Monday, November 23, 2015

#SaPilipinasBound: Fame, A Freak Out, and Food

So Mom, I now have a boyfriend on the Mission.

His name is Herman. He's 26 years old, he is shorter and WAY tinier than me aaaannndd, oh yah, he is missing a couple teeth--but it's okay! Lol.

Joklang!!>.< There's this one guy in one of our areas and he's SO FUNNY! When we were first teaching there he just kept complimenting me and said I'm his girlfriend. So I joke with my comp and say he's my boyfriend now. Lol. He's kind of off, but I enjoy having him around! Lol.

Hey family!

This week was a toughy to be quite honest. It was SO HOT and we walked so much (Yes, losing weight...JOKE!) and a lot of the people we planned to visit were SO BUSY! It's sad when this happens. We had such a great week last week, but I guess it can't be great all the time!

Sister Abs and I then decided to not just dwell on the negative parts of our days, but the positive! We found that each day we can find something we were thankful for that the Lord has blessed us with. Wow, I guess that's fitting for this upcoming Thanksgiving Week!

We started the week with a BANG though! We had been planning this FHE/Birthday Party for one of our investigators for a while now. We found this family (The Diquet Family) during one of our OYM's (Open Your Mouth) and have grown so close to this family. The oldest daughter named Crissan has been progressing SO MUCH and we just LOVE and ADORE her. She turned 12 this week and we wanted to make it special.

When we got to her area, we were trying to sneak around a different route so that we don't get attacked by kids (cause that happens every single time we step foot in this area) and buy her a quick gift, but it's like they could SMELL US! We both heard, "SISTERRRRRSSSS!!" and both saw the huge crowd of kids running to us as fast as they could! Ughh. It's so hard being famous...Lol, Joklang(; Haha! But legit, the kids swarmed us and yah...we got caught buying the gift. We told them to all go back and wait at the house, but they just wanted to be with us. They all hovered over us and walked beside us as we made our way (with the little food we made and gifts in our hands) to the house. One of the little boys told us that Crissan has been waiting ALL DAY for us...she even skipped school cause she was so excited! She was a bit embarrassed when he told us this, but we hugged her and said how cute she is.

When we got to the house, we gave the little gifts we got her (A necklace, headband, and the family pic). We had a huge crowd of kids waiting to listen to our message. It was a great and fun FHE. Crissan's dad was even there. WE were a bit nervous about this because when we first met this family, the dad wasn't the sweetest person ever--but at the end of the night, he gave us a ride in this little cart and thanked us a lot.

Such a fun night I won't ever forget! Loved the spirit we were able to feel as we shared the gospel and played games. The kids here are the BEST!!

Aside from that, we were also able to visit Bro Leo this week too. We are almost done with the lessons and we are now at Tithing and Fasting. That was the plan for that night, but as we were there, my comp had the impression to teach about the Atonement. We quickly rerouted our lesson to the Atonement. Sis Abasanta then asked Bro Leo and inspired question about the BOM and how it has blessed his life. His reply shocked us. He started to talk about how everything has been going wrong when he's been trying to live his life right. He says he's struggling and that his faith was basically weakening. She asked him what's his feeling, what's in his heart. All of a sudden he just let it all out what he was feeling. He got so upset and we found out that he's been super angry with his mom with not helping him go to school and started yelling at her in front of us. This was way scary. His two little girls were crying and looking at us so scared. He started screaming at his mom and blaming everything on her, that everything was her fault. The poor woman kept calm and spoke back to him in a soft, quiet voice. It made him even more angry that he took the BOM, raised it high, and slammed it on the chair--swearing as well. Sis Abs was crying hysterically and I started to cry too. We both felt bad for his mom and him. He was mad and he kept saying how he was desperate for help but everyone feels like he's the bad guy.

I didn't want to speak when this was all going on. Yes, we were scared and we wanted to help him, but how? I could see my comp was done talking, I hadn't said anything for a while--I didn't want too. My heart burned and pumped as the spirit was pushing me to saying something--anything! I told him about the night we found him. I hadn't ever told him our side of the story as missionaries. I told him that I was there. I told him how his daughter came crying to us with his blood all over her hands. I told him how I thought he was dead, that there was no way he was alive. But, we were prompted to help him anyway. I told him how scared we were and how bad we felt for his two daughters.

He sat there listening and looking at me...for I started to speak a lot of this in English, so I tried to speak slowly, crying the whole time though. Haha.

I told him he's a WALKING MIRACLE. I told him how the Lord has given him this second chance at life...SO TAKE IT! He nodded his head. I ended with baring to him my testimony of the gospel and how important it is to take upon ourselves the Atonement of Jesus Christ and CHANGE FOR GOOD!

We ended with our testimonies and hope that he understood us.

It's a little awkward, but there was a reason we had to change lesson plans. The spirit will prompt us to teach what people need at the very moment they need it. And this was definitely needed.

Aside from that, we had a Thanksgiving dinner last night! It was awesome!! So much food too! They don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, so we made our own at the Couple Missionaries home. It was so great<3 I loved it!!

My comp is the best too by the way. We are hoping we both get to stay with each other for at least one more transfer!!!>.<

Hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving week!

Be thankful. Be prayerful. Be nice<3

Good luck to Miss JB(;

Mahal kita. Ingat po kayo!!!

-Love, Sis Alapa

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