Monday, September 28, 2015

3rd Week Down Hello 4th Week: With Faith All things are Possible!!!

I started off the week feeling like I was in the land of Ammonihah. Yah, it was bad. We walked and walked. The heat was unkind and my feet were aching. Everyone was "busy" or "not home" or "wasn't interested". Ughh. Days like this are hard--but we don't let them get us down!!

Aloha and Kumusta from the Philippines!

Wow, this week I'll be starting my fourth week here in the Philippines--I can't believe it! Honestly, I feel like time flies SO FAST(: They say your first few weeks here sa mission feels long and never ending, but I've honestly been having a BLAST!! It goes like this: the days feel long, but the weeks feel fast. You know? Idk! Basta! That's how it feels sometimes tho! 

The food here is SOOOO MASARAP (delicious)! I have been able to eat chicken intestines and blood! It really is good and I haven't gotten sick, so that's pretty much a blessing! Haha! 

Love my District here as well! My kasama and I are pretty close to the Zone Leaders here because they're in our area and ward. They're so awesome! Both are Filipino--one from Bikol and the other Angeles. We go with them everywhere and it's always a blast. Their names are Eld. Del Rosario and Eld. Espiritu. I will try to send picks later if I can! But we love these two. Always trying to make us laugh and are just always there for us if we need them! We are also kabahays (roommates) with the STL's (Sister Training Leaders) who are SO AMAZING and so kind! They also make me laugh, and both are Filipino. One is from Bikol but lives in Manila and the other--I can't remember right now, but she's awesome! Their names are Sis. Ballatan and Sis Darriagan. And then my Tatay who is our District Leader (Eld. Paloma) with my twin on the mission, Eld Richards from my batch in the MTC(: All these people are so awesome and it's been a blast getting close with each one of them as we are here in the field! 

This morning we were able to have breakfast all together in our missionary couples appartment that is right across from our apartment (we're neighbors in the same bldg). They made us pancakes and had some other foods that we can eat! They are the Simons from Utah as well! It's been fun having them around and they are such a cute and sweet couple!! 

Like I said in the beginning, we started out the week pretty rough. No one really wanted to listen to us and everyone was either hiding from us or just wasn't available. It was also WAY hot (like always), but we kept going on. Later on this week, we were able to have also one of our BEST days in the field where we were able to teach many lessons and find new investigators! Love moments like that(: I also was able to sing for one of them, so that was great for me. There was a church right next to us that were blasting their "church" music and I just sang "Families Can Be Together Forever", and tried to block out their music. Lol. All is well tho, all is well.

We went back to Tatay Concepcion's house today because he's still not qualified to be called "active" yet. We taught him about the "Good Shepherd" and invited him to come to church this upcoming Sunday. He quickly told us "no" and that it really was impossible for him to make it. My kasama kept telling him of the importance of going to church and he kept saying he knows...but right now, it just wasn't possible for him. She kept going and going and he kept resisting and resisting. She looked like she wanted to cry...heck, I wanted to cry! She looked at me for help to say something, but I was so nervous and didn't want to cry. Finally she gave me that Mom look like, "You better say something or you're gonna get it" haha! She's my Nanay, she can do that--so I did! 

I told him that we believed in him. Then the tears rolled...great/: Haha! I proceeded to tell him that he helped me build my testimony and my faith here in the Mission Field. Everyone started crying. His wife, my kasama, and HIM! I was so nervous I mostly spoke in English, but I knew he could understand a bit. His wife helped translate for me. I testified to him about Faith and about how important it is. I told him how difficult days out here in the mission are, but we can't expect anything to become easier or things to happen if we don't go forward with faith! And I told him how I know his situation is very difficult, but we must have faith! 

And that's so true. On the mission, it's easy to get discouraged at times--but we must have faith! Faith that things will be okay. Faith that the Lord will help us through our trials. Faith that we can make it another step in the hot, hot sun! I know that's true for me. 

Anyways, blah blah blah--he didn't come to church the next day. Which saddened us, but we know what we felt..and we know what he felt. After church, we saw him there. I think he tried to make it for some of it but was unable too. It's okay, we won't give up on him!(:

Aside from that, being a newb, I did a newb move and...lost our cell phone): I know, I know--good going Alapa, but it happened. Kinda felt lost with out one. But we went this morning on a 2-3 hour Travel Ride to get to the Mission Office to get a new phone. We have a phone now tho! Haha! 

Wow! Everyone looks super guapo at maganda (handsome and beautiful) from the dance!! LOVE the pics! Thanks for updating me on that. Sounds like all is well back at home! 

Over here, it's basically Christmas. There are Christmas decor and Christmas songs!! Haha, it's kind of funny cause it's September, but HEY I'm down for that! 

OMG--today I found out that Eld. Richard G. Scott passed! We are so saddened by that): Dang, and Gen Conf. is coming up so soon!! So pumped for that tho! We also have Zone Conference this week which I am so excited for!! Yay!!!!>.< I'll get to see some of my MTC Peeps so I'm way excited for that(:

Mom, you'd be so proud of me. I can wash my clothes by hand! It's not too hard. I'm getting used to it. It can sometimes make me super tired cause it's quite a process, but it's fine. 

My Nanay (trainer) is teaching me so much and I am so grateful for everything she teaches me. She really is like my mom here. She teaches me how to wash clothes, how to buy good food, what to look out for, all different things! So grateful to have a good trainer here in the field! 

I know I'm missing so much more, but I can't quite think of it now. Creepy guys EVERYWHERE. Sort of scary and gross. Some of our area is dangerous so it's scary tracting at night. Yah. 

Alright! I'm done! Love you all!! Til next time. Ingat po kayo!!!>.<

Mahal kita.

-Sis Alapa

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