Articles of Faith in Tagalog) and had our info on it as well. I told her I would like to give her this to research a little more about what we're about. She thanked me and smiled.

I came back to my comp feeling so happy that I was able to give her that. It may have been small, but I knew that if I didn't do it, I would have regretted it.

That wasn't the only time we were able to find and OYM people this week.

We were visiting one of our Less Active members one day, Sister Rono. We love going to her house because she always buys us soda and doughnuts(: Yes, it's very masarap! When we were visiting her, she had her sister there as well. Her sister isn't a member, but came with Sister Rono one Sunday. Her son is a member though, but also Less Active too.

Anyways, she decided to sit in the lesson as well, which we were super excited about. We had planned to share a specific scripture with her, but felt prompted to switch it with the presence of this sister now. We felt prompted to focus our lesson more on Families.

Before we shared, I asked them to share with us one important thing their parents taught them when they were younger growing up. Both the women shared about how their parents always taught them the importance of family.

We shared with them the scripture in 3 Nephi 18: 20-21 about the importance of praying with your family. For a family that PRAYS together, STAYS together<3

My comp and I both testified of the power of prayer, but not only by ourselves, but in our families. As we shared our own personal experiences and bore testimony, we noticed Sister Rono's sister crying really hard. Sister Rono looked at us to just continue and ignore her. We finished with our testimonies and Sister Rono asked her sister to give the closing prayer. The sister was hesitant at first, and then accepted the invitation to give the prayer. When she said the prayer, she gave a beautiful prayer about families and forgiveness.

We later found out that this sister had been struggling with other demons in her life and Sister Rono was very thankful for our message, that it was perfect and just what her sister needed.

As Missionaries, it's so important for us to be intune with the spirit so that we know what to teach. There's a skill we exercise called "Teaching to Needs" for if you don't know the needs of the people you teach, it's like a doctor giving medicine to a patient that doesn't even have that sickness that the medicine can cure. We have to have the spirit to guide our thoughts, words, and actions each and every day.

The Sister was heading back to her home the next day and wanted to give us her information so the missionaries can teach her and her mom back at their home.

Okay. One more story.

Let's talk hair.

So, here in the Philippines, all the girls have long STRAIGHT black hair. So yes, I stick out like a sore thumb with my bush whack. ANYWAYS! It actually was a blessing for one of our finding times this past week.

We were trying to find new investigators in one of our areas and we went a very different route. We saw this girl and was almost going to pass by her, but she looked like she wanted to talk to us--so we talked to her(:

She was actually excited to talk to us and said she has heard of Mormons. She then said she knows me and has seen me before. I asked her how and when! She said she saw me at Waltermart one time. That her boyfriend had pointed at my hair and she would never forget because she hadn't seen anything like it. LoL. Moded. Joklang! It's how they can remember me! Anyways, she is excited for us to teach her. Yay! Thank you hair!!!>.<

Well, my time is up!!

Everyone looked so beautiful at the dance! Looks way fun!


Mahal kita. MUAH!!

-Sis Alapa

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