Tuesday, November 17, 2015

#SaPilipinasBound: Phase 5

Sooo, this morning I got SUPER MODED. I'm cracking up as I'm writing this, Lol.

I was washing my clothes (by hand) this morning and we have this sort of wash area and there's these faucets where we get our water (duhh) and it was leaking! So, naturally, I went to tighten it and as I did so it came off and the water HIT MY FACE SO HARD! You know the movies that the person is being hit with a hose and they get pushed back so far?? Yah, That was me this morning!! It went in my mouth and I was soaked!!

I tried to screw it back, but the water pressure was so strong it just kept getting me even more soaked and moded. LOL!! I started screaming for my companion and she came like, "WHAT--WHAT HAPPENED?!" Then she started laughing at me. Long story short--I was able to just force the faucet thingy back on and stop the water....but unfortunately I was SOAKED and I just straightened my hair YESTERDAY. The struggle is still real. Hehe. #TanaProbs.

BASTA! Oh well, I'm getting teased by my whole District for it, but WALANG KUNG PAKI ALAM (I don't care)--I'm human(; And it's a funny story for the journal(; Lol.


Another week down in the mission!! Wow, CHRISTMAS IS HERE!! So many decorations and people setting up for the big holiday that's coming and coming FAST!!

This week was actually a pretty AMAZING week! We had Zone Meeting which is always a blast to meet with all the other missionaries and have fun together. Then the next day, had my first interview with our Mission President which was so awesome!! He's definitely the best!! And his wife!

There's a group of rebellious Missionaries in our Mission that are having an uprising against our President which is way sad though. They wear huge bandaids on their name tags and try to put Pres Tye down which is so sad. WE call them the disobedient missionaries, but poor President. Keep him in your prayers!

Wow! Always so good to hear all that's been going on at home! It's snowing(: I'm gonna have a really HOT Christmas this year, like everyday--I sweat so much, ughh...ratchet. Lol.

So this week, we've been having big success with Bro Leo! He is denfintely our "Golden Investigator". Wow, to think back to how we found him (when he was dying) to now is an incredible sight! Can't believe the change this man is going through and he even came to church for the first time yesterday and he's getting prepped for his baptism!! Yaya!!!! So excited for December, hopefully I stay here...[:

I. Love. My. Comp. We are happy 24/7 and are working hard to help the people in our areas!!

WE have this area which we LOVE because it's so small and right when we come, EVERYONE knows us! They all say "Hi Sisters!" even if we have never talked or seen them ever! So friendly! So much love even if they aren't members!

We have a few investigators in this area and have taken some of them to church. But we teach a lot of little children here. They are IN LOVE with us! Haha! It fills me with such joy to be able to see all of these cute little kids who can't let us go when hey hug us! Yesterday was awesome because my companion and I got ATTACKED by 20+ kids in a huge group hug! It was awesome, best feeling ever!

They're all learning so much about the gospel though. Love this work!

These kids are so happy, even though they live in such a poor environment, they are HAPPY. Always. I love it. It makes you really think back to all that you have and how blessed we are. Yet we have moments in which we complain and feel that we have nothing when NO, we are blessed with EVERYTHING!

We took three little girls to 7/11 the other day and they were freaking out saying "Wow, this is my first time in 7/11!" and we got them icecream and candy. They were overjoyed and so grateful.

I have a scripture case that Sis Picar made me and I put pictures of my family on it and every lesson, people always ask me about my family and these little girls saw these pics and told me how lucky I am to have a pic of my whole family together. So yesterday we took pics of their whole family and are going to print them off today to give to them.

They wanted something as simple as a pic of their whole family. Wow. Families are so important to the people here, it's incredible to see the sacrifice people make for family. What an example to all!

Well, wish I had more time but I don't.

Thanks again for all the updates!


Love the vids too....I have the JB one on repeat right now(;

Til next time(:

Mahal kita.

-Sis Alapa

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