Saturday, August 29, 2015


GRABE! (Oh my gosh!)

I can't believe I'm in the single digits right now! My District and I have been counting down the days as our flight to sa Pilipinas draws closer and closer. Is this even real?! It hasn't really hit all of us yet...pero, we did kinda all look at each other one day and was just like "We won't be in America next Friday...whoah>.<" Haha! It's seriously surreal! But we're all so pumped to just get out there and serve/meet the Filipino people!

My last week here has been so wonderful and sad at the same time. I really, truly am going to miss every single person I have met here on the start of this crazy adventure. We've become this close knit family and it's going to be hard for all of us to say 'Good bye' once we really have to all go our separate ways. Ayos lan (It's okay), we have all been making plans for when we meet after our missions to reunite one again! But next time we'll be fluent in sa Tagalog(: I sure can't wait for that! 
The Sisters and I have already set up this BIG road trip we want to do to hit up all the Elder's Homecomings! Eld. Olsen (from Gilbert Arizona) is already planning on taking us to see some of his favorite places. So cute! Haha. Gonna miss them so much!

Well, this week was intense with classes...lessons...klase....and more klase. We have just been hamming it out this week trying to learn as much Tagalog as we can. It comes to a point where I've switched some words from Ingles to Tagalog sometimes, pero I'm not fluent tho. But it's funny when I'm talking to like Eld. Stuart and I'll mix some of my words--he just laugh and is like "WHAT ARE YOU SAYING??" Haha. #foreignlanguageprobs. We just speak back to one another in our new language, it's cool. 

We had an AMAZING lesson by Bro. Kaka this week about our purpose as missionaries. He broke down the scripture Alma 26:5 "Behold, the field was ripe, and blessed are ye, for ye did thrust in the sickle, and did reap with you right, yea, all the day long did ye labor; and behold the number of your sheaves! And they shall be gathered into the garners, that they are not wasted." He told us that "the field was ripe" are our investigators and that the Lord has been preparing them for us for a long time, so they are ready to receive the gospel. He then analogized how we are the sickle and must be prepared to help these people come unto Christ as long as we are diligent in our service to our Lord, He will palagi (always) provide a way. He then went into how baptism the end goal with our investigators. He told us that in the Philippines, it won't be hard to get someone to say Yes to baptism, they're so nice. Pero, it's our duties as missionaries to help them continue to follow plano ng Dios (God's Plan) for us by aiming for the Temple. "Get them to the temple" He repeatedly told us. "Gathered into the garners, that they are not wasted"...Kaka told us that we must help them to keep having that desire to follow Chist and help them get to the temple. What's the use of baptism if they won't do anything with it, it's a waste if they don't fully understand what they have to do to commit themselves to the Lord. It was a very spiritual lesson and our whole perspective as missionaries changed that day. I want to help these people enter that gateway (baptism), and then aim for the temple so that they can continue to have a happier life! Loved it. 

Aside from that, Sis. Swanson and I have been called to be the Music Directors for our Branch. We are in charge of putting together our Farewell song for Sunday and I've been stressing about it all week! Sis Swanson isn't musical (she all about that SPORT doe), so it's mostly me and Eld. Eager who have been trying to work together to create something great! Eld. Eager is very musical, (like most of the Elders in our District), but he's been helping me put together this great song called "How Great Shall Be Your Joy". I love it, he actually sang it for his Farewell, so it means a lot to him. Wish us luck! It's hard getting everyone to sing/learn a new song in such a short time--but we're trying(: I love the song tho. Very fitting for our purpose as mga misyonero. 

OH! Mom! Haha, Eld. Olsen the other day told me he had a dream about you. It was kind of weird. He doesn't know how you look like that's why it was weird. Anyways, he told me he had a dream he was somewhere and saw this lady that had the same name as me, so he went up to her and was like, "Hey, your last name is Alapa? I know a Sis Alapa, we were in the same District in the MTC!" and then the woman said, "Yah, she's my daughter". The catch is...the woman was white! Haha! I was dying! He was so funny! I was like, "Eld. Olsen, my mom is definitely NOT white...and no, i'm not adopted." Lol. So thought that was funny! 

On Wednesday we were able to host the new missionaries coming in and boy was it hard! We had to carry their bags, take them around to all the places they needed to get stuff, and do it all in the rain! Yah, my hair looked pretty ratchet.../: Anyways! It was a good work out and I'm pretty sure I gained like 10 pounds of muscle from carrying those HUMANGOUS bags from the Sisters...SHEESH! And most of them were going state sie so I was like, "Girl, what do you even need in Missouri?!" Lol. I was hanging tho, but it's okay. Sacrifice, 

Basta! I saw Sis Hosea and Sis Dominique Gousse! Loved being able to see them! I also saw some high school friends and college friends as well! Felt nice to see a bunch of familiar faces!!(: Love it!!! Anyways, it was a great experience--except the hair part, but it was good meeting new people. Sad watching everyone say bye to their families tho...): 

OMG, there was two days where we (our District) legit talked about Musical Theatre through out the whole day! IT WAS AWESOME! Made me miss it so much! I'm actually surprised how many people in my District LOVE Theatre...basically all the Elders it's great! I think Eld Syme and Eld Woodbury are the DIE HARD Theatre Geeks(; Lol. We never would have guessed Woodbury tho. He's so serious all the time, but when me and Eld Richards were trying to figure out the lyrics to a Les Mis song, we hear/see from a distance Eld Woodbury look up at us and say, "To love another person is to see the FACE of God". BAHAHAHA! We all were like, "ANO BA!?" (What the!)--we just didn't expect him to know that. It was hilarious because then we just all couldn't stop talking about it. The kids seen WAY more shows then I have! It was great. We even had a big Jam Sesh as a District one night--I sang "I Dreamed a Dream" while Eld. Child's played it on the piano, it felt so good to sing like that again(: Miss it.

Okay, sorry for the long email! Just SO much happened! No worries Mom and Dad, I'm in the process of writing another letter (more detailed) that I'll send before I leave on Thursday(; I can't believe I leave so soon! So pumped and excited!! AHHHH!! It's gonna be great.

Thanks to the Youngs, Macks, Katalina, and everyone who sent packages and wrote me letters! I love and cherish them all SO MUCH!!!!! Love, Love, LOVE THEM!! Haha, I laughed so hard to hear about the visits to my room(; It's okay lang...go ahead!(;

Mahal kita. Til next time(; I'll probably send another email on Wednesday before I leave! Wish me luck!(: Muah!!

-Sis. Alapa

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