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First Email from the MTC!!!! July 25, 2015 - Email:


HI MOM AND FAMILY!! Today is my first P Day here out in the MTC. It has been such a roller coaster these past few days, but a fun one you want to ride over and over again!! I'm just loving it(: So, my P Days will always be on Saturdays and we pretty much can email during different times of the day. So emails may vary at different times. Wow, I'm still in shock I'm actually a MISSIONARY!! To be able to put that tag on every morning and do the things and experience the things I have has been such a joy and blessing you can only feel from a mission. Here's my answers to you mom:

1. My first MTC companion is Sister Swanson. She is from Cedar City and has a twin! When I first met her she was just really quiet and looked like a ball of nerves. You could tell she had been crying before hand. She likes to correct at times and wasn't the most out going person at first--and I almost thought I was going to struggle with her--but then I made it a goal to make her like me. So even though she didn't laugh at my jokes or get some of the things I was saying, right now we have finally bonded. It was the second day that really brought us together because we knew we had to work together to teach our first investigator on Friday. So now we easily get along and are pretty tight. She's awesome and has a bright spirit about her.  She's pretty great though. We're total opposites, but we can totally hang. I love her already!!

2. THE. FOOD. IS BOMB. I honestly really like it, no wonder people usually gain weight from coming here!! But I feel whenever it's eating time we're always rushing, so we don't get to really fill up. We're already going to be starving at night. But it's okay, I think the nerves of this first week messes with our diet. 

3. We have four sisters in our room: Me, Sister Swanson (we share a bunk, i'm on the bottom(;) and Sister Thomas and Materrn. I love all three of these girls. We hit it off the first day, all four of us. Which is weird because all the other girls in the other rooms aren't as close to the other girls than their companion. But we are all very close. Sister Materrn is a short latina from Las Vegas. She is sassy and is not afraid to tell you how it is. She is also the oldest in our group. She will be turning 22 on Monday. Crazy right? She can be a little...idk, curt at times and we can tell she gets irritated with us younger ones. Old people, am i right? Haha. jk. But we love her because she's had a rough life. My favorite is Sister Thomas! Remember the group chat I was a apart of on Insta? It's that girl! She is so AWESOME! We hit it off right away. I swear, if we went to the same school, we would've been tight friends. She is funny and is a competitive hip hop dancer. She's not afraid to let loose and be chill. 

4. I've seen SO MANY PEOPLE I KNOW HERE!! Mostly from BYU, but I did see some from school. The sisters in my room were asking me if I was Prom Queen or Homecoming Queen or SOMETHING because they thought I was so popular here. Every few steps I'd see someone I knew. I've also seen a ton of family!! Elder Hosea, Sister Sofele, Elder Vakameilalo...and a bunch of other kids. People you all probably don't know cause I went to BYU with them. It's been so fun being able to see them all. 

5. My MTC teacher is Brother Kaka!! Yes, he is related to the Kaka boys. I haven't met this one before though. He's awesome. He's from New Zealand and everyone in my district loves his accent (When he speaks English that is...which is rare). He's taught us so much in just three days!!!! He's hilarious too...sometimes we just want to talk to everyone and get to know everyone in our district, but there is not time for that. We have to keep focused! 

6. I haven't seen Elder Ishibashi...idk how he looks. But I don't think he's here Mom. All the new comers are in the same district and there was no Ishibashi. 

7. Language class is BRUTAL. We are all stressing out about trying to learn this language!! I honestly thought it would be easier than it is...but it isn't. It's super hard. And we had to teach our first investigator yesterday!!! That was rough. WE had to do it only in Tagolog, and it was to a man named Marlan. He was so sweet (I think he's a member because he DOES NOT look Filipino, nice try MTC) and we had the lesson down--but then he started asking us questions and telling personal stuff to us, we had no idea how to respond. Then he wanted us to teach him how to pray, but he didn't know how. My companion was so nervous...she laughed...the whole...time. WE did the best we could. Very humbling experience.

Hi family!! So sorry I had to just leave like that--we had to go finish some other things up and head for the temple. Just got back from a session with Casey Elliot in it which was nice!! I told all the Sisters I knew him. It was so good to go to the temple again!! It's beautiful the Provo Temple. Wish I had went to more. I have other things I need to be sent but I can't remember right now. Oh, so our mailing address is Unit 102...I guess. Something my companion said. Idk. But yah, try to send me emails through DearElder, we receive them as letters and can read them before PDay and just spend time writing instead. Pretty sweet. My companion got tons. 

9. Our whole district is told to be in the MTC Choir, so we're all in it and have practice tomorrow. 

10. I LOVE MY DISTRICT!! There are twelve of us in mine, but there are many. 8 boys, 4 girls--which are just me and the three girls. We pretty much always partner with all the people that arrived to the MTC the same day. We've already all become really tight. The Elders are so sweet to us and we all are very hardworking. Brother Kaka loves us for that. 

I have to learn most of my Tagalog by Sunday which is pretty stressful--but I have faith that the Lord will bless me with the gift to understand and speak if I am willing to put in the work and time. I'm tired all the time, I was falling asleep in the temple, but it's all good. You know you're working hard when you're tired out of your mind! P day has been interesting so far, we were all sort of lost and kind of just did laundry and talked and emailed. It was pretty lax. We have class from 6-9 tonight (Wish me luck)--i'm trying to figure out how to send pics, but we're all struggling. Gotta leave soon!

 Love you all!! 

Sister Alapa

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