Sunday, November 29, 2015

SaPilipinasBound: Buong Pamilya (Whole Family)...

Sooo....I found out my boyfriend is baklat (gay). Dang. #FirstMissionaryHeartBreak.

Haha! It was hilarious.

Herman started talking about his "crushes" and a little girl came and told us, "He likes mga lalaki (boys)". Moded. Lol!! I still love the guy though(:

Hello family and friends!!>.<

Wow, this week was NUTS but great as well.

I'm not even gonna beat around the bush(:

On Tuesday, I got the grueling call that I'm going to be a trainer for this next transfer. Yah, I'm terrified. I just finished my training this week and now I'm basically doing it all again. Haha. Most of the sisters in my batch is training too--like Sis Swanson and Thomas(; So that's comforting to know--but all of us are pretty scared. Wish us luck!

I have to be honest, I DID NOT want to train. At all. I love my companion and all I wanted was to have Christmas with her--but, I guess the Lord had something else in mind. Many times in the mission we are given things and tasks that we just DON'T WANT to do. But, it's our duty to submit to His will and say YES to the call! Even though I wanted to BEG President and tell him I can't, I literally couldn't force the words out of my mouth. I knew this calling I had to accept, for the moment we accept the call as a missionary, we accept all callings that come with it. No matter how hard it may be.

I liked what Sister Abs told me once, "When we are on the Lord's errand, we are entitled to His help". Beautiful huh? So true and I've seen this in action already. |Even though the language is still hard for me, I'm still adjusting to this new environment, and I'm still new myself-- I know the Lord doesn't give us things we can't handle.

When we found this news out, we knew it was time to start saying Goodbye to our areas. We have grown so close to each person here together, this was going to be hard, even though I am still staying and she's transferring. My kasama has been called to be an STL (Sister Training Leader) which is the highest calling you can get as a Sister. I know she will be THE BEST!

I have to share a little bit about Sunday, a BEAUTIFUL MIRACLE happened(:

So usually before the end of the week, we go out and try to invite as many of the people we teach to come to church. It's been going pretty well with our investigators, but alright with our Less Actives.

We have this Part-Member family (Padua Family)--the one where we had to go bless her kid in the hospital? Anyways, we've been teaching their oldest daughter Ella who is progressing really well. She's so excited to get baptized and has been coming faithfully to church. By herself though. We've been trying to teach the parents about the importance of church, but they are so busy with their work and life in general. For this lesson we talked about the examples of parents. It's a bold lesson, but it was time for us to touch on this subject with Ella's baptism coming so near. The spirit was definitely so present as we talked about how as little children we look up to our parents so much and it's through their example that determines the life endeavors of their children. We told them about how happy Ella has been and the light in her eyes every time we teach her and then asked them to please support her by coming back to church and getting active again.

We didn't know how this was going to go. We prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help them feel it in their hearts that this is what they needed to do.

Sunday morning came around, and Sister Abs and I went to Phase 5 to pick our investigators up that usually includes Ella. We went over to where they all stayed and saw all of the kids waiting and ready for church. We saw Ella and asked her if her parents were coming and she said YES!!

Prayers answered! The church is true talega! Sis Abs and I tried to hide our excitement we found this news out! We saw Sis and Bro dressed up with even their two other kids, all ready to go to church. This was their first time as a whole family to go to church all together! #Miracle. We watched them as they all loaded on to a trike together and said to the driver, "Mormons po" which is what we say to get us to the church. Loved watching them all go out together!

We had more miracles in store when many more of our Less Actives came with their families, and oh what a beautiful sight this was! Sis Abs and I kept grabbing each other in excitement as we watched all these people enter into the chapel.

Later that night we went to go and visit those families in Phase 5 again. They never cease to make us feel so welcomed there as they all attack us and scream, "THE SISTERS ARE HERE!!" in Tagalog of course(;

We shared a song with them about Mothers and Sis Abasanta started her Goodbyes (not final though cause we have an FHE with all of them on Tuesday) but just a little prep goodbye before the final one. This was a bad idea. This resulted in many tears shed and an attack of hugs from all this children of God. The crying was so sad as they sobbed and wept and begged her not to go. They even cried on me and I'm staying!

But the love you develop for the people in these areas is real. To think back on how we even met all these people is incredible. We just walked past and said Hi and asked if we could share a message with them, and now look where we are now! All of them have come to church and some faithfully preparing for Baptism. Miracles do happen when you truly love the people you serve.

There was not a single dry eye there and it took us a long time to go, for they didn't want to let us go. Ever. We decided we had to just walk home so that they can feel better. As we walked away they screamed "WE LOVE YOU SIS ABASANTA AND SIS ALAPA!" We waved back and proceeded to walk.

The walk was hard and painful, but we did it. I'm praying my next companion will be just as great as my comp is now.

We ended the night by eating at Sis Armonia's house (the rich lady) and we got to teach their whole family...and eat of course. We have figured out if ever we are hungry, just go to the Armonia's house. She will provide!

It was nice to teach them, for they all came to church on Sunday. I love their spirit and hope they continue on their journey of reactivation!

Well, it's going to be a LOT of change this week! But that's Mission Life for ya(; It's just GO GO GO!

Hope all is well and that everyone is getting prepped for PASKO (CHRISTMAS)!!>.<

I literally can't wait.

Love you all!

Ingat po kayo! Mahal kita talega!

-Sis Alapa

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