Sunday, November 8, 2015

FHE >3

Well, I have an ear infection. Yup, it hurts a ton--but it's okay cause I'm ALIVE. Aaaannnndd, worse things could happen right?(; Haha.


Just want to let you all know, this mission is THE BOMB! I love it here. Literally. Wow.

We started the week off with a dinner at Sis Armonia's house! Sis Armonia is super rich and a member as well! She made the apartments we live in specifically for us missionaries. She's an older woman, but she acts young. My whole District and even our Mission Couple in our area all got to go. We got to take some sweet pics in her resort behind her house too which was pretty sweet. She's unfortunately our Less Active that Sis Abs and I teach--but she's also our fave! She's so kind and we had a blast being at her house and eating a huge dinner!

UGHH....THE FOOD HERE IS SOOOOOO GOOD!! Really. If any of you have the chance to eat Isaw (chicken intestines) EAT IT. It's my fave. And everything they make here is just so tasty....Mmmm, love it!

On Tuesday, Sis Abs and I woke up early for CSP (Community Service Project) for one of our Less Actives. We washed SO MUCH the hot sun. Yah, it was very long and tiring, but we got the work done. The woman was so thankful for our help too. It's rare to find ways to serve people here because there's a saying here that if you live in the house, only YOU can do the chores--so every time we offer our help, they usually reject our offer. But I'm glad this woman excepted us. She was surprised that we even came! It was fun though. But my body was so sore after for bending over a tub for so long. Lol. All is well though!

We had a FHE at that same woman's house afterwards and we had three new investigators come! So that was fun. We were celebrating her birthday too--so we all had a blast being there and could definitely feel the spirit!

We also had another FHE at Bro Leo's house (the guy with the accident). We love going to his house. He's progressing really well and learning so much! The only downfall is that he hasn't come to church yet because his face (it's pretty battered from the accident) but hopefully we'll get him in there sometime! His two little daughters are so cute too and love us coming over! They sure do love their father.

And lastly, we had an FHE at the Simon's last night! We love having these little gatherings together with them. They make us feel at home and like a real family. Sis Abs and I were asked to prepare a musical number (she sings too) and we sang a song called "An Angel to Watch Over Me". It's about mothers and I told a little bit about why we chose the song.

Lately we've been teaching a TON of mothers. We have an LA who is pregnant, an LA who has many little children, and an LA who is a grandma. A common message we share with all these mothers is about being that shining example for their kids. For their kids watch their every move and decision they make. It's true and both Sis Abs and I were grateful that we had mothers that were that beautiful example for us to follow and who kept strong and faithful in helping us prepare to serve a mission. This is applicable to fathers too, for it's the example of parents that will truly inspire a child's life.

So thank you my lovely parents! Families has been a very common topic in our studies this week as we're teaching many parents. Families are very important to people here and we know that's it's only through this gospel that they can all be together forever. How sweet it is to know that! I haven't sang "Families Are Forever" so much in my life, but it's true: Families can be together forever, through Heavenly Father's plan.

I am so grateful for all these little experiences that I have daily. It's wonderful! Oh, and I also finished the BOM today (; Yesss. I love it. My testimony of it has grown so much! What amazing examples that we can read and learn from if we just open the scriptures. THIS IS A GUIDE FOR OUR LIVES NOW!! I know this is true.

Well, I hope everyone is getting prepped for THE WIZ! So stoked for WX to kill it once again(; Good luck Sis, you're going to be an INCREDIBLE Dorothy. Don't be shy, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. There's a reason you got this part, so work hard and SEIZE THE MOMENT. Always.


Please send me more pics and vids. Thanks(;


Deasia, thank you for writing me--KAYA NINYO! You can get that 4.0.

TT--I read your letters to me the other day and yours are definitely the funniest>.<

Fotu, I miss you little bro. Take care and always be you<3

LOVE YOU MY FAMILY. THIS WEEK IT'S HIT ME HOW LUCKY I AM TO BE AN ALAPA<3 Love and miss you all soooo much, but I ain't trunky(; haha!

Mahal kita && INGAT PO KAYO!!<3

-Sis Alapa

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