Monday, December 12, 2016

#Dasma.Bound: Going Home...But Not Really.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

#Dasma.Bound: A Long Awaited Day..

"Nobody said it was easy..." -The Scientist (This song is legit playing in this computer shop right now and I thought it just basically sums up what happened to us this week, haha.)

Here's the UPDATE(;

Bro. Orlando was able to come out of the hospital on Tuesday and got the thumbs up from the nurse that he could get baptized by immersion. He was so cute when he was telling the nurse about his baptism situation and how he was going to be a Mormon now. Haha. He's so proud to be Mormon and the nurse told him he just needed to put a plastic over it and he should be good. He told us how he's excited to share his experience with the Nurse again when he is officially a member now. He's the best.

We visited Brother a couple times this week just to keep checking up on him and getting him pumped for Saturday--which he already was! He was practicing his testimony and inviting his family to come and just soooo excited and couldn't wait any longer. Us too...(:

The day finally came: BAPTISM DAY. We had so much to do that day in trying to invite everyone and get things set up. We had already done the program and everything and made sure to continuously check on everyone else that had assignments so that it wouldn't be chaotic like our last baptism for Nanay Gloria. We were positive and sure that NOTHING could ruin this day. What could possibly happen right?...WRONG.

We stopped by to teach Bro Orlando one last time before he becomes a member and also tried to invite his family to come too. We talked to his wife and asked her to attend because we would need someone to help change Brother after he was baptized and it can't be us. She told us she really didn't want to come and support her husband and we were in RAGE. We told her we needed her, that he needed her and that this was a big time in his life. She kept telling us to ask her daughters, which we did, but they all had their own excuses. Ughh, that moment when the family doesn't even want to support you....mahirap yan! Ughh. But we just sort of TOLD her instead that she was going to come and that she wasn't going to die from coming to a baptism. Then we left. Sometimes, you just gotta tell a person how it is and how it's gotta be done...#BEBOLD.

But to be honest, after we left her, I turned to my comp and said, "She's not coming". Satan was already eating at my thoughts and my hopes for a perfect baptism day, I started to doubt...

Then THIS happens.

We get to the chapel early to check if the chapel is cleaned and the baptismal font if filled. We get there and yes, the chapel was clean BUT THE FONT WAS EMPTY!!!>.< We watched with jaws dropped and eyes wide with horror and shock as the water dripped dripped so slowly, barely a trickly of water coming out. THIS WOULD TAKE FOREVER AND THE BAPTISM WAS GOING TO START IN LIKE HALF AND HOUR. I could NOT believe this was happening and was sooo upset nobody told us that there was no water. My comp and I were fuming.

We tried contacting EVERYONE and when I say everyone, EVERYONE! We felt so helpless though. We tried to fill up these huge basins of water and dump it in, but it didn't even fill the font half way. Patay.

Then all the water in the CR's were so slow as well and barely gave any water out. THIS WAS MADNESS. Tried so hard to keep calm, but literally want to burst...ughhh....Philippines....

People also started to arrive and added into the madness trying to figure out what to do with this dumb water situation. Ay naku....NakakaSTRESS talaga...sobraaaa....

Our Zone Leaders were also having a baptism too and we told them what was happening and they made the quick decision to go to the other chapel instead (which is a bit far by the way...ughhh) to check if we can probably perform the baptism over there.

We stayed at our chapel waiting or Bro Orlando and some of the people we had invited.

It was so chaotic and hectic and can't even describe all that was happening. It's a more "tell-it-face-to-face" kind of thing. But yah, I think ya'll can kind of catch on to my drift.

We made the decision to move the baptism to the other chapel, we had no choice.

No we were left to think how we were to get all these people to the other chapel in one peace. If there's a will, there's a way I guess. Haha.

Anyways, amongst all the chaos and comes Bro Orlando in a trike with his WIFE and two of his grand children. I was shocked as I saw her with him helping him. My eyes lit and hope was there again. I was a bit nervous to tell Brother about the unexpected change of location for his baptism. We greeted him happily and his family and told him that we were going to have to move the baptism to Summerwind (the other chapel)--and we might have just left out the part that there was no water in the font.

I love his response to us and it was just what I needed to calm my troubled nerves.

He just looked to us smiling and said, "Wow, I get to be baptized and the bigger church?! I'm so lucky!" Haha, never have I met a more positive man in my life! He was calm and happy and just so excited to be there with everyone. He restored my hope.

Two members own a service: one a whole jeepney and another a sort-of jeepney thing (I don't know what to call it, it's a car though, kind of) Anyways, these two vehicles were able to fit basically everyone that was already at the chapel and take us to the other chapel. It was such an intense moment, but it all worked out.

So, we all rushed to the chapel--got everything situated and set up--and had the baptism program.

It was such a powerful and spirit-filled baptism with many there in attendance. LOVED IT! So amazing. The speakers were amazing and the solemnity that was present as Bro Orlando came into the font with one Elder and one of our RM's holding him as he entered the font and another Brother waiting to baptize him was such a beautiful sight to see. I wouldn't help but smile the whole time as we watched this man finally enter into the waters of baptism!

His countdown was over, but he had just started his journey of a brand new life!

I had the opportunity to be the chorister for the baptism and while we waited for them to change, we sang different hymns. We sang for what seemed like forever because of course it wouldn't be the easiest trying to change Brother into his church, but we continued to sing. It was all Christmas songs until someone requested "I Am a Child of God". As we sang that, we waited still and as we sang the last verse of the song, in rolls in Brother Orlando, without missing a beat, singing joyfully..."Lead me, guide me, walk beside me, help me find the way...teach me all that I must do to live with him someday!"

I stared at him teary eyed as he smiled up at me, looking so clean and fresh (bagong binyag) and singing with all his might. Loved that moment.

Me, Sis Priest, and Eld Tedrow were also able to do a special musical number as well. We sang "Abide With Me Tis Eventide" mixed with "I Need the Every Hour". Super powerful.

Brother was also able to give his testimony and cried a bit as he bore testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel and his journey. It was so beautiful and bold. He told everyone of his desire for his family to one day join him as well and I looked to his wife and saw her crying as well. I was so happy I could barely sit still! I was so happy she was able to make it and know that she felt something she didn't expect she would feel. Hopefully this will be the thing that will open her up to the truth.

All in all, it was a beautiful day that many will never forget. I know I won't.

Sometimes we just want perfection to happen that instance, but forget that the trial before the blessing is the very thing that will help us better appreciate what God has in store for us if we endure it well; if we hold on to our faith, hold on to our hope, and hold on to our Savior, He will make sure that we will never falter. I testify that to be true.

He is always there...He never has left us. No matter how hectic or chaotic life gets, just HOLD ON. Never give up.

During these sort of moments, Sis Priest always likes to turn to me and says, "Don't you just LOVE being a Mormon?!"

YES. I really do. It's so true. How could it not be? Man, I love being a Mormon.

Bro. Orlando: "Wow! I look like a Mormon!"

Yes, you now ARE one. And oh how proud he is of that(;

Love you all my wonderful families and friends.

Hope my little story will install hope in your lives like this man has in mine.

Ingat kayo palagi!!

-Sis Alapa

Monday, November 14, 2016

#Dasma.Bound: "Kapit lang!" Hold On

I've been super reflective-y this whole week as the days are drawing closer to me going home...I'm literally gonna miss this place so much. This is my home...

But I also had my WORST REJECTION EVER the other week that also make me a bit excited as well...a bit though...(; Hehe.

We were having a District Attack (where one whole District just proselytes in one area) to help the other sister's that were having a bit of a rough time finding New Investigators. Yah, I know why now...-__-...Jokelang...kind off, haha!

We were proselyting in a more "richer" area that day and tried to go talk to some people which wasn't going too well to be honest. They weren't afraid to shut us down, but we're used to it.

But then after trying to talk to two men on the side of the street, they immediately shut us down from the beginning and told us to go talk to a man that was just a bit more down the road, so we did. When we approached this man we just said, "Kumusta po!" (How are you) and he immediately sounded so irritated. He turned to us and asked us who do we go around trying to chase the Catholic people into joining our church and how bad we were for doing that. And then all of a sudden he got up and came straight to us and said, "Hey, come to the Catholic church! Seriously! You guys try! That's what you guys are doing to people...trying to get them to come to your church..."and so on and so forth. I cried only a little bit. He wouldn't leave us alone though...ganun talaga ang buhay di ba? Lol. It's okay. Over it(;

Well, howz it everyone?!

Other than that happening, this week was pretty good!

So the other week we were able to go with Nanay Gloria and her grandchild, Ryan (who is also preparing to go on a Mission and is so close to us) to visit Bro Orlando. It was such a great experience and super spiritual. They both shared their testimonies with Brother and Brother did as well. He gave a beautiful testimony in which he talked about HOLDING ON--even when times are hard--JUST HOLD ON! Loved it.

Who would have known that very thing is what he would be needing for this past week....

My companion and I have noticed that's it's just been smooth sailing with Bro Orlando--he reads the BOM daily (more like hourly...haha) and is on Helaman now (it's taken him only 3 weeks to get here), he comes to church (sick or legged or not...he'll be there) and he prays with the depths of his heart and soul which is one of the most amazing things to hear and see every time (he never forgets to bless the missionaries and our beloved Prophet, who he so loves). It's just been an AMAZING experience being able to be this man's Missionary.

But the adversary wouldn't let us off that easy...before the blessing must come the trial of FAITH.

We were teaching him last week and he was talking about how he was having the worst pains from this HUGE boil on his back that is a bit infected, but he never let it show on his face. Just his little description of it prompted us to offer if he wanted a Priesthood blessing. Without even thinking trice, he accepted. The Elders came right away and gave him a blessing.

The next day we find out that Brother Orlando was rushed to the hospital around 2 am because he just couldn't bare the pain anymore. He traveled so far and was sent back the next day to a hospital a bit closer here to Dasma.

We didn't find all this out until Sunday when our Member that usually picks Bro up every Sunday found that out from one of his family members. We were devastated and I guess weren't too shocked that something like this had to happen right before the week he was to be baptized.

The day we found out about his condition, we went straight to the hospital because it is really close to where we live. It's a really beautiful hospital and we rushed up to see how he was doing.

When we got there, he was sleeping. It was so sad seeing his laying there so pail and just engulfed with a bunch of tubes poking in and out of his sleeping body. His wife was there and updated us on his condition. She told us he almost died. He barely made it and that his diabetes is really bad because he hasn't taken his insulin for so long and is experiencing the after-affects of not doing that. It's too expensive for them to buy that's why. We watched him lay there, both feeling teary eyed as we watch this always happy man being overcome by the unavoidable challenges of life.

He woke up all of a sudden and a little smile crossed his face. He was so happy to see us. His wife left us to talk with him and he just weakly told us everything that happened. I remember his telling us that he was really ready to let go and be taken up...but then a thought crossed his mind. He remembered he hadn't been baptized! So he prayed with all the fervency of his heart pleading to Heavenly Father to not take him up yet because has not been baptized! He then looked me straight in the eye and said, "Sis, I am ready. I am so ready to be baptized. I don't want to wait anymore..." We told him that he was so ready as well.

I then was able to sing to him "I Feel My Savior's Love" in the little "curtain room" that we were in. It was a bit noisy, but when I started, it was almost as if the spirit just swept over the whole room and it was just us there. The spirit was so strong, but I tried not to cry as I sang for him. As I sang, I watched as he sat back in his bed, a tear rolled out his eye, and he smiled as he listened. I couldn't look at him. The words rang so true to me as I sang each part though:

He knows I will follow him, give all my life to him...I feel my Savior's love, the love he freely gives me<3

After I finished, he looked up at us and told us when we came in, it's like he was in Heaven. We love this man so much.

A couple days later we visited him again to see how he was doing because we knew his Baptism Interview would be soon. We wanted to check if he'd be up for it and he said: I'm ready. Instead of waiting another day, we had the interview THAT DAY. We called the District Leader and explained our situation, and he came right away. We were a bit nervous, but then as we looked at him and he helped us fill out his BCR...he told us that he felt calm, and that he was not nervous. We told him that it would be an Americano interviewing him...then he said he was a bit nervous...but then we told him that the Americano speaks Tagalog and he sighed in relief, haha!

After the interview, our District Leader (Eld., the Elder you told me to look for that is related to the Whites, yah, he's in my District now) told us that it was probably one of the most spirit-filled interviews he's ever had. He told us how Orlando bore testimony to him about Joseph Smith and how he knows that he was a Prophet of God, he bore a firm testimony of the truthfulness of the BOM and bore testimony of the stories from it as well, and also bore beautiful testimony about repentance...and so on(: It was so wonderful and Sis San Pascual and I were just OVERJOYED and SO HAPPY!!!

And last but not least, yesterday we went to visit Bro to check if he would be able to make it for his Baptism this Saturday and he gave us a resounding...YES! So pumped. We had two members with us, the other sisters in our ward and another family come to visit him. There were so many of us there last night and we all just sat around brother listening to him talk about his little adventure, but he brought up again the thing about HOLDING ON! And that's what he's been doing. We all sang to him, "Where can I turn for Peace?" and he just prayed the whole time. Super spiritual moment for all of us.

He will be baptized this Saturday. This should be good(:

It's moments like this that beat out stories like Trump Being President or whatever HOT TOPIC of the world. BRO ORLANDO IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!>.<

Well, I just love it here. Can I not come home yet? I wouldn't mind(:

I love you all. That's never changed, but I hope one day for you to meet my other family here!!!

Please start learning you're Tagalog for when that day does come for you all to meet *wink wink*

Kapayapaan sa labas!!!!>.<

Love, Sis Alapa

Sunday, November 13, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: My Motivation

Whoah. It's been a pretty great two weeks....

--except the dead rat in front of our house*barf here* -__-

I was so desperate because I had to wash my clothes and I had THAT right next to me. The smell was insane GROSS, worse smell ever. My comp and kabahays couldn't believe I actually endured the smell there. It was so bad. I think I started loosing some of my sense of smelling like half way through...NBD(; Haha.

I've noticed my encounter with rats have just INCREASED this week. Patay tayo jan...): haha.

Hey everyone!

Sorry, I didn't really get to email last week. We had an emergency to attend to, so we just had to log off and go. So sad...ANYWAYS! It's okay. It's been a great two weeks!

I think the best thing about these two weeks was being able to watch the growth and change of three of our Progressing Investigators: Omar, Orlando, and Nanay Gloria. It's been such a huge testimony for me as I watch them build their testimony and love of this gospel.

Nanay Gloria:

To make a long story short, Nanay Gloria is getting baptized this upcoming Saturday!!! Yaaaaay for baptisms!!>.< So pumped. She is just as pumped. It's such a joy watching these people, who in the beginning weren't so interested in our message, turn into strong/faithful souls prepared for us by the Lord. It's AWESOME! She has just grown soooo much and cannot wait to be baptized! This should be fun.

Bro. Omar:

I just have too much to say about this man. He's incredible. He's a young father that just wants the best for his family. He just LOVES the lessons and is just so interested in the church. We challenged him to stop smoking a couple of weeks ago and he was really struggling with stopping. He was also struggling with praying. It came to a point it was so bad, we were almost thinking of dropping him because he just was not improving as much as we wanted him to. We retaught him the WOW lesson and my comp told a really cool story of how she was so grateful that her dad, so many years ago, was able to stop his smoking habit to be able to be baptized. It wasn't easy, but he did it because he knew this was the right path for not only him, but his family. The spirit was so strong as we testified of the blessings that will be given as we follow God's commandments and ask him through prayer to guide us, if we feel we can't do it alone. We challenged him that day to figure a plan for himself to stop smoking and to pray, and REALLY pray to our Heavenly Father for guidance in his endeavor to stop smoking. After we extended this to him, his face turned to us with a more determined look in his eye saying he will just stop smoking all together, he knows he needs to stop. He told us if he continues to smoke, he will stop taking the lessons from us. And if you know Bro Omar, he LOVES having in LOOOOVES learning about the gospel. So this was his motivation.

To make a long story short, it's almost been a whole week without him smoking! *HALLELUJAH!!!* We were absolutely shocked and his wife even testified to us that he hasn't been smoking and that she sees him praying a LOT more then he did before. This man is changing and his family is noticing it. We are praying for his wife to also realize this change even more so that she may also join him as he coming unto Christ.

He came to General Conference and LOVED IT and also church yesterday. We went to visit him later on that night and he just basically bore testimony that he KNOWS this church is true, without a doubt. He told me how he's been searching for the truth for so long, but always felt that there was something missing. Every time. And now for the first time, he's getting answer to his questions and is feeling something he's never felt before...*cough cough* #TheSpirit. He kept telling me how he loves this feeling, even craves it! He bore testimony of prayer, true and heartfelt prayer, and how it really makes a huge difference to ones day.

Yah, I think I can go on and on about this man, but I just love him. He's amazing and he's helped me to realize sooo much more than I thought I knew. Love being a Missionary.


And siempre, last but not least, Bro Orlando the pilay--or man with one leg.

I think I can go even longer about this guy!

This man is probably one of my most GOLDEN-est-est Investigators ever! Serious. He's just---*enter really amazing word here cause he's indescribable*. Yah! That's him.

Okay, first off--it's only been about three weeks I think since we've been teaching him and he's already in Alma...okay, yah! And we were thinking okay cool he's reading, but he probably doesn't understand a thing--NO! Wrong. He understands EVERYTHING he's reading and MORE. It amazing! I love watching him explain doctrines to us missionaries without us even teaching him. He's already searched it our for himself. Yah, right?! I know.

We were on our way to his house one night to remind him of General Conference, and actually the night before we left him an assignment to read the Word of Wisdom we hadn't taught it to him yet. Anyways, we get to him and the first thing he says is, "Sisters, I guess it's not allowed to drink coffee or tea, so I'm already giving it all away and I went and bought Energen (it's kind of like hot choco) instead!". Pause....WHAAA!? We were speech less looking down at him in his little broken wheelchair with him gazing up at us with a huge smile on his face and holding his little packet of Energen to show us what he bought! Ladies and gentleman, this is the first time in my mission that an investigator has decided to follow the Word of Wisdom WITHOUT US EVEN TEACHING HIM THE LESSON!!! Never. Ever. This man stopped it all on his own. Man, we just were so full of joy for him and he's amazing so yah.

Oh yah, he also came to General Conference, the Sunday Session. He wanted to come Saturday, but I guess no one was available to take him. The Ward has been super supportive of this man in helping him come to church. Love the members here and their dedication to serving the Lord. Man, Orlando LOVED conference. He just cried and kept telling me how much he loves this church and loves the feeling he always feels when he's at the chapel. He said he was spiritually FULL after that day and loved being able to see the prophet. I remember whenever we teach him, he always puts in his prayer how he's thankful for Joseph Smith in restoring this gospel back on earth today. He is just SO grateful for Joseph Smith and what he did for all of us.

Yah, I just can also go forever about this man and these people and it just makes being a missionary SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WORTH IT!! My comp and I have been coming home just full of joy and happiness for these people and, it's literally hard to explain, but I love it here. I love these people and they are the reason I'm not trunky(; Haha. Great motivation right? Doesn't even feel like I'm going home. When Pday comes, that's a big reminder for me...a sad reminder...but I know I have them there at the end of the day, so it's okay.

Can't believe Lawrence is home already. So fast talaga. Grabee, parang kahapon lang dumarating ako dito sa Pinas...pero ngayon, malapit na ako umuwi. Ayaw ko talago uuwi. Ughhh..):

Great week. Love it all! The XRay went great. I think I'm still healthy, we didn't hear any results. Haha.

Love you all..that's never changed(:

Muah! Til next time...

Love, Sis Alapa

#SaPilipinasBound: "Wow! I look like a Mormon!"

Bad news:

Our Mission President just sent out a new rule that we missionaries can't email our friends or other Missionaries anymore...):...Sad day. All the missionaries were so upset, but we know we must strive follow this new rule. Sayang na sayang talaga.... But I"m almost going home anyways, so it'll be fine and everyone will be tired of me--haha! No worries. So if I don't respond to your emails, I'm not doing it on purpose and I appreciate it! People can still email me, I just can't respond back. I will pray really hard to be obedient to this rule...hehe(;

Kumusta kayo?!

Funny News:

We were teaching one of our "use-to-be-progressing" Investigators, Sis Diana, one day and unfortunately she was giving us a hard time about how she didn't read the assignment we had left her...again...We challenged her to read a verse a day and she accepted, but was still falling short and keeps telling us she "literally has NO TIME". Yah, okay. Anyways! She then told us during the lesson she'll just flip to a random verse just to, I guess I can say, "shut us up" so we can stop giving her a hard time about reading. We sat there patiently as she opened her "Ang Aklat ni Mormon" and flipped to a random page. Now, families and friends, I testify that the Lord works in mysterious ways and finds a way, somehow to communicate to his children. The Book of Mormon is a huge tool. Now, observe Sis Diana and what she is doing, while on the other hand my companion and I are praying that the Lord will somehow talk some sense into this woman about reading. Keep that in mind...

When she randomly picks a verse to read, she tells us where it is and we all turn there with her. The verse was 3 Nephi 10: 14-15 (she added verse 15 for extra which says:

14 And now, whoso readeth, let him understand; he that hath the scriptures, let him search them, and see and behold if all these deaths and destructions by fire, and by smoke, and by tempests, and by whirlwinds, and by the opening of the earth to receive them, and all these things are not unto the fulfilling of the prophecies of many of the holy prophets.

15 Behold, I say unto you, Yea, many have testified of these things at the coming of Christ, and were slain because they testified of these things.

My companion and I legit could not with hold our giggles as we looked at her and her to us. She basically just turned to us and told us how she basically did not want to be part of those people who were "too late to listen". We testified to her that it wasn't by random that she chose that verse, but that it was a counsel directly coming from our Heavenly Father to her. We invited her to listen and to follow the counsels of the Prophets. We testified to her that reading the scriptures is more than just a, "I will if I have time..." but should be part of our everyday living. I am so happy that I am able to be here in the mission to even realize that for myself.

I was once like Diana. Always using the common excuse of, "I'm just too busy..." or "I have no time". But we DO have time, lots of it! We just need to know how to use it. When we make time for our spiritual nourishment and make it a natural part of our everyday lives, those few precious moments you took out of your day will be the part that will benefit you the most for your eternity. We're given ETERNITY for just a few minutes for Him. Wow.

Probably the best part of this week was having Elder Bowen come and visit our Mission this past week! We had been preparing for weeks for the coming of this General Authority. Man, he gave us the BEST counsel and guidance ever that has really changed the course of a ton of us Missionaries lives! He reintroduced to us our purpose, he told us more about WHO WE REALLY ARE, and he helped to emphasize the importance of OBEDIENCE and sharing the Gospel to all we encounter. So powerful. I think the best way of explaining how I felt is that it felt like I was SLAPPED with a Spiritual Hand. He was firm, direct, but loving at the same time. He gave us all different tips on how we can better go out and find new people to teach and how we can better stand as representatives of God! I think one of my favorite parts that he shared about was when he told us that when we understand WHO WE REALLY ARE, we have a better, clearer view of what is expected of us. Powerful. Loved it all!

We had a wonderful baptism on Saturday for Nanay Gloria! We all were so happy and so excited to see her enter into that covenant with the Lord. It was amazing to see all the support of the Ward as well and even had one of our Missionary Couples come all the way down to support us. Our whole District had baptisms that day, the Zone Leaders were last week. So amazing how the Lord's work is DEFINITELY HASTENING. I'm so excited for Nanay and her new life as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I was able to also sing for her baptism and felt the spirit so strongly.

Bro. Orlando was able to attend as well and he really enjoyed himself. Okay, I don't know how many times I have told ya'll how amazing this man is--but here I go again--HE'S AMAZING!!! His lessons are always super powerful and he is just loving every second of learning more about the gospel. Today I wanted to share you one thing I have truly admired about Bro Orlando and something I have learned from this man. I love this man because he is a man of action. He doesn't just wait for us to tell him to do something, he goes out, does his homework, and acts upon the counsel that is given. So yesterday, he came to church with the full "uniform of the Priesthood"--white polo shirt, slacks (with it rolled up to where his leg was cut off), and even a neck tie! We were so excited and happy to see him "roll" into the chapel fully dressed, "like a Mormon". When we went to class, we couldn't help but take a picture with him. When I showed him the picture, his eyes went big and a huge smile crossed his face as he pointed to his picture and said in English, "WOW! I LOOK LIKE A MORMON!!". We laughed with him and smiled as well as we said, "Yes, you look like a Mormon Brother."

It's amazing to see how happy this man was to be a part of this church and continues to testify to us how he knows with out a shadow of a doubt that this church is true. It's so cute to also see him counting down the days he has left to his baptism, haha. He always reminds us, "Sisters, I have 30 more days til I am baptized..." Yesterday, 29 days to go. So just like a Trunky Missionary who is counting the days to going home, this man is counting down the days to his New Life! I love him. Yesterday, we also went to teach him and shared a scripture about forgiveness which really touched him and he even cried to us, this time not being able to control the tears from rolling down his face. He knows this church is true and feels so blessed to have been able to call us that one night when we were walking home. He knew we had something special we could give him, and yes, it's the TRUTH.

There are people out there just waiting for us. I've realized that here a lot on my mission. Another thing I learned from Elder Bowen is that we have no rights to judge who is ready to receive the gospel or not. Looks can be deceiving. As we do our part, missionary or not, we can help in spreading this gospel light to ALL that are ready and waiting to receive it. It's not easy though. It takes Diligence, Patience, Charity, and Love to go out and find that one who is lost. Just like the Good Shepherd who will ALWAYS make the trip back for the one, because to Him WE ARE WORTH IT.

It feels good to be a Mormon and a Missionary(: #blessed.

I love this gospel. I know it's true with all my heart.

I love you all! Thanks for all the support(;


Til next time...

Love, Sis Alapa

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

#SaPilipinasBound: Progressing Investigators

This week was AWESOME!!!!!!

We were able to explore more in our new area again (and this time i prayed even harder that the rain will ease up and that the rats will stay hidden this time) and we were able to find a lot of success!! We were able to find some families we feel have really been prepared of the Lord for us! So excited for them!!!

Nanay Gloria:

Nanay Gloria is soooo close to getting baptized! She's come to church every Sunday and has stopped her smoking totally! It's been amazing watching her progress!!! Can't wait(:

She was worried at first about going to church because she had no dress or skirt. Luckily I remember a skirt that Mama Young sent me when I was still in the MTC. She told me she sent me this skirt to give to someone in my mission that doesn't have one and I've always saved it and finally was able to give it to someone in need--Nanay Gloria! She looked beautiful yesterday as she was dressed in the correct attire for church and just BLOOMING! So THANK YOU MAMA YOUNG--you're skirt has blessed someone's life for the better<3


Omar is doing so well too!! Man, I love teaching this man. He's been having a bit of a hard time trying to stop smoking, but he's determined that he can. We know he can too. He was so determined to bring his family to church yesterday, but they sort of had a problem with Nanay Venus's father. He's Muslim and is not happy at all that his children are finding interest in the Mormon Church. He yelled at them when they were about to leave and told them that they are crazy people for wanting to even consider going to our church. Ouch. Yah, that hurt. We're pretty close to this man and to hear that from him was pretty sad. So they weren't able to go to church. But Omar was so excited to see us come over and teach him again after church. He doesn't care what Tatay says or thinks, he knows this church is true and can't wait to be baptized! He's so amazing. I hope he can stop smoking soon.


This man is AMAZING! Whenever we visit him the spirit is just so present and so strong, I love it! We were able to work with a member the other day and Orlando just was tearing up during the lesson and I asked him, "Brother, why are you crying?" and he told me that he just loves the feeling that he gets every time we're there. We testified to him that that was the spirit testifying to him that this church is true. And he knows that too. He's also been SOOOO good at reading the BOM. He's already in the middle of 2 Nephi and he really understands it. HE LOVES THE BOM!!! Man, this guy is great right? I wish every person was diligent in reading the BOM like that. I can't even read that fast! He's great.

ORLANDO CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY FOR THE FIRST TIME!! Oh it was so wonderful! He was so excited and was ready to go to church! A member came with us to help him, because it's really hard traveling far with one leg. Anyways, church was AMAZING! He did so well and really loved it. WE asked him later on that day how he felt and he said that he felt that church was too short! He wished it was longer! WHAAAT?! I think he's the only one that's ever said that ever. We usually get people complaining about how long church is and this man who is not even a member wants more ??? REallY? Yah, he can't wait to be baptized and we can't either(:


I'm great. Life's great.

I'M SOOOOO EXCITED FOR BROOOKIEEEE!! AHHHHHH! INDIANAPOLIS!! HOW AWESOME!! Girl, just get ready. You're about to go on the BEST ADVENTURE OF YOUR LIFE. I'm so proud of you. You should have seen me in the computer shop today, I was going crazy knowing that you got your call. Soooo excited for you!!!>.< Love you Sis Alapa!!! (#2)

Anyways, love you all and all that good stuff(:

Til next time.


Love, Sis Alapa

#SaPilipinasBound: The RAIN Never Bothered Us Anyway...(;

Crazy story.

So my comp and I were out tracking one day exploring a new area that was given to us by our Zone Leaders...but the weather has been pretty mean to us these past few weeks. It just happened to want to rain during our Contacting Time...and when it rains, IT POURS!!

The area was IMMEDIATELY flooded in like less then 5 minutes, it was pretty nuts and I have a video cause it was pretty crazy.

I have these open sores on my legs too which don't help because we're walking in this flooded area, which is dirty water that's just a mixture of who-knows-what, and it's just down pouring so hard *crying*. But it's okay, like they say in showbiz..."THE SHOW MUST GO ON"....or here in the Mission..."THE SEARCHING AND WALKING MUCH GO ON!" And we did.

But I remember there was a part that was pretty deep and the water was just coming at us and the water was NOT feeling good at all and I look up to see that my companion had made it to a pretty dry area and then look down to see what was in front of me to get to her...A HUMANGOUS DEAD RAT!!!!!

OMG. I was dead. I started screaming to my companion and telling her to wait and that I was freaking out. It was probably one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen in my life. But I literally see these huge rats here everyday...but now this one was dead and the one thing blocking me from joining my companion. WHAT WAS I TO DO!!??

Luckily, there was a kind guy that came out from his house with a sweeper and just sort of sent the rat on his way down the mix of trash and junk in the flood...actually it started going towards me and i was almost going to KILL HIM..but then he ran and whisked it to the other direction. Safe.

I ran to my comp after that. I bit shaken, but I made it through! #tanaProbs.


This week was great!

Had Zone Conference which was THE BOMB!!!

Update on our Investigators:

Brother Omar (the brother-in-law of Nanay Venus) was available this week and was sooo great! he loves having the lessons with us and learning more about the gospel. It's something so new to him. We showed him The Restoration video (about Joseph Smith) and he just told us straight up he knows he's a true prophet of God and that everything about him is true! I just love teaching him. He's the best. He even came to church for the first time yesterday and LOVED IT!! Hoping good things for this man and his family.

WE FINALLY GOT TO TEACH BROTHER ORLANDO! The one with no leg! Wow, this man is DEFINITELY someone the Lord has prepared for us. He's amazing and so humble. Super receptive too. We've had two lessons with him so far and he always gets so teary eyed. He's such a fast learner too. We love being able to visit him and hopefully his family will start to join us too.

Nanay Gloria came to church by herself yesterday! Seriously was SO HAPPY! She's really getting prepared to get baptized and dedicate herself! She's progressing and is soooo ready!

Sis Diana is slipping. She hasn't been keeping her commitments. We don't know what's going on. We're still hoping and praying that she will gain that desire again to turn her life unto Christ.


I met a man this morning that asked me who we are and where we're from. I told him I'm from America and that we're the Missionaries of the LDS Church or better known as Mormons. He asked about what we do and he was wondering how I know Tagalog. I told him I've been here for quite some time now (3 months na lang..(:) and he expressed to us how great he thinks we are for sacrificing that much of our time and our life to serving the Lord. We smiled at him and said, "Yes, sacrifice...but an even GREATER BLESSING." He agreed.

Love life. Can't believe my flight plans are here!!! Crazy stuff right there.



Til next time...

Love, Sis Alapa