Monday, October 19, 2015

#SaPilipinasBound: Miracle of the Jekloader(:(5)

Sooooo many things happened this past week I hope I don't get kicked off like last week. #ModedTana. Lol. But for real...sana (Hopefully).!


Hope all is well with everyone back at home.

I'm just enduring a pretty scary typhoon right now...NBD!! But for real, it's been pretty sketch. Yesterday, church was actually canceled--but we missionaries had to all go to the church to have a meeting with the Presidents of our two branches. Then we saw so many people coming to church, one old lady refused to leave until we had the Sacrament--so we had a mini sacrament, which was fine by me! These dedicated members--Typhoon or burning hot sun--THEY LL BE THERE! Lol. Love it!

This past week started out pretty great(:

I went on an exchange with one of the Sister Training Leaders (Sis Dariagan) who is so great! She's so "cheeks" we call her, or girly. I love talking to her. She 27 years old, but she's so tiny! Anyways, we had to exchange because her companion is going home tomorrow (Tuesday) and mine is leaving soon (Dec 2)--so they both had to go to Manila to get X-Ray. Yeah, missions are FAST! Sis Dariagan leaves in January tho.

Anyways, I got kicked off last week because we had to hurry up and meet our Zone for a Zone Activity in a different area. We weren't really sure what we were doing, but we just went with our Zone Leaders (Eld. Espiritu and Eld. Del Rosario). They're so fun to be with, we love them! Anyways, we got our stuff and took a jeepney to one of our other Elder's area (I forget what it's called--BASTA!) We first met with the sisters at MacDo's (McDonalds) in Trece and all went up together. We eat MacDo a lot here because it's like a fancy restaurant here. It's so nice! Haha!

Anyways, we met up with our whole zone and took a trike to another area that was pretty far off. I had no clue what was going on or where we were going because the Elders were, I don't know, trying to make it a secret or something! Eld. Seeley (from Idaho and yes he's white), he was the one sort of in charge of it. He payed for our fair though, so that was nice(: When we arrived at our destination, we noticed we were at some sort of resort! There are SO MANY resorts here!! So many! This one was far off with (like usually) WALANG MGA TAO (No people!). It was only us and the workers, lol. We all had to pay 50 pesos and got to sort of hang out at this little water ledge place (I'll send pics). It was so pretty there and I loved just being able to relax and chill with the other missionaries. SO FUN!! We took so many pics! It was hard not to want to just swim though. It was so beautiful, such a fun day! So glad I was able to hang with Sis Thomas too since we're in the same Zone! Love her so much! Anyways, super fun day!!

Anyways, remember when I was being rushed that day to email you all?? Well guess what happened--I FORGOT MY JEKLOADER AT THE INTERNET CAFE!! Yup, I didn't realize it until I got home that night and was FREAKING OUT. Oh, a Jekloader is basically a wallet, but we keep usually our Planners in there and White HandBook. I was freaking out because I also kept my personal money (which is 2000 pesos) and my emergency money (which is 700 pesos) ALL IN THE JEKLOADER. I felt like crying when I couldn't find it in my wallet and wanted to cry even more when I remembered the last time I saw it. I was rushed and was trying to be fast that I had left it sitting there next to my computer. I was scared to tell my Nanay because of when I lost the phone and didn't want her to be disappointed in me. I just got cellphone privileges back THAT DAY! Ugh.

I knelt down in fervent prayer, PRAYING to Heavenly Father to perform some sort of miracle. But from the looks of it, it was nearly IMPOSSIBLE for it to still be there. I am in the Philippines where "stealing" is sort of a thing when you don't have anything. Oh man...I slept that night with an uneasy heart. I still hadn't told my Nanay, but when it was time for us to do Comp Study and read the White Hand Book, I finally told her that I don't have mine because I lost my Jekloader. She didn't freak out though, she felt sorry for me. She gave me some good advice to always be careful about my things and to never leave it around. To always put it back after I take it out. I asked her if there would be a lost and found or something! But she even looked uneasy to answer that. We are in the Philippines. I sighed and had to accept that I wouldn't find it.

That whole day while we were out teaching people, I still felt my heart was sore from losing this thing. I kept getting an impression to go back and check the Internet Cafe, but I kept saying to myself "There's NO WAY!" Someone would definitely see the 2000 pesos and take it, there's no way. I later forgot about it and on our way home, Sis Picar asked if we could just stop by the Internet Cafe to ask about a Flash Drive or something. When we turned there, my heart was pumping and I told her this is where I lost my Jekloader. She said, "Oh..." and proceeded to ask the lady in the front if they saw something that looks like her Jekloader. The lady said, "Meiroon..." which means basically, "I have". SHE SAID SHE HAD!! My eyes got so big and I started to freak out. The woman pulled out my Jekloader and handed it to me. I looked at her with teary eyes and thanked her so much! I was in disbelief of the miracle that just happened. EVERYTHING WAS STILL IN THERE AND NOTHING WAS LOST OR TAKEN OUT!! Everything was still there.

The Lord was definitely looking out for me. He knew how distraught I was about the whole "Losing it" thing. Sis Picar was calm and I told her about how I've been having a feeling to go back there all day, but I thought it was just all in my head. And then she asked to go there when the day was already done, it was already night time, and we were on our way home--but THEY HAD IT!!

She proceeded to talk to me about the importance of LISTENING TO THE SPIRIT...ALWAYS! We must be willing to just ACT...TO JUST ACCEPT THE PROMPTINGS AND DO IT. That was huge for me. I was thankful she was willing to just act in behalf of what I should have asked to do a long time ago. A miracle happened that day and my testimony of this gospel and definitely the guidance of the Holy Ghost increased that day. I poured my heart out in thanks to my Heavenly Father for watching out for me that day. I know now that if we just ACT when the spirit prompts us to do something, we in turn will be blessed with what we desire.

This all happened and it was just the start of the week!(:

A big part of our goal this week was to find New Investigators because the week before we had none. We used our finding time to just go out and search for those people had referrals to in the past and FINALLY found a little family. They're very young too. The father is not a member, but the mom was a member when she was little but basically doesn't know a lot about the church. We were so thankful to find them that day(:

One last thing, I will be receiving a new companion tomorrow and I will be leading the area here in Carissa. I am terrified, but I will do so in faith. Sis Picar has been having some issues with a brother here in our area. He's really creepy and says some really rude things to her--he's flirting with her, but it's so gross some of the things he says. So she's being transferred. I'm very saddened by this and scared to know who will be my new Nanay (trainer) because I am not quite done yet with my training. I still have 6 weeks left before I am considered a "regular" missionary. Wish me luck!/:

And YES! I LOVED General Conference the other week! It's SO GREAT on a mission cause it helps you to know what to do during the moments we need counsel the most! Loved it all!

So good hearing from everyone back at home!! Miss and love you all!!

SHOUT OUT TO AIDA AT CENTERPOINTE!! It's ENOUUUGHHHH(; I wish I could see Robyn perform again so bad! Get it girl!

Thanks for the vids with Mai! Oh how I miss you all!

I'm gonna try to send pics!

Mahal kita.

Love, Sis Alapa

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