Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#SaPilipinasBound: Miracles do happen.

This week was AWESOME!(:

Greetings from the Philippines!!>.<

Wow, this week was crazy busy and awesome!

Started off the week with teaching some great people. There's a less active girl Krizza that we always visit. She's 16 years old and is so fun to be around and teach. It's only her and her brother--but they always have a bunch of people at their house whenever we come over. Many times we go there and just teach all of them which is so awesome because a lot of them are very interested and like me to sing every time I come over, some of the nicest people I've ever met. Oh wait though, there's a catch...they're all baklat--GAY. Some of them look like LEGIT girls, but the others are just gay. It's so fun teaching them though! It's the first time any of them have really heard or talked to "mormons" and they like us a ton. It's kind of funny teaching them though, they're so girly! Haha, but so nice! They keep saying they're going to come to church, but they haven't so far. We'll see. Sticky situation my Kasama and I are in(: But we love em!

On Wednesday we went to Naic for ZONE CONFERENCE!! YAAAAAYYY!!!>.< This. Was. Awesome! I've been in the field for about 4 weeks and I haven't seen my MTC Peeps for a while, so I have been counting down the days for this day(: The couple (the Simons) were so kind and drove us there, YAY AIR CON!!! Haha. We got there to the chapel and I got out of the car and across the parking lot I could make out the figure of Sis Thomas. We both called each other's names and started to walk towards each other...and then it turned into an eager RUN!! We dropped our bags and collided into a HUGE HUG! Gosh I missed her. It was so good to see my old MTC mates again! We were talking NON STOP and waited in the chapel as one by one, our MTC Batch came in. Everyone still looked the same, but we all were experiencing different things! When Eld. Woodbury walked in we asked him if he was President of his area yet because he's just awesome. He came and "blessed" us when he walked in...which is grabbing our hands and putting it to your forehead. It's a sign of respect, especially to the Elderly. One by one we all came in! GOSH THE REUNITING WITH ALL OF THEM WAS SO AMAZING!!! I missed my MTC Batch SOOO MUCH and you can just see the excitement we all had to see each other again. I was also reunited with my old Kasama, Sis Swanson which was awesome too! She's to tan!!>.< And Sis Materrn and Eld. Hiatt (even though he's from the other District, still close with him). We had an INCREDIBLE Zone Conference with some great speakers and insights! But the best part was just being able to see everyone again. I get to see EVERYONE that came from the Provo MTC with me this coming Wednesday for our Follow Up training, so that should be fun(: "Reunited and it feels so good!"

We also had a miracle this week. So you know how I've been talking about Tatay Concepcion and the predicament he was in about attending church and going to work? Well, we visited him this past week to have his wife (the RS Pres of our Ward) come with us to go out and teach, and he said that he had some "Maganda (beautiful/good) news". We all sat down and waited for him to tell us what happened. He said the other day he was at work and while he was working he had this strong impression to go talk to his boss. So he followed those promptings and literally left his work and went to talk with his boss. He put his arm around the boss's shoulder and told him how he's been working for him for a while and he really would appreciate it if he let him have his day off on Sunday instead of Saturday. The boss looked at him and said that was true, and tried to see if it was possible for him to come on Saturday instead of Sunday. Well...IT WAS. The boss granted permission to Tatay Concepcion to have his day off on Sunday from now on!!!! AAHHHHHHHH!!!! He then turned to me and said, "What a blessing huh?". What great faith this man had. All we did was invite him to pray with faith and ask the Lord for help with this situation and if we truly desired to do what was right, THE LORD WILL ALWAYS PROVIDE A WAY FOR YOU!! This day was a huge testimony builder for me. THE LORD DOESN'T GIVE US TRIALS WE CAN'T ENDURE!!! He gives us trials because those trials are what will qualify us for salvation, as long as we choose to follow Him. Always. My eyes welled with tears as we looked at each other and my kasama and I bore testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel and also told him that this was a MIRACLE. 

We told him how this upcoming Sunday was Fast and Testimony Meeting which would be a great time to share what just happened...and he did! It was his first time ever baring testimony and he did so with POWER. I know that it was the spirit that prompted him to do the things he did that day. I know that through his faith, the Lord was able to grant him the desires of his heart, which was to do His Will. I love this man and his example to me and hope to exercise that kind of faith through out my whole mission. 

Well, unfortunately right after that spiritual high...we had a spiritual low. We went to visit one of our investigator, Nanay Dora. She's an older woman (63 years old) and has been sort of trying out our church. She was already a very religious woman, but she loved having to hear different opinions of different churches views. Our lesson was on The Plan of Salvation and this was the first time I was teaching this lesson. I taught her the first part and then all of a sudden the convo went sort of a different direction. You see, Nanay Dora likes to talk...A LOT. And when she feels strongly about saying something...she'll say it! Now keep in mind, we have Sis Concepcion with us as well. Nanay Dora started preaching to us some of the WEIRDEST, STRANGEST, MOST WACK "doctrine" i've ever heard. There went the spirit! It sort of turned into this huge feud on who was right or not. She started preaching "priestcraft" which is really horrible to do. It got so bad, Sis Concepcion had to take it on and powerfully told Nanay Dora about the truthfulness of the Plan of Salvation. Nanay Dora kept tyring to interrupt--but Sis Concepcion would not allow her too. It was pretty intense. I was quiet the whole time because at this point I had no idea what anyone was saying. But I could tell the spirit was gone. My kasama tried to make a leave for it, but dang--she was so adamant on her beliefs! Yah, scary situation. That's a sign of a "drop" as in we're done teaching her. You can't teach the unteachable--and unfortunately her heart was hardened to our message. Oiaweeee..

Aside from that, Saturday we were able to go see the General Women's Conference! Wow, it was so good and I especially loved Pres Uchtdorf's story. So inspiring! CHOOSE HAPPINESS. On Sunday we went to the Simon's house for dinner and a little FHE. I was the special musical number and I sang Courage. It was weird singing by myself, but it went well. I thought it was very fitting because on a mission, we must have courage everyday and it takes courage just to choose to go on one! I love the lyrics in that song, especially when it says, "Courage is doing what's right in the presence of fear." So true. I've been in many scary situations where I am literally terrified..but when we have courage that the Lord will be with us every step of the way and you know what you're doing is right, it calms a troubled soul. 

Anyways, great and interesting week!! Hope everyone is doing awesome and I wish I could watch AIDA too!! Good job Chalyse scoring a hard for that I Phone(; Lol. 

I love you all so much and I'm just so grateful for all of you!! Miss you tons. 

Mahal Kita. 

-Sis Alapa

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