Saturday, September 5, 2015

I Have Arrived!!! Philippines will be my Home Now!!!

        KUMUSTA PAMILIA!! So, I am no longer in Utah anymore! It was
so good to call you all yesterday and to hear all your voices too.
Definitely made me miss ya'll so much!! Ahhhh!! The flight to Hong
Kong was so long, but was fun as well. I'm just glad we all got to be
together. We were able to talk with lot of people too. We were able to
communicate with some Filipinos and just many people who were curious
about our badges. Anyways, I'm just happy that the flight wasn't
horrible, but so fun! Especially being able to call home. I called
Brookie and Chalyse right before I got on the plane for Hong Kong.
That was great(: We arrived in sa Pilipinas way light last night. You
can just feel the humidity right when we landed. It was awesome. We
arrived around like 11 at night and then just had to go go go. Getting
all our passports cleared away, getting our bags, and situating all
the technical stuff. At the airport I had a ton of guys talking to me
sa Tagalog because they thought I was Filipino--so funny! Driving to
the MTC was interesting. Pretty scary drivers here. Kinda like New
Yok. The dorms are so nice! Love them! We didn't sleep til almost 3 I'm running on like four hours of sleep. No biggy tho.
Breakfast was so yummy. We did sommore orientation things and got to
meet our teachers. Now we email and going to prepare to go out
proselyting today--so scared, but excited as well! Well, just had to
send a quick update. Hope all is well. It was good seeing Aunty Lucy
and Alton in the airport--and MAI! What a wonderful surprise. Loved
seeing her! Thanks Mai for your beautiful gift!! Mahal kita!! Anyways,
that's about it(: Wish I could tell you everything that's happening in
more detail, pero I have like 5 minutes left): Wish me luck on this
grand adventure I'm about to experience! SOBRANG MASIGLA PO AKO!!!
Love you all! -Sis Alapa

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