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#SaPilipinasBound: A Blessing, a Miracle, and an American.(2)

I'm so jealous the Muti Family came to Utah....-__- UGHHH!!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO DEASIA!! Wow, teenager now(; Hope your day was filled with happiness and cake!!>.<

Sooo, here in the Philippines--Halloween is actually celebrated on Nov 1st! Weird huh?? Yah, that was different. And for Halloween, they actually celebrate by going to the cemeteries and PARTY, PARTY, PARTY!! Where we live, there has been just a lot of LOUD VIDEOKE....oyyy veeeyyy/:


This week went by real quick, but also feels super long too...idk how to explain it, but that's how it sort of feels right now.

On Tuesday we found ourselves back at the hospital again. Get ready for story time(;'s not as dramatic as last week. Lol. Anyways! In our new area, we have discovered a LA (Less Active) family, the Padua Family. Our first time exploring this new area, we were able to find them through an investigator actually. When we went to their house, the two kids were there and we tried to talk to the girl who's the oldest. We asked her where her parents were, and she immediately started to cry. We found out later that her parents were at the hospital with her little brother who was very sick with Dengue. We then decided to text her parents to ask if they would like a Priesthood Blessing. They texted us back saying that was exactly what they needed at a time like this.

We weren't able to do it that day...but another day we were tracting that area, the parents were in town this time. We asked them again if they would like the Blessing still and both said Yes. We called the area and the Elders came right away. We went with Sis Padua and she was so kind and payed for all of our fares for traveling far. It took a while, but we made it to the hospital where the little boy was to give him a blessing. While we were in the trike, we told her that if we give this boy a blessing, she has to have faith and a lot of it! She fervently said she had faith and we were set to go.

When we got to the hospital, it is something I was definitely not used to seeing. Very different from American Hospitals that's for sure. Oh how blessed we are! We got to the room full of the kids who have Dengue and she took us to her little boy. He was so pale and hooked up to an IV. The Elders looked for an area to do the blessing in private, for there was so many people squeezed into this little room. We went into this empty hallway and brought the little boy over. It was so sad to see him like this, he's so cute! Anyways, the Elders were able to give him a blessing and then we were on our way. We prayed long and hard for a fast recovery for him and a couple days later he was released from the hospital. It was so good to see him at his home, smiling, laughing, and running. Miracles do happen when you have faith.

On Wednesday, we had a referral from one of our Members to come teach his wife and daughter and also to come teach his neighbor who actually happens to be AMERICAN!! YAAY ENGLISH!!>.< Haha. We went to his house and unfortunately his wife and daughter wasn't there, but his neighbor was! I was sort of nervous because I hadn't taught in English for a long time, and this was my moment to teach! Haha! The man's name is Rafael and he is super tall and big. It was weird hearing someone speak English, for he was the first I've ever heard in a long time! He's very interesting. He's an older man, kind of reminds me of someone who is a grouch and very loud. Haha!

Before we came in he was like, "Okay, Okay...I'm just gonna tell you straight. I'm gonna let you in, but just know, just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't mean they're wrong!!". I immediately could tell this was going to be a toughie. But oh well, bring on the challenge(;

When we got into his house, HE WOULD NOT STOP TALKING. I feel like we barely talked. He was pretty intimidating and I could tell my comp was sort of scared. But I actually liked him. He's very, "IN YOUR FACE", kind of person. He used to be an agent for the government, he's traveled everywhere, and now he's in the Philippines because he liked it here and he also had a girlfriend.

We were there for a very long time because he was just telling his whole life story, but it was actually very interesting. He also was asking us some difficult questions about our church, but we tried to be careful in not answering and just telling him, "We can't tell you now because that's deep doctrine and you won't understand it now. So to know that, you have to learn the basics...". He was disappointed, but man--he was tough! But for some reason, I really liked the guy. He didn't scare me, even though he was really in our face and trying to trip us up. I could tell he had a desire to know the truth. He's been attending different churches all his life and he just wanted one church to call his own.

He also gave me a ton of insights on how to better teach people. Haha, no worries...I was just trying to make him comfortable, for this guy is known to sort of scare off missionaries--but I wasn't scared. We actually go meet with them again on Wednesday and he was shocked that we were going to be coming back! Haha, he then said he wanted to teach us sisters how to defend ourselves from dogs. He likes us(; It was a pretty interesting experience and his girlfriend's family is interested in learning about our gospel, so that's our in(; YESSS!!

And lastly, we checked in with Leo (the man that had the huge accident that I told you about last week) and he's doing much better. He's actually our best Progressing Investigator. He is always so sweet to us and has been keeping his commitments. One day we were over, and we teach him and his mother for she is a Less Active, and his mother was interested in having a blessing for Leo. We said ABSOLUTELY and started to call the Elders. We weren't getting really good signal unfortunately, and we opened the door and guess who was standing there?! THE ELDERS! Yay! Right on time! They were going to talk to the Pres of our branch and were literally passing by the house when we were struggling to call them. Miracle. Nanay Miraluna (Leo's Mother) was astonished how quick the Lord works. The Elders were able to come in and give Leo a beautiful blessing. I know the Lord is definitely watching over him.

Well, sorry for my novels--but you know me, I'm ALL ABOUT THE DEETS(; Haha. Gosh, I just want to explain everything that I go through here! It's pretty incredible. When I think back to my life before, I wonder, "Did that really happen?" Because being here is SO DIFFERENT, but it's my life now! It's pretty amazing though. I love being a Missionary. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! Especially here in the Philippines. Everyone is so nice(: Awww, <3.

Anyways, hope all is well.

So jealous the Muti's came this past week...UGHHH!!

Ingat po kayo! Til we chat again(;

Mahal kita.

-Sis Alapa

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