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We leave September 3rd and head to the airport around 3 am! Crazy huh?! Can't believe it's almost time for me to head out...time surely does FLYYY!!(: I'm the Travel Leader of five and am so pumped to get more info about what to do! So it sounds like we're going to San Fran for a five hour lay over and then head to Hong Kong for an hour layover--sobrang MASIGLA!!>.< The sad/funny thing is, only about half of our District got flight plans and then the other half didn't....I guess the other half are scheduled right now to leave on Sept. 9 and all of them were way upset because that means another week in the MTC, and we just can't wait that much longer!! But they're trying to get that fixed. I'm so pumped tho! Mom and Dad, PLEASE BE AWAKE AROUND THAT TIME CAUSE I'LL BE CALLING YOU. I guess we call you before we fly and when we arrive in San Fran. 

I know I probably say this every week, but this week was just so JAM PACKED with business, stress, and spiritual upbringings. Started off the week on Sunday (my FAVORITE DAY OF THE WEEK) with just really spending time with my District and enjoying their company always. I wish I can just record all that happens because we are always laughing as a District. It's great. I'm surely going to miss all of these amazing people when we all have to part our separate ways. But the best part of that day was that we were going to be performing with The National Tribute Band for Devotional that night!! I seriously LOVE CHOIR and there's 1000 plus missionaries in the choir! It was my favorite musical Devotional thus far here! It was like going to a concert in the MTC. But they were such solid guys and so inspirational! I sent some pics, so hopefully you can see a little bit of what I mean. The spirit was so strong when we sang, "I Was Born" because here in the MTC we're from all around the world and about to proclaim the gospel ALL AROUND THE WORLD! It was so powerful.

Oh, and guess what mom--I've been pretty sick for the past week and a half. Yah, it stinks, but it literally is impossible NOT to get sick. It got pretty bad on Monday because I couldn't breather, so my kasama and I had to skip service that Monday morning and go to the doctors to get an inhaler for me. The doctor definitely said I needed to get one, but we had to go out of the MTC and walk to the BYU Health Care Center down the street! It was weird because we haven't left the MTC like that ever! We only go to the temple, but that's it. It was weird to be back in the outside world. We got some pretty weird looks tho. Haha! Oh well, I can breathe clearly now! So yay!


So this week was the first week I felt super discouraged about the language and my was really frustrating and I was super down about it. I wasn't understanding anything and I just felt like I wasn't progressing at all. This made me so sad because it was my fourth week here and I just wasn't getting it! I prayed so fervently to my Heavenly Father and asked Him to help me not feel like this because I knew it was affecting my progression as a missionary. Then I remembered our theme here in the MTC: "Forget yourself and think about others". I was so worried about myself, I started to lose sight of my main purpose as a missionary, "To invite others to come unto Christ". I knew that the language would come, but I shouldn't let it deter me from my bigger purpose here. So I kept studying and studying and left it all to the spirit to guide. It worked! Brother Kaka said, "Actually, the missionaries don't do's the spirit that converts. Not you. You are the messenger." I have learned that with the spirit of the Holy Ghost with you, all things will work out like they should. I know that now. I have felt it and seen it with my own eyes. I'm so grateful for these little experiences that help increase my testimony in this beautiful gospel. Discouragement is of the devil, peace/joy/love is from God. 

MARAMI, MARAMI SALAMAT PO FOR EVERYTHING!! I am eternally grateful for everything! Now I'm headed to the temple soon! Keep strong and carry on(:

Mahal kita. 

Love, Sister Alapa

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