Monday, August 17, 2015


Time moves SO FAST I feel like I can't catch a grip on everything. So many things happen in such a little amount of time it's INSANE!!!>.< So family, I am in the process of writing you guys a LONG LETTER, because that's my only way to explain all that's been happening. Thank you so much for the package! I appreciate anything I get from you all...especially the letters! The music sounds FABULOUS!! Love it so much(: Glad I have it now. I miss music. Haha!

I saw Eld. Stuart! It was hard not to hug each other. But I have only seen him a little bit):

This week was just work, work, WORK--I guess like every week. It was also the most tired all of us Sisters have felt thus far out here in the MTC. Sleep is finally tugging at us to cave in, but we can't unfortunately. It's okay tho....I'll get through it(; 

Sometimes I wish someone could just follow us around with a camera in our District because SO MANY funny things happen daily! I'm glad I wrote you guys a letter to sort of explain all the personalities of the people in my District. You all would LOVE THEM! Wish we were all going to the same area in the Philippines): It's going to be such a sad day when we all have to part our own separate ways. But I feel so blessed to have known all of them for this crucial time here in the MTC. 

I love having Choir Practice because it's the only time we get to just sing and enjoy music. We'll be singing next week with the Nation Tribute Band whose music is WAY NICE. You all would have to give it a listen. It's AMAZING! Look up, "In The Water" that's one of our songs and we're also singing "I Was Born" which is one of my favorite church songs! So excited to be able to perform these songs with the rest of the missionaries.

The language is still really tough and I feel like I'm not picking it up as quickly as I want to, but I am so grateful for such solid teachers who help me the best they can to not get discouraged and are so supportive. This week was definitely hard for my companion and I because things just weren't clicking for some reason! We continue to pray for the gift of tongues and continue to study the hardest we can. 

We also taught everyday this week. Teaching is hard, especially with this language. So, you know how we struggled last time and then we were able to teach a fabulous lesson--well similar experience this week. Our main teacher, Brother Kaka, is pretty intense in his teaching and as an investigator. My kasama and I were so nervous when the day came where we had to teach him again...this time he  was being a new investigator because he wanted to see how we'll do. My comp and I just prayed to the Lord for the strength to have confidence and remind ourselves we aren't teaching lessons, we're teaching people. So don't switch off the human side of ourselves, just be yourself. We went to the door and knocked. I swear my heart was beating out of my chest because of how nervous I was. He opened the door and I recited who we are (mga misyonero para sa simbahan ni Jesucristo) and stated our purpose to him (imbitahin ang iba na lumapit kay Cristo). He let us in...after a little friendly chatter at the front door. We went in and just really tried to get to know him this time. I felt the nerves slowly fade away as I spoke to him. We were figuring out his needs and really tried to explain to him how we are all God's children and that he wants you to be happy in life. He went from sort of just sitting back in his chair and messing around to sitting up and listening to us! I couldn't believe the change that went through him in that lesson. We taught him about prayer the most and how we need to communicate with our Heavenly Father. I then sang "A Child's Prayer" in my own Aitana-Style way (lol) and I could feel the spirit so strongly as I sang "Heavenly Father, are you really there....Pray he is there..." It hit me how true that was. It's ABSOLUTELY TRUE. It was a testimony to me this week that Heavenly Father knew the concerns and desires of our hearts. We wanted help to be able to relay our message in a way our investigator could understand the love God has for him and his family. I loved it all. Funny thought, before I sang though, he asked to take a picture of me (weird) haha. But he did. 

I know it was just my teacher pretending to be an investigator, but we could tell that he was touched by our message and he was proud of us. I knew we couldn't do it without our faith in the Lord to help us through it all. He lives. He loves us...and He hears every prayer. Be receptive to those times of trouble, frustration, confusion, doubts--because HE IS THERE. Always. I know that for A FACT!! 

I love this gospel. I love you ALL!!! I miss everyone so much, but I know this is where I am meant to be. I wouldn't trade this experience for the world!(: It's an honor to be a missionary and I take the name with such pride! Can't believe I head to the Philippines in just a short, few weeks(: Can't wait to call you my family! Love you all!! I'm so sad there is not enough time to respond to every ones kind messages...just know they keep me going daily and I will try to get back to all of you the best I can(: Mahal kita && KITAKITS!! 


-Sis. Alapa

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