Friday, September 11, 2015

1st Tracting Experience/Last Day at the Manila MTC

Today is my last day in the Philippines MTC! It's been really interesting being here to be quite honest--definitely different, but I'm pretty happy we have had the opportunity to come here and learn a little more before we legit head out. I have to say, I'm glad I spent most of my MTC experience at the Provo MTC. It's really nice here room wise and food wise, pero, the teachers and environment at Provo was way better. We totally miss our teachers. All the teachers here are so impressed with us and our Tagalog because we're better than their students. Lol. We also are more respectful at times, haha. It's funny. Everyone here is so nice tho! Lots and lots of Filipinos tho. Everyone is constantly greeting you and being so nice, I love it!

We arrived late Friday night/ early Saturday morning (around 1 am) and was literally so beat. We had to do an orientation around 1 am and take all our stuff up to our room. You can definitely feel the humidity at warm Pilipinas breeze. My hair started to frizz IMMEDIATELY, but it's doing fine....not too bad, thank goodness! Flying wasn't too bad either. I really thought it would be the worst thing ever, but I actually had fun. Probably because I sat next to some solid Elders (Eld. Hiatt-Me-Eld. Huber) for the 15 hour flight. We weren't allowed to watch movies or it was nice to just really get to know them, and we knocked out pretty hard core too. I was a bit uncomfortable at first because Eld Olsen sat in front of me and leaned his chair all the way back that he was in my lap and then I couldn't really lean back because I had a little boy that kept kicking my back. So that was fun. So I awkwardly tried to sleep sideways and woke up laying on Eld, it's okay though--we were all so tired and he was so nice, it had to be done. Hong Kong was pretty tight too, but I left my blanket in the bathrrom. Sorry. The food on the plane was bomb too, so that was cool. 

On Saturday we were able to sleep in til 7 am. We got up and ate way good breakfast! The food is so good here in the Philippines MTC! On Saturday we also had to do our first Proselyting Activity. We took an hour and a half ride to Quezon City and met at this church with our new "comps" to do an exchange, but we still had our regular kasamas with us too. You all wouldn't BELIEVE the things I saw that day. We literally walked out of that chapel and got to work! Okay, the driving here is THE SCARIEST THING EVER. Kinda reminds me of New York. And it's so dirty and really old and sad. We had to walk in between traffic which was very sketch and then get into a Jeepney! It was so squishy in there and scary. We got dropped off and walked to our first area. It was so sad walking the roads of this third world country. I've never seen such a poor place in my life. I felt like crying. We went to our first house who was a young woman who was an investigator, but when we came to our house, she said today wasn't a good day--so we moved on to the next "house". This next place was even more sad. We were on our way to teach a nine year old girl who looked way younger than nine. Her "house" was made out of cardboard boxes and tin. They basically live outside. There were so many bugs and stray animals, it was the saddest thing I've ever seen! They made room on their torn up old couches that were outside and we squeezed in to their little "living room area" (keep in mind this is all outside basically) There were these humangous snails on some thing and then dogs and cats and so many flies and bugs. They also had a huge lettuce pile in the middle of this table thing. I can't even really explain to you all what we saw. Sis Swanson looked like she was going to throw up (because she does that) and we started our lesson. The little girl barely talked, but her family did. They're so spiritually strong--it was incredible. The people here are AMAZING. The Lord knew I wouldn't be able to handle mean people, so he sent me to the Philippines. They are so understanding because even when my Tagalog sucked, they smiled and appreciated that we were trying. I loved that about these people. After their house we went to another house which was very small and just a cement house. It was so hot around this time, but we went to teach a lesson to an in active lady. I loved teaching her because she knew what she was suppose to do, she just didn't have her whole heart in it. So we challenged her to go to church and remember why she joined this church. It was great. The girl that came with us is more shy and quiet (she's Filipino), but Sis Swanson and I did our best. It was a wonderful experience! The kids here are SO CUTE! They stare at us everywhere we go. 

Oh, and when we were on our way back from tracting, a guy driving a Jeepney stopped us and asked for a Pamphlet. So me and Sis Swanson ran up to him (it was pouring rain by now) and started talking to him a little about our church. Our trainer came over and started talking as well (because we didn't understand him) and she told us to start walking away. We asked her what was wrong (because I thought we were doing so well) but she told us he was drunk. Really drunk. So that made us sad. She said in situations like that just walk away. We also got to talk to an Elderly man. We took him by the hand and put it to our forehead. Such a great guy! So nice and he liked our Tagalog. Haha! Yay(: He's just being nice tho. 

Sunday was so long and was just filled with tons of Devotionals (not as good as the Sundays in Provo unfortunately). Monday was more filled with class and stuff which was pretty fun and I liked that a lot. And today we did Immigration things all morning and afternoon, which wasn't too bad because I was with our District and we always have fun when we're together(: The car ride was scary as heck tho! Literally thought I was going to die. I wanted to cry when I looked out the window to see all these suffering people. Couldn't believe everything I've seen. Anyways, came back from that and had to teach again. Now we're trying to pack our stuff for tomorrow and head out. Wish I could write longer, but I have to go now!

We're saying our farewells to our district and everyone so it'll be sad....anyways! Til next time

Mahal kita!

-Sis Alapa

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