Sunday, December 6, 2015

#SaPilipinasBound: Nanay Alapa (I'm a Trainer Now)

It was very hard to say Goodbye to everyone when Sis Abasanta got the call she would be transferring.

We visited some of our favorite areas and people to take pics and say farewell. It was so hard, especially saying good bye to our "mga anak", the children in Phase 5.

They refused to let us go as we walked out of their Phase.

They kept hanging on to us and kissing our cheeks and talking all at the same time. When we were getting in to the trike, they continued to hang on to our arms and saying, "We LOVE YOU!"

Sister Abasanta broke down when we left and told me it was the first time she ever cried from leaving an area and she leaves in February. Each one of these kids have left an imprint in her heart, and her in theirs.


When transfer day came, I felt like I was really preparing myself to be a Nanay. I cleaned the house, made sure everything was in it's proper place and even took time to straighten my hair! Yah, I care. Lol.

We had to leave super early, but happy enough that the couples took us. Yess, no hot jeepney, trike, or bus...for that morning only.

My stomach was hurting on our drive there. I was really nervous, but sort of excited at the same time.

I knew most of the Sisters in my batch were training, so we were excited to see them.

We waited a long time and the mission office filled with TONS OF MISSIONARIES! It was fun to see everyone, but we were definitely eager to see who our new comps would be.

It was hard to let my comp that I loved so much go. But I know she will go and bless many lives in her new area as an STL!

When it was finally time for the big presentation when Nanay meets anak or Tatay meets anak--you could just feel the intensity in the air! Our President has the trainees go up and read who their trainers would be off the paper and then they join together in a hug and pic!

Sister Swanson, Sis Thomas, and I sat there just itching to see who are comps would be!

I was the first to get my anak. She's this tiny little girl, very timid and shy, and a FILIPINA! I showed my excitement, cause I was--for now i knew who my comp was! We joined together and it was actually a very happy moment for us. We sat and watched everyone else get their comps. It was pretty awesome.

So yup, I have an anak. Her name is Sister Barrameda. She actually speaks a different dialect called Bisaya, so she's still learning Tagalog like me. But she basically knows it. Just a few words she gets mixed up with sometimes.

Our first day together went really well, we had many lessons and even taught a new investigator that Sis Abasanta and I have been TRYING to teach for a long time!

She's such a sweet spirit. Super shy and still working on getting out of her shell, but has a very strong testimony and excitement to work. I call her a "woman of few words". Very different from my last comp who could talk! Haha. It's funny the different personalities you meet here, but also a great experience too!

We're trying to visit Bro Leo, but he's busy now. He apologized to us for not coming to church. He's trying really hard, but at the same time he's trying to file the report on that incident.

We'll keep praying for him to come too and have faith!

We have two little girls, Ella Padua and Crissan Diquet who are SO READY for baptism--but there's all this stuff we have to do before we can baptize them because they're under the age of 17. We'll figure it out.

So good to hear all that's happening back home!

Wish I could write more, but my time is far spent(; Lol.

The Christmas Caroling has started, so that's cool...kind of. #tonedeaf.


-Sis Alapa

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